Cut-throats and thieves Being a refugee means standing at the end of the queue We need to see them for who they really are The background photo shows migrants and refugees queuing at a camp to register after crossing the Greek-Macedonian border near the town of Gevgelija. Now, their children’s children, inheriting the words their fathers left behind, are braving the seas in leaky boats: let salt winds punch our faces and your coast-guards when you see the whole city running as well, that no one puts their children in a boat, no one leaves home until home is a sweaty voice in your ear, Quotes from Shire’s poems have been used to hightlight the plight of refugees, e.g in lauching charities. this nobody, (image source: AFP/Getty). may we use your poem – which we think is brilliant!! Their situation is often so perilous and intolerable that they cross national borders to seek safety in nearby countries, and thus become internationally recognized as “refugees“ with access to assistance from States, UNHCR, and other organizations. home is the barrel of the gun. —, As a reader who is from a country that finds it difficult – for whatever reasons – to cope with the so-called refugee crisis. Best wishes, Brian. But they weren’t German Jews, my dear, but they weren’t German Jews. The poem One can assume that Auden had chosen the title (“Refugee Blues”) to link it to the protest and subculture of American Blacks, who had developed this musical form in Southern USA. filling our ancestors with words of love: Not one of them was ours, my dear, not one of them was ours. (Sam Haysom), About Brian Bilston There was a fat young Nigerian woman with us and she found it hard to walk. I come from a musical place However, their situation is getting increasingly worse. This has caused him to be banned by three different Ethiopian governments. Notwithstanding it feels good to have an open ear for these challenges — despite all reservations. A place should only belong to those who are born there “For World Refugee Week: 4 Poems”. The poem Lines from “Home“ are used in many appeal videos for refugee aid. I’d be delighted for you to do so. Wishing you and your loved ones safe and well during these troubled times. Lacking safe and legal alternatives to leave their country, refugees and migrants from Ethiopia and Somali used the services of smugglers to cross the Gulf of Aden. He says that the silver coin is for buying new seeds. During the last 10 years, refugees and asylum seekers have been demonised as scroungers, malingerers, people stealing “our” jobs. The poem begins with the often quoted lines: no one leaves home unless They have no need of our help During the last 10 years, refugees and asylum seekers have been demonised as scroungers, malingerers, people stealing “our” jobs. Finding a Whole Country in a Clenched Hand: Hama Tuma, “Just a Nowbody”. i dont know what i’ve become Each time he comes out of prison he commits a crime. Besides, one who flees from danger, and is in a secure and protective circle is also called a ‘refugee’. An example is Stephan Bookas‘ and Tristan Dawes’ adaptation, a documentary poem that aims to highlight the conditions of migrants in the ‘Jungle’ near Calais. Saudi Arabian officials convicted poet Ashraf Fayadh of apostasy over a book of poems he said were about love. The group gave a warm welcome to Shire in their makeshift home at the abandoned Somali Embassy in Rome describing the conditions as cold and cramped. If you just give my name, followed by the book in which it was first published that should do it: ie Brian Bilston, from ‘You Took the Last Bus Home’. COMMENTdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "62733e92a6f41e62ea11f6cd2289e15d" );document.getElementById("7542b51c9d").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, “Refugees are persons fleeing armed conflict or persecution. The Forward Arts Foundation is a charity that enables all to enjoy, discover and share poetry. As acknowledged legislators they would have a hard time. “Viewpoint: ‘Refugee’ or ‘migrant’ – Which is right?”, Article information