Range RoverAir Suspension Valve Blocks Parts are listed by their year. While offering superior ride quality and excellent off road ability the inclusion of all round air suspension to the Range Rover Sport has helped set it apart from its rivals. xڽZߓ۶~�_��ΥSS �g2���鴩�޴ϊij�E��ݵ��J$�K-}�)S?�����o���ɯ��ʥ�N^�+͛�������Q�Ց~\�� �D�ov:i3�+��}�d&����N؅4%��B�U���w��W��=�h�A����tx�X?g��~��Oes*W�����Vu�(�}�5��^/��i[>oOٯ����������z����z��^��+k�+�c�]|ZN /י��\癶�0��A�K��_��~����ţ���ʹQ��s�6WY�[i���6ְ�z�y��y;{�����.2#���ş��/�A��� The valve is pneumatically operated, responding to air pressure applied to it to overcome pressure from a spring located behind the valve. Be the first to review “Range Rover Sport -Oem Hitachi & Dunlop Air Suspension Compressor Delivery Valve Seal Repair Kit related to C1A2064 Diagnostic codes”. We are an innovative manufacturing company in this field, all of our products are tailored towards the ‘Do It Yourself’ home mechanic. A proven product over many years . !�N�?Yp�� ���\J�i�Ž A temperature sensor is located within the compressor. The compressor is used to supply air pressure to the air suspension reservoir. The ECU monitors the pressure within the reservoir and, when the engine is running, maintains a pressure of: ), in systems without an external pressure relief valve, ), in systems with an external pressure relief valve. Remove the rivet both sides and separate the filter. By clicking accept, you agree to our conditions as per our, Mitsubishi Evo 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 AYC pump flow diagram, Honda, Civic, Integra, DelSol, Prelude OBD1 ECU pinout P28 P30 P72 P73 Type R CTR ITR wiring diagram, Guide to getting an MSA race licence ARDS, Honda K series coil on plug COP wiring diagram pinout how to. The filter replacement is now complete, we would recommend testing the compressor at this point on the bench to check successful install of new filters. It does this as a self test (this is the test that causes the fault code C1A13-64 as it monitors the pressure and does not see the pressure drop if there is a problem or blockage). It is vitally important that these inhibits are not confused with a system malfunction. Other code Diagnosis =  Exhaust valve stuck closed/Exhaust valve does not hold minimum retention pressure/ Gallery pipe blocked or damaged / Pressure sensor fault / Air suspension exhaust silencer blocked or restricted / Air suspension exhaust pipe blocked or restricted / Reservoir valve block pipes incorrectly fitted (unions reversed), ————————————————————————————————————————————————————-. stream The fault is due to the compressor pressure exhaust valve solenoid not being able to relieve the pressure in the system. Insert metal filter back in to filter unit, if metal filter was refitted with nut and bolt rather than rivet ensure the bolt side is pointing outwards rather than damaging the felt filter below. As you can see in the picture above, there are some greenish marks from corrosion due to the moisture in the air. Exhaust valve 14. AIR SUSPENSION COMPRESSOR LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER (L322) REV 1 04/24/2018 1. is the registered trade mark of Jaguar Land Rover Limited. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. The compressor will now run, check that output is good, you shouldn't be able to stop air being pushed out of the unit when putting thumb over output pipe, if you can stop flow there is a problem with install, if not output is good and you can proceed to reinstall. Then remove the spare wheel to see the plastic pump housing below. . Hill Descent Control (HDC) switch The air suspension control switch is located in the center console, behind the manual or automatic transmission selector lever. is the registered trade mark of Dr. Ing. Did you make this project? We highly recommend our Master compressor repair kit with all parts for this fault code available in our other listing if you don,t know what parts of your compressor is failing causing the fault code . The cookies we use are to improve your experience. images, including their copyright and intellectual property rights, are owned by We do not recommend this as a permanent fix, and if you follow the guide, then you do so completely at your own risk. Refit the filter to the air compressor pump outlet of your Landrover Range Rover Sport. Ensure face plates are central to felt filter and that you can see 0-ring around the circumference of the filter, this mates to the filter wall, this is important to prevent air circumventing the filter. Front Right Air Suspension Bag For Land Rover L322 03-09 RNB000740 Air Struts. ! their respective companies. but please bare in mind that you only want to hopefully carryout your vehicles repair one time and want you to know we designed  most of these products many years ago a can vouch for their quality and fitment as a uk manufacturer and more importantly offer experience & support with these units like no other supplier ! AUDI® Range rover l322 air suspension valve block location. Range Rover® These 2 codes are the bench mark codes that cause garages/customers to replace or repair their units. Please view our Youtube Channel Video Titled, ‘ Land Rover Oem Hitachi Air Compressor Fault Diagnosis ‘, ===================================================================================================. ==================================================================================================, When your garage informs you need a new compressor in our experience you generally do not !