Pour l’année scolaire 2020-2021, ces journées seront le : Contactez-la si vous désirez avoir accès à... 1 enfant 2 langues : Une belle ressource sur le bilinguisme des tout-petits vient d’être mise en ligne en français et en anglais. 1to1; Accounts & Passwords; Apple TV; Aspen Student Information System (SIS File Server; Interactive White Boards (IWB Ipads; IT News; Messaging & Email; Network & Internet; Printers; Self Service ; Software & Troubleshooting; Web Filter; ITSS Contact Information. Say a welcome phrase in a Yukon First Nation language. Ce service propose des outils et des ressources pour les parents qui accompagnent leurs enfants en éducation francophone. Rapid Identity guide français, First Class User Tips – Mailing Lists Due to the timing of the YFSA, both DART and SWW for grades 4 and 7 are now optional for schools in both the fall and the spring. What is it named? • Faire découvrir les savoirs et les façons de faire des Premières nations du Yukon dans toutes les classes. Les enseignants donneront des informations de manière plus systématique de sorte à aider les élèves et les parents à bien comprendre les forces des enfants et les points qu’ils doivent travailler davantage. If you would like classroom assistance administering the YFSA please contact Nikki.Krocker@gov.yk.ca. Hanley has been giving briefings every two or three days in recent weeks. If you have any general questions about the FSA please contact Nikki Krocker: https://firstcontact.formstack.com/forms/application_for_funding_to_participate_in_local_event, http://msnider.yukonschools.ca/continuity-of-learning-resources.html, https://v2yesnet.wordpress.com/learning-continuity-toolkit/, https://www.pearsoncanadaschool.com/index.cfm?locator=PS3dP2, https://www.pearsoncanadaschool.com/index.cfm?locator=PS3cId. • Faire une plus grande place à l’apprentissage pratique, à l’éducation financière et donner davantage d’information sur les carrières dans toutes les classes. 2016-2017 Grades 3 – 8 educators interested in an opportunity to gather with colleagues from across the territory in a standards-based collaborative marking session of the YFSAs on November 18-19, 2018 are encouraged to sign up at. As detailed in Server Accounts, staff members and students are provided with personal folders on the school server for file storage.. Congé de la relâche : du lundi 15 mars au vendredi 26 mars 2021. Students can learn about germs through activities and videos and can consider how their actions around hand washing and physical distancing can help take care of themselves as well as the other people around them in their classroom, homes and community. Quand ces changements auront-ils lieu? Elles sont étalées régulièrement au cours de l’année pour favoriser les suivis. What risks you face in not protecting your organization from these rogues, How RapidIdentity can protect your company from hackers and rogue employees. • Fournir un contenu pédagogique spécifique au Yukon dans toutes les classes. Matériel scolaire 7 e-8 e-9 e années. Assessment, planning and interim reporting guidelines for Grades K=9 and 10-12are located in the Curriculum Implementation section of the website as well as a variety of workshops and presentations. Who led the group who visited the Prime Minister in 1972? Pearson Canada invites you to a series of free webinars on Fountas & Pinnell Classroom ™ and Mathology. To encourage thoughtful and respectful conversations, first and last names will appear with each submission to CBC/Radio-Canada's online communities (except in children and youth-oriented communities). Ncedcloud Login: Yes! • Disponibilité des nouveaux examens en littératie et en numératie de la Colombie-Britannique prévue en janvier 2018. Voici notre politique au sujet du. 2017-2018 The portal also gives students access to secure cloud storage, unique collaboration tools, free Office 365 software, Google Classroom tools, and multiple digital resources. provides teachers and students with a preview of the sample online questions, sample student booklet and sample collaboration activity. This website answers sexual health and relationship questions. The latest case is the territory's eighth. MediaSmarts: A collections of digital and media literacy resources; Yukon schools are licensed for a series of resources about digital and media literacy. Box 500 Station A Toronto, ON Canada, M5W 1E6. for teachers: Tuesday September 17 or Tuesday September 24, for administrators: Thursday September 19 or Thursday September 26. suite of digital resources to support student centered learning. "Disclosing identity of a community can quickly lead to identifying suspected individuals or their families.". Ils contiennent également des liens vers des ressources utiles. No Introduction Needed for This title very student would know about NC Education Cloud (NCEdCloud Login) Rapididentity These days, we all know that the education system and the infrastructure to the education system have been changed a lot. • Début des changements touchant le programme d’études (de la maternelle à la 9e année) en septembre 2017. What is the meaning of Kwanlin? YukonU president resigns; VP Maggie Matear appointed interim president . N’hésitez pas à contacter le ministère au (867) 667-5172 pour toute question au sujet du transport scolaire. Comment seront mesurés les progrès des élèves à l’école? Matériel scolaire 10 e-11 e-12 e années. Les cinq examens provinciaux de la Colombie-Britannique (EPCB) font l’objet d’un retrait progressif et seront remplacés, au cours de l’année scolaire 2017-2018, par deux nouveaux examens provinciaux obligatoires : l’un portant sur la littératie et l’autre sur la numératie. Yukon Education Internet Use & Web Publishing Permissions and Guidelines, The Privacy Toolkit was developed by the Department of Education’s Privacy Management Coordinator to educate and assist teachers with protecting the privacy and security of the personal information of their students. Home / Teacher Resources Yukon Education Department Services The Educators' Place: Supporting Educators with the Implementation of the Redesigned Curriculum Resource Services Student Support Services ITSS Knowledge Base (KB) Digital Classroom Tools Apple Classroom: Classroom Allows you to guide lessons, manage activities, and keep everyone on task. Yukon's chief medical officer has announced another confirmed case of COVID-19 in the territory — the first to be found in a rural community. Yukon.ca Français The YESNet portal is a launching pad for connecting students and teachers with information and resources to enhance their learning journeys as they develop a lifelong love of learning. "Unless there's a compelling reason due to public risk, there is no need to tell others of the community. "But that is always the thing we are looking for.". The latest case was found in a rural community outside Whitehorse, according to the chief medical officer. He said his next public briefing won't be until after the Easter weekend, on Tuesday. Brochure promotionnelle du CSSC Mercier en français et en anglais, Horaire des cours jusqu’au mois d’octobre, Plan de communication aux parents-tuteurs, Liste du personnel enseignant et matières enseignées, Comment accéder à Rapid Identity et Teams, Présentation à la rencontre de parents du 10 septembre 2020, 7e année : Anglais 7B, Anglais 7A, Carrières, Éducation physique, Sciences Maths, Humanité 7A, Humanité 7B, 8e année : Anglais 8A, Anglais 8B, Mathématiques, Sciences, Éducation physique, Humanité 8A, Humanité 8B, 9e année : Anglais, Mathématiques, Sciences, Humanité, Éducation physique, 10e année : Sciences, Sciences humaines, Éducation physique, 11e année : Anglais, Français, Sciences et citoyens, Mathématiques précalcul, Mathématiques  pour le travail, Physique.