If the brake pads are not aligned properly, they may be scraping against the tire, both reducing speed and prematurely wearing out the brake pads. If it says something like 5-6 volts, then it is in the standby mode, and you will likely have trouble with it. You can remove the speed limiter if you want. First the 24v controllers are generally rated to 36 volts, but there is no guarantee. Samuel Hamilton has been writing since 2002. This way, if the cable ever gets snagged, there is less risk of damage. If you can, keep the E100 on surfaces such as concrete. Each motor and motor controller is capable of a certain amount of total power (W). Socket wrench. Does it matter if two batteries would be 3 ah and two 4 ah ? Going any faster might get you into trouble, depending on the rules in your area. Once this is done, you can simply snip the battery out. First and foremost, you will need an electric scooter. Do I care? For safety reasons, I am also adding Anderson powerpoles near the battery, so the cord between the battery and the base will just act as a quick release extension. Now what happens is the controller does not limit voltage, so although we don't increase the current going through (which would almost certainly melt things), we are still increasing the total power going through (W=V*A or watts = voltage x amps). The terminals got hot, and the plastic of which the batteries are made were not rated for that kind of output. Throttle Top Speed Adjustable Limiter for Razor® E300 and E300S Electric Scooters Version 1-7 Adjustable top speed limiter for version 1-7 of the Razor® E300 and E300S electric scooter. Tighten the fixing nut. No issues running 36 volts to that controller? how can I get to view it ??? The limiting washer is positioned around the front pulley wheel, and in most scooters it can be removed by hand or with a pair of needle-nose pliers. Apply a chain lubricant to the chain. If you do go with 3ah and 4ah, you would have to find a way to stop when the 3ah is discharged. I think the normal cutoff for this would be around 20v... so 18v won't work. Do make sure you label everything as you are cutting it. The same is true from 3 to 4. If you do not have an impact wrench, you can hold the wheel in place with a strap wrench and attempt to remove the bolt with a standard socket wrench. Unfasten the kickstart by loosening the bolt head of the pin that attaches the kickstart to the outside of your scooter's variator case. Would it matter if one were 3 ah. Strap wrench. Voltage determines the speed, and amps the amount of force with which the motor turns (torque). There are many options, and you can build a pack from scratch, but that can be an large undertaking, requiring quite a bit of learning. Well the harder you push batteries, the less you will get out of them. Will you? There are a few things here. How you use them would depend on the ratings. I do not have the parts for a rebuild yet, so for now this will focus on the easier and simpler upgrade modification.As always, questions and feedback are welcome. The wheel has a single bolt through the center that must be unscrewed with an air-powered impact wrench. To realign the brake pads, unscrew the fixing nut on the right side of the tire, and raise or lower the brake pads until they are properly aligned. The chain guard can be found on right-hand side of your E100, near the back wheel. That's it! Just wondering. Turn off your scooter. Simply plug this speed limiter in between the throttle and controller and it is ready to use. It is located in your scooter's drive belt or variator system on the left side of the scooter. Only cut one wire at a time, and make sure the freshly cut wires don't touch your snips while you cut the next one, or you may just weld them in place if there was enough of a charge left (or at least make a few sparks). The self-balancing scooter has a speed limit of 8 mph. Each motor is capable of a certain amount of amps (theoretically voltage too, but inconsequentially in this case). Share it with us! At that point, you should start learning all the basics and build a pack.But again, if you are using the newer pack, they do auto-shut off and using them in parallel could be tricky. This means that our 36V scooter won't be able to pull anything heavier than it did before (no change in amps), but if it was able to reach top speed before, now it should go 1.5x faster! The black wire from the controller is going to be re-routed to the fuse, and from the fuse, we go back to the battery. In the case of the Razors, when I did find the parts and look up the specs, the 24v did seem to be able to take it. Keep the scooter light. If you happen to have an E90 (the less common of the bunch), keep the voltage to half of everything specified here (so a single 18v battery instead of 2 in series). By observing some simple riding rules and maintaining your Razor, you can avoid any dips in speed, and keep your scooter moving quickly. This means that some parts are still going to be pushed; the motor for example, would be running at 1.5 times its usual wattage. Disconnect the left pulley wheel in the variator system. Series = more voltage, parallel = more current. Sx2 Dongle (139 to 159 Euro): The Sx2 Dongle doubles the speed limit of your electric bicycle. The E100 has a weight limit of 120 pounds, and should only be ridden by one person at a time. Surfaces such as gravel, grass, sand and dirt are not ideal, and will slow you down. On most scooters, this faceplate is attached to the variator case with six bolts. The Razor E100, E200, and E300. Yes and no. This will allow you to pull the pin and remove the kickstart. And you even suggest using 4 batteries? The second major thing that can vary quite a bit is your power source. Watts is the total amount of power (either as torque or speed). my speed potentiometer is not working can i bypass it till i can replace it maybe just stick a switch in , give lots of little squirts of power to get it rolling. They are expensive I agree, which is why some NiCads might be nice for this, especially since you can find people getting rid of them for free if you take your time. 4 years ago. Question The reason I am asking is because the lower ah batteries are less expensive. Close it back up, connect that 36v battery pack we built in my other ible, strap on your helmet, and enjoy! Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media. : The goal of this ible is to show you how to fix the most common problem with small electric scooters. To do this, you need to remove the base plate, which is held in by a few nuts and bolts. It’s embedded in the electric scooter’s controller unit and can’t be removed as easy at it may seem. I enjoyed reading and watching your instructible but the link for https://www.instructables.com/id/Using-Ryobi-Powert... does not work. Electric Mobility Scooter Speed Limiter Giveaway: post an I've made this picture and subscribe to my instructables and youtube channel for a free full year of instructrables Pro membership! Electric scooters run a maximum top speed at about 20 to 30 kilometers per hour (that’s 12 to 18 miles per hour, for you Imperial folks). Reconnect the left pulley wheel and replace the variator case faceplate. Deep Hole in a Small Box, a Different Take on the Infinity Mirror. This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. The first step is to remove the battery. Doesn't mean it's not going to add some wear, but any pack being used at high currents will take extra wear.If you do 2x 4ah and 2x3ah, you should get to know what the safe operating voltages are and install volmeters for each pack. MORE IMPORTANT STUFF ON THIS BELOW. Luckily, the most you could do is damage them, not start a fire as is the case with lithium, but still.. no one wants to damage their batteries. I guess it would run for a shorter amount of time, not have less power? Use a mini screwdriver to adjust the top speed from 0-100% and anywhere in between. However, I don't consider this to be dangerous per say, the battery was in good shape chemically, it's just the plastic that was not doing so well at this point. possibly. This is not like a mechanical limitation that can be removed easily. Remove the two screws holding the chain guard in place. The red wire from the battery is still going to go directly to the new battery. Your scooter's rev limiter prevents its engine from transferring all of its energy to the drive belt. The Razor E100 is an electric scooter suitable for children and young adults. This is the very obvious one, and we have discussed the pros and cons of doing this. However, the truth is, removing the speed limiter can really increase the speed of your electric scooter. Case and point, may failure point was my batteries. Now, HOWEVER, they do this to have some over head in case parts aren't perfect or whatnot. This will still cause some parts to heat up, and so extended use could cause issues.