| Seriously, your basically announcing to the world that you’re out to cause the kind of mayhem that makes society crumble. If you're new to Wikia, please use the above links to get started. What does Hininger do? Stars: He was charged with killing 172. At the moment, it’s a toss-up between this guy and the #1 villain on our list for control of Syria. With huge amounts of stolen cash doubtlessly making his pockets bulge, he fled to London, where he set himself up as a gentleman – buying yachts and racehorses, all the while masterminding a criminal empire of bank robberies that stretched all around the globe. Lavrentiy Beria. Biblical and Mythological Villains. Lavrentiy Beria was, on the surface, the silver-tongued lackey of Joseph Stalin. He even returned to the scene of his crime a day later to witness stupid tourists admiring the replica in the case. Alexander Solonik wasn’t always a villain, no he started on the side of law and order…sort of. | Action, Adventure, Thriller. Director: But the obvious clincher for people uncertain as to whether they wanted to follow a new Messiah was, he would allow them to drink his bathwater. | Director: R Stars: Those places are just breeding grounds for people with huge egos who are desperate for world domination. Further investigations revealed that Velvalee had visited the Japanese Institute in New York, befriended the Consul General, and connected with a Japanese naval attache. $30.86M. Anthony Perkins, Chief among those was Operation Mongoose, the plans to assassinate Fidel Castro with exploding cigars and other whacky gadgets. Unfortunately, he then went on to murder anyone who disagreed with him, and raped and beat the women and children, before one of the women – Tirza Randon – picked up a hammer and went to town on his skull. Despite their crimes, they were considered celebrities and were even seen mixing with celebrities like Frank Sinatra before finally being arrested in 1968. Director: 157 min The World's Most Entertaining Car Website, 10 Little Known Facts About Freddie Prinze Jr.'s Career, 15 Of The World's Real Life Super Villains, 10 Disgusting & Off-Putting Foods That Are Outrageously Expensive, Kentucky AG Not Happy About Being Dissed By Megan Thee Stallion On SNL, Russell Wilson Spends More Than $1 Million Annually On His Body, Hopes To Play Until He's 45, "Big Brother 22" Contestants Reveal Which Remaining Houseguest Deserves To Win The Most, "Big Brother 22" Runner-Up Enzo Palumbo Doesn't Think He Should Have Lost 9-0 In Finals, Cast of The Green Mile: Where Are They Now? The group went on to attack Tokyo first with a Sarin attack that killed 7 people in 1994, then again in 1995 when the group released the gas into the Tokyo underground – killing 12, injuring 50, and giving 5000 more temporary vision problems. He claimed he killed them to ensure their place in heaven where he planned on joining them upon his death, which he did in 2008. What to say about Scott Lively? Marvel movie villains who are gorgeous in real life. | Gross: The maniacal murderous clown was based on Stephen King’s novel and was written on a culmination of ideas with its main character fashioned after serial killer John Wayne Gacy who performed at children's parties as Pogo the Clown. Lansdale and his team spread rumors about the Aswang being spotted around the rebel camp, then snatched one of the rebels, put two suspiciously vampire-like holes in his neck…oh, and drained all his blood, too. 135 min By the time he died, it’s estimated that Duvalier and his Tonton Macoute stormtroopers murdered 30,000 innocent people. R Director: He’s like the villain from Iron Man 3, only far, far worse. width=30 109 min 352.6k voters. Maybe it’s the alarming underpotency of our nuclear disasters, or perhaps we’re not attracting enough kids into the exciting field of evil science. He was also later discovered to have had issues with his mother which prompted him to murder on her behalf and had a room dedicated to her which he preserved for posterity. With law enforcement and Dog the Bounty Hunter in hot pursuit, War Machine never had much of a chance. | You know, likes long walks through nuclear fallout, has a collection of human taxidermy – all normal things. Sadly, at the end of his episode of destruction, spotting SWAT officers in his vicinity, Heemeyer put a bullet in his own brain. Crime, Mystery, Thriller. | AFI's 100 Years... 