Prior to installing a wood floor, the building sh 1231 E. 26th St Using a measuring tape, start measuring your belt from left to right. Longer lengths may be used but considerations must be taken, as previously explained. Donec non est at libero. If your pants size is a 36”, you can not go wrong with a size 38” belt. Shop our RedHead Hunting Product inventory at Bass Pro Shops online and in-store near you. Product Catalog; Sell Sheets; Marketing Bulletins; Contact Us | Login. The thickness of the concrete is important because the Red Head® wedge anchor should not be embedded within a minimum of 5 anchor diameters from the unsupported edge of the concrete to ensure proper holding values. Most Important Things to be Known about Belt Sizes. Region of Origin: South America. If the hole is not perfectly straight then the Red Head® wedge anchor, once installed, may get to a point where it stops penetrating the hole because it is hitting the side of the hole where the hole bends and the wedge anchor does not. Expand anchor by tightening nut 3-5 turns past the hand tight position, or to the specified torque requirement. Now that you’ve already learn how to pick the perfect belt size for you, it will now be easier to shop for belts in different designs, colors, styles and materials to express your personality. From the self-drill anchor we invented in 1910, to our new Trubolt ® + wedge anchor, we continue to innovate … Install washer and nut onto the threaded end of the Red Head® wedge anchor, leaving the nut flush with the top of the anchor body. From the self-drill anchor we invented in 1910, to our new Trubolt®+ wedge anchor, we continue to innovate and lead the industry with labor saving, high quality and high performance solutions. An engineer that has calculated the values needed to correctly determine the specific diameter of Red Head® wedge anchor to use may specify the holding value requirements. Men's Sock Size Chart. The Red Head® wedge anchor is manufactured in different materials and plated differently to meet different application requirements. General Belt Size Numerical Belt Size Waist Measurement (inches) Length of Belt (inches) XS/Petite: 28: Up to 26: Up to 28: S: 28-30: 26-28: 28-30: M: 31-32: 28-30: 31-32: L: 33-35: 31-33: 33-35: XL: 36-37: 34-35: 36-37: 2X: 38-39: 36-37: 38-39: 3X: 40-42: 38-39: 40-41: Belt Size Conversion Chart. Find a measuring tape and loop it around your waist where you want to put the belt on. Includes: RedHead, Bass Pro Shops, Bob Timberlake, Ascend, World Wide Sportsman. This is the general rule of thumb for finding your belt size. Available in all the popular diameters and lengths to suit any concrete fastening application, Red Head. …, Purchase Tapcons The belt size is usually measured 2-3 inches bigger than your actual pants or waist size to accommodate the extra length in your pants. Size: Minimum Embedment: Max. If the Red Head® wedge anchor is installed with the fixture in place, it is important to know that the diameter of the Redhead wedge anchor is larger than the designated diameter. Sleeve length runs 1" longer; shirt length runs 2" longer; chest size remains the same as regular sizing. Sunset Grove Drive | Tapcon Screws Specifications: Sizes and Types The installation of Red Head® wedge anchors is fairly simple and straightforward. Belt sizes for girls and boys are measured almost similarly. Please click Accept Cookies to continue to use the site. Once all these factors have been determined, you can find the expected holding values in the technical information below. This chart has been created as a reference guide ONLY. Red Head Adhesive Brochure. Deeper embedments will yield higher tension and shear capacity.