The main strength of the NT01 however resides in its ability to resists to heat cycling. The front are like new so I hope to expect 24,000 mi out of them. The PSS, RE71R, and R1R are not even in the same category as each other. Link to post. I orderd it.... any review on Nichols Guest House B&B - Seekonk MA, If this is your first visit, be sure to Our good friends at @kartbahnracing just took delivery of this AWESOME Mercedes AMG GT4 for the @atlanticracingteam. Although not a true "R-comp" tire on paper, it performs like one by the account of every single test and review I've read (down to wear rates...). He put 2500 miles on them with a few spirited mountain runs and two wet track days and the front insides have already worn to the cords and the rear insides also worn to the wear indicators. Anyone here try out the R888R? That being said, to insert a street tire into the conversation with a tried-and-true R-compound tire is a rather sobering concept. January 11. (including driver), which will amplify the unwanted open track loads.…. This year, I was hugely interested in trying an "R-comp" tire. Mostly high speed hwy and slow heavy traffic. My extensive research into the motoring industry in Europe (which exclusively consists of watching Top Gear and The Grand Tour...) concluded that most people across the pond simply refer to any vehicle that is capable of sending any power to all four wheels as a 4WD vehicle, further muddying the waters. September 4. After about 500+ miles they're definitely better traction than MPSS when warmed up. Everything You Need to Know about the $60k Mid-eng... Watch the 2020 C8 Mid-engine Corvette Reveal. The tires do poke out a bit and I figured rubbing is all but guaranteed at full compression but I couldn't be happier I trusted APEX and those on here who have run it. I wouldn't worry about street miles at all for a car that sees regular track time. I just replaced my rear with RE71R. How do you even call a tire "daily/streetable" when you get less than 10k out of it. Only time I push the tires is on the hwy ramps. ... Toyota Supra vs BMW Z4 M Drag Race; All Mainstream AWD and 4WD Systems Compared and Ex... June 4. check out the. The RE71R is the "i want to go fast at all cost" 200TW tire. June 1. Can it be that good? They felt 1-2 seconds faster than the RS-3 and Z2's but I feel like they dropped off pretty quickly by my 4th weekend. No doubt the re 71 is an amazing tire, but I heard it falls off quickly when it does. They seemed to work great, you were hustling. In conclusion, while the Bridgestone RE71R tires did net the fastest lap, it was only by the slightest of margins. Can anyone else chime in on the daily drive wear rate of the r71r vs MPSS or AD08R? So much more grip then the Michelin PSS. If you live in Canada or the US, you'll find that plenty of people hold sacred the terms '4x4' and '4WD' to describe a 'true 4x4', where you have a butch transfer case with a low speed, perhaps a body on frame chassis, and ideally a solid axle or two. October 3. I love them!