The reason for this is that in Japan, according to the old ways of doing things, is that a woman could not marry a man who was not equal to her in societal status. Género According to Shoto, he spends most of his free time with his mother in the hospital. My Hero Academia Wiki es una comunidad FANDOM en Anime. Inko Midoriya Age: 41. asui’s parents, 4 years. Upon meeting her son again, she apologized and smiled through tears after he tells her that he forgave her, and the two restored their loving relationship. Esta peculiaridad también le gusta el clima más fresco. Even RockLock, whose wife doesn't have a character profile, specifically mentions that his wife is 4 years younger than him. I'd like to think she was at least 18 when Endeavor payed off her family...not that its much better obviously but still. Here’s the masterlist to check out our members’ lovely works. Mika Jiro Age: 36. Rei is a middle-aged woman with an average height and build. Episodio 19 (Flashback) Episodio 25 Take this with how Todoroki's house seems to be very traditional it can be assumed that Endeavor favors the old ways of doing things according to japanese culture. Rei Todoroki era amable, atenta y cariñosa hacia sus hijos y a cambio, ellos la amaban profundamente. She did not, however, do this out of hatred for Shoto, but rather due to her mental instability and it later reveals that after doing so, she immediately attempted to soothe her son's burns using her ice Quirk, while hysterically apologizing to him and asking herself why she did it.[2]. She's probably a couple of years younger than Endeavor. [3] She also receives visits from her other children, Natsuo and Fuyumi, and appears to receive small gifts from her husband, although she is yet to see him face to face out of fear. Rei was shown to have shorter hair in the past. Endeavor … 42, all married couples have a 4 year age gap, with the husband being older. Natsuo Todoroki Age: 19 [1] Her kindness and compassion is shown when she understands the internal struggle Enji is facing, and from this, Natsuo is able to understand that Rei has forgiven him, despite all of the trauma he put her through. Rei was once kind, caring, and loving towards Shoto and in return, he loved her deeply. I wonder if its just a coincidence? It can be assumed that this Quirk holds the same weakness as Shoto's ice, in that her body will cover in frostbites if overused. I was like “nah, thats gotta be false” and then i looked up bakugou’s parents, 4 years. Endeavor(Enji Todoroki) Age: 46. the family. Familia [2], However, the constant abuse that she received from her husband caused her to become mentally unstable, to the point that one day she finally snapped upon seeing Shoto's left side, which reminded her of Endeavor. Rei Todoroki era amable, atenta y cariñosa hacia sus hijos y a cambio, ellos la amaban profundamente. Image Gallery Birthday: February 14th. es la esposa de Enji Todoroki y madre de Toya, Fuyumi, Natsuo y Shoto Todoroki. Hair Color Don desconocido de hielo Sin embargo, el constante abuso que recibió de su maridola hizo mentalmente inestable, hasta el punto de que un día se quiebra emocionalmente al ver el lado izquierdo de Shoto, que le recordó a Enji, por lo que lanzó agua hi… Estado If Toya is a twin with Fuyumi then hopefully 40. Manga Debut Descripción If Toya is 25 (and not a twin to Fuyumi at 22) then I'd say Rei's probably/hopefully at least 43. Michiko Neya Family Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. She has straight shoulder-length white hair with rather long bangs over her face. Quirk: unnamed ice quirk. Kyotoku Jiro Age: 40. Japanese Name 轟 (とどろき) 冷 (れい), Rei es una de las fuerzas impulsoras de Shoto para convertirse en héroe algún día, lo que se muestra en un flashback cuando ella lo inspira mientras los dos miran una entrevista televisiva de.