Tucson Web Design - CS Design Studios The load port will need to be opened up. Easy installation. One challenge with this particular Versa Max is the long spring that comes with it can’t hold more than 3, 3½” shells without causing failure to the long magazine tube spring. No matter the target or the day, I can always walk my shots downrange, no matter where it bounces, and never miss a shot or sacrifice speed. It does so clean or not, oiled or not, and has never given me a problem. I looked through the parts listing and can't find any differentiation between the Tactical and Sportsman model. To improve tactile recognition, GG&G developed an oversize VERSA MAX Tactical Bolt Release Pad for these Remington shotguns that's easy to locate by touch and easy to manipulate, with or without gloves. This shotgun is no exception. I bought a Carlson turkey choke and decided to add a cheap Sightmark red dot to help me pattern and aim in low light. My trophy weighed 22″ and had a 10″ plus an 8″ beard along with 1″ spurs. By 8:30, all was quiet. The stock is a crappy plastic one and since your already making a order with nordic it's worth it. By FastIndy, March 13, 2013 in ... My question concerns the stock Remington bolt/lifter/feed release. I like recycled targets, like milk jugs, that move when you shoot them. The Tactical Bolt Release Pad is coupled with a new slightly modified VERSA MAX bolt release mechanism. Material: CNC machined from 4140 ordnance steel.   Pasted as rich text. All edges are deburred for the shooters safety. However, that doesn’t have to limit its capabilities. The heart of the gun is Remington’s Versa Port system. I’ve had the fun of running 2¾” birdshot with 2¾” slugs mixed in and can barely tell the difference. Dimension: The release pad measures 1 ¼" long by 5/8" wide. These features change the use of this gun from a tactical beast to a turkey slayer with ease. Merchandise Return And Exchange Policy (Non-Warranty). Is there any pictures on how to do so? AR-10 Accessories, AR 10 Scope Mount, and More! Even more of an accomplishment to me, I used my “Tactical” Remington Versa Max successfully to hunt a big game animal. The Tactical Ordnance Remington Versa Max features the best integration of modifications and accessories to put you ahead of the competition. Clear editor. Best of all, it is as versatile as it claims. Just takes some pliers or a vice and a hacksaw to open the flex cuts to allow it to bend out of the way easier when loaded. We’re an online magazine experience for the gun culture. Jonathan graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism. The shell stop will need to be bent and cut a little bit. Some other things you need to keep in mind, or so I've found out. Includes a modified Remington manufactured feed latch. Installs with common hand tools. Learn more about the Remington Versa Max. However, this time I decided that the harder way would be shorter. This is not a cheap shotgun by any means, but it is worth every penny. AR, Shotgun And Universal Sling Attachments, Tactical Flashlights, Mounts and Accessories, AR-15/M16 Flashlight Mounts And Mount/Flashlight Packages, Shotgun Light Mounts And Mount/Flashlight Packages, Pistol Flashlight Mounts And Mount/Flashlight Packages, Range Gear, Tools And Firearm Maintenance, Discounted Good Stuff-Demo Models-Blems-And Closeouts, Tactical Flashlights, Lasers, Mounts and Accessories. CMC Triggers Releases their Enhanced BCG for 6mm ARC, Rainier Arms Walkers Ear & Eye Protection, Recognize Kindness: News from the Tango Yankee Project, Prepping, Not Just for the Fringes Anymore – Part Three, Prepping, Not Just for the Fringes Anymore – Part Two, Prepping, Not Just for the Fringes Anymore – Part One, Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) – An Addiction is Born. No modifications needed to the Remington shotgun. If you remove the shell stop. I will admit that there is a lot more to cleaning this gun than my old Mossberg 500. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. No matter the use, this gun does what I ask. This gun is one of my range regulars. The load and the choke are what determine the shot pattern. To help prevent this, we designed one of the most practical VERSA MAX accessories on the market, the Remington VERSA MAX Tactical Charging Handle.