100 Heroes & Villains is a list of the one hundred greatest screen characters (fifty each in the hero and villain categories) as chosen by the American Film Institute in June 2003. Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver, an MMA fighter known by the moniker “War Machine,” is a perfect example of... 14 General Butt Naked. Alvarez was the lighthouse keeper on the island, and in around 1910 Mexico stopped sending vital supplies to Clipperton, as they were too distracted in stopping a burgeoning revolution from rising. Frankly, there aren’t enough Canadian supervillains. Melissa Leo, Which would have been a genius move except two men were clearly morons, and none of the banks handed over a single dollar. Lansdale then continued his odd career concocting plans that involved exploding seashells, poisoned pens, and thallium-contaminated shoes – you know, your basic villainous stuff of legends. Horror, Thriller. Hopefully both just vanish sometime soon. That’s only a minor exaggeration. | | Drama, Thriller. This movie explores the efforts of the detectives and journalists assigned to the case who become obsessed with learning the killer's identity and bringing him to justice. The last straw came when the company convinced the local government to rezone Heemeyer’s property, and in the 6 months notice he was given to move on, he built himself a bulldozer of extreme destructive capability. In line with new policies, all pages must comply with our definition of a villain. He and his villainous cadre then went out and committed various sabotage attacks on utility services, causing approximately $3 million of damage. | Gabriel Byrne, Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver, an MMA fighter known by the moniker “War Machine,” is a perfect example of the dumb muscled thug supervillain. If you're looking to help with cleanup, you can start here: The Unnamed Brit will count as a villain cause he murdered his brother, List of Wanted Pages on Real Life Villains Wiki, List of Disallowed Pages on Real Life Villains Wiki, https://reallifevillains.miraheze.org/w/index.php?title=Real_Life_Villains_Wiki&oldid=116512, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0). John Gavin, Votes: Taron Egerton, Nonetheless, Adam Worth earned the title not because he was a Frenchman with a height complex, but because he had a pretty prolific and weird criminal life. He even personally stole a portrait of the Duchess of Devonshire from a London gallery, just because he was obsessed with the Duchess, and often kept it under his mattress. In 1942 the FBI intercepted a letter on its way to Buenos Aires that spoke of a “wonderful doll hospital” and “three old English dolls”. cadet must receive the help of an incarcerated and manipulative cannibal killer to help catch another serial killer, a madman who skins his victims. Director: Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (Arabic: أبو مصعب الزرقاوي‎, ’Abū Muṣ‘ab az-Zarqāwī, Abu Musab from... Jack the Ripper was an unidentified serial killer generally believed to have been active in... Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (sometimes also spelled Khalid Shaikh Mohammed; among at least fifty... Delfina and María de Jesús González (known as Las Poquianchis) were two sisters from the... Mary Ann Cotton (née Robson; 31 October 1832 – 24 March 1873) was an English serial killer,... 10 Ruthless Black Widow Killers Whose Crimes Made History. USA was rocked by the case of Ed Gein who was arrested on November 1957 following the disappearance of store owner Bernice Worden whereupon her decapitated body was found strung up and gutted inside Gein’s home. | AFI's 100 Years... 100 Heroes & Villains is a list of the one hundred greatest screen characters (fifty each in the hero and villain categories) as chosen by the American Film Institute in June 2003. Clipperton Island was an island in the Pacific that, … He got a job as a cop in Moscow, but was soon dismissed as his superiors discovered that he had a propensity toward…well, murder. Though the court found him guilty and sentenced him to 10 years, Afghanistan’s president Hamid Karzai pardoned him in 2007. He described Salazar as a "small lithe pale man with dark red hair (with a) certain intelligence and elegance about him." Close this popup and browse for 2 minutes. Director: | 15 Of The World's Real Life Super Villains 15 War Machine.