My JNM did that kind of stuff too. she also has a really bad habit of sabotaging any relationship her kids ever get get into. At one point in her childrens' lives she didn't have much money and learned the Art of Haggle. he said “well it’s craisins-not-raisins’ apartment too, so if you want to see it we’ll have to schedule a time when she’s available too.” when the fight eventually wore down, they finally agreed that the next day he and i would take them there and show them around. Oh yeah. Please help! | Tips for Protecting Yourself | Our Book List | Our Wiki, A Warning Story to Why One Should Set Boundaries, Damned if She does....Damned if She doesn't, This user has more than 10 posts in their history. teacher: "yes, what can I do for you?" If she found the slightest flaw in a garment, she'd buy it anyway but haggle with the checkout staff for a discount. hi, thanks for your input. $4 is a great price for a skirt, even if there is a small tear at the seam, because that's really easy to fix. why does she think she gets to know about it, AND then tell us what to do with our sex life? since then, things have been relatively quiet, and we don’t hear from them much. However, I do NOT understand all of the acronyms. I struggle with the RBN ones! He needs to NEVER share any info about you with her ever again. report. that i deserved better than someone like him, and he should just stay home with her forever. but this is something that obviously really impacted DH, and from time to time that insecurity still surfaces, and we have to face it and continue to work on overcoming it. I was uninformed about this casino (apparently they don't have seniors happy lunch) so I had no clue what she really meant to do was dine and dash.... Oh god, my JustNoMum was a bit like this when I was a kid. it’s only been the last few years that he’s really woken up, in part to his own study and self analysis, in part to having a lot of heart to hearts with his older sisters and their experiences with growing up and moving out, and in part to becoming very close with my family, and is tired of the bullshit that he always had to put up with at home. and then we said we had to go and we left. thank you so much! I'm /u/MILBitchBot. Since SO is "Significant Other", I had always read LO as "Little Other". Your DH has had a lifetime of dealing with their interference on one hand and disinterest on the other - so if he wants distance then let him have it. Find communities you're interested in, and become part of an online community! MIL gets called to check out next to me. then she starts going on about how “this is such a common problem with newlyweds, i used to see it all time back when i worked in Dr. X’s office, you actually gave her a UTI, and you need to ‘cool it’ over there,” now blaming it on him. DH was very annoyed at this point, and said he would replace the truck battery, and ended the phone call. I help people follow your posts! To see if it’s dry clean only. The difference that keeps it from being embarrassing is whether you act like a lunatic or not in the process. we will be extra careful to stick to boundaries moving forward. i’m looking for advice on how to move forward with my in-laws, not how to change up life in the bedroom. and i like your trick! she doesn’t approve of anyone and made sure that no one would interrupt her idea of what she wanted her family to look like. i think you’re right, that VLC would be good for DH. weeks would go by and the only time he ever even saw her was when she’d come to pick a fight. I was so embarrassed. The factory occasionally held 'friends and family' sales for the seconds or items that were too poor to pass quality control, and she always dragged me along to pick up a big pile-o-shit. Reddit is made up of hundreds of sub-communities, each focused on a specific topic. The reason you have a good relationship with your parents is due to them treating you with respect and not interfering with your personal medical issues. Edit: Ugh! So here goes. We also had a family friend that worked in a garment factory producing clothes for a mid-range clothing store. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. But she has money now and has a problem with "shopping therapy" so it can get embarrassing. DH and i have been married and finally living together for 2 months now, but we’ve been dating for over 4 years, and we’ve been friends for almost 7 years, since 10th grade. and to be honest, even if we were “hammering away like a sewing machine” like you said, i still don’t see how you get to determine what counts as “good sex” for other people.