Most importantly it brought individuals together that wouldn’t normally be associated with one another and made us laugh, so from my perspective it was greatly successful. Remote Office Olympics is a fun, remotely managed online collaboration-based team challenge that is played remotely from your office or from your home. Fantastic energy and fun storyline. Guided by our referee & our interactive app new events with fun team challenges will be released onto the phone or tablet that they will need to complete. Fully facilitated. 1.5 hours 2 - 300+ people ℹ️More Info, ❤️ loved by elves, Festivus fans, and anyone with a little holiday spirit. Whether you organize your own or find a venue that can help you out, having a day of sporting events is fun, competitive, and takes a boatload of teamwork. Murder in Ancient Egypt is a virtual murder mystery game. During this special event, our gratitude team will lead your group through a series of activities designed to brighten the days of those in your community. I was skeptical at first but the hosts Kris and Jim really set the mood and everyone got into the mood for solving our little murder mystery. Our virtual team building events are fully hosted, fun and unique experiences, built to maximize remote employee happiness and engagement. Many thanks to Sandra, Darren and his team. There is a minimum event charge of $300. Simply Send Us Your Event Details & We Will Send You A Proposal With All The Cost & Inclusions. We host smart, fun, engaging events (100% online) , Services: Remote Team Building Activities, Online Team Building Games, Remote Employee Engagement Activities, Zoom Team Building. Bond, drink, and be merry this season at our Winter Cocktail Party. Phone: 0430 771 155 | WA & SA: 0403 259 090. Darren did an excellent job of facilitating the program. This experience is focused on zen, mindfulness and the art of enjoying tea and coffee. Teams can complete the challenges in their own time or we can schedule the Office Olympics to be at a certain time each day. Your colleagues will work in small groups to solve wickedly smart puzzles in a race against time. Your team will leave the event spooked and satisfied. Continue shopping to add product to your cart. ❤️ loved by coworkers with good taste, yogis, coffee fanatics, introverts. This event can be done with groups small or large! Virtual Team Trivia is perfect as a stand-alone event, as well as for virtual happy hours and conference entertainment. One of our team members was super-enthusiastic and he got the rest of us organised. We didn't quite get it right, but we got very close. This will connect them and allow them to work in small teams remotely. Thank you for a fantastic and memorable team building experience! It's the perfect way to celebrate the true meaning of the holiday season. They got a bunch of accountants laughing! BUT, after splitting into smaller teams, engaging some competitive energy, and seeing how well the breakouts were designed, I had so much fun! The team enjoyed being able to connect and have fun whilst all working remotely. Virtual Gingerbread Wars is a fast-paced, wildly fun team building event perfect for adding a touch of sweet and spice to your holiday season. Such an awesome Zoom session! For larger groups we may split into breakout rooms and multiple sessions for the best experience. This event is BYOB. Ghosts and ghouls come to life at our Virtual Halloween Party. Feel free to reach out and speak with a Remote Team Building Specialist about your next event! The experience ends with the big reveal told as an engaging story. Our virtual hosts will squeeze in as many games and challenges as they can into a 90 minute session – usually comprised of a variety of speed/quick thinking challenges, an image-to-word association games we call “I Spy”, and a virtual “trivia” version of the popular game show “Family Feud”. I also loved being able to turn over the reins and just enjoy the event! An online version of Office Olympics, these virtual team building games are designed to be equal parts friendship creating and skill building. The whole thing was expertly coordinated! Our Online Office Olympics is our most popular virtual activity. You can book the event here or talk to a team building specialist via phone/email to craft the perfect event! The peculiar beasts may include the Loch Ness Monster, Bunyip, Chupacabra and Ebu Gogo. This provides bonding for teams who already know each other well, and it helps teams just getting to know each other learn a lot of new information in one fun game. This event is created to keep your team engaged and having fun. The game is all the fun of a slightly chaotic pub-trivia night, without the sticky tables, loud music and overpriced beer. Virtual Team Trivia combines smart questions with unique game mechanics in a way that builds meaningful connections. We had soooo much fun, Miguel and Soup were perfect facilitators and I really appreciated the atmosphere and energy they created and maintained throughout the session! is so great! "It was AMAZING.Everyone had a great time. ❤️ loved by people who want to spread smiles, gratitude enthusiasts, anti-Scrooges. 2. ❤️ loved by anyone who wants to get merry. The program is very flexible in that you can choose to play it over 2 hours on a day of your choice or perhaps you want to spread it out across multiple days or weeks to ensure your team stays connected and to inject a bit of fun each day. Your coworkers become the wizards' minions: gathering sparkles, casting spells and competing to be the first and most successful team to bring the war to a peaceful resolution. Thanks a million! We will send you an email with pricing and other details . Our Office Olympics is designed to lift team spirit, enhance engagement, allow teams to connect and collaborate in a different way, but most importantly allow your staff to have a bit of fun and to take a break from the stress to ensure you also look after their mental health. Your team will have a great time discovering new and unexpected ways to bring smiles to people's faces. Warm up with sudden death challenges that test your teams ability to think on your feet! A great team building exercise for competitive co-workers, such as myself, is virtual office Olympics. Your ski instructor, aka your virtual holiday party event host, will bring your team together to inspire good will and cheer to last all year long. Fun online team building that maximizes participation. Just like a decathlon, teams will score points for every task and challenge they complete. ❤️ loved by nerdy coworkers, distributed teams, anyone that likes Ted-style talks. During your event, attendees can choose to actively participate or listen while quietly snacking, which makes it a good choice for remote teams with a range of personalities. Highly recommend! Our company recently did this and it was a lot of fun. A senior facilitator then takes you and your colleagues through friendly virtual icebreakers, guided meditation and a tasting ceremony. Then, on event day, your high-energy holiday host will lead your group through gingerbread battles and other holiday-themed competitions to crown your team's ultimate gingerbread champion. ❤️ loved by remote workers, beginner and advanced storytellers, skill builders. It’s our version of a decathlon but with a difference. Great Experience for my Covid quarantined daughter and her friends for her 16th birthday! Your group will play holiday-inspired drinking games, enjoy activities carefully curated to promote team bonding, and enjoy the company of co-workers, friends, and families. Your remote coworkers will form teams, compete in world class trivia, and play games like "Can Your Hear Me Now." Individuals simply login via our mobile adventures app on their phone or tablet where they will connect and work in small teams remotely. We run fun virtual campfires for remote teams. We’ve all seen the episode of The Office where Michael Scott leaves for the day and his employees decide to put together their own Olympics, filled with little games they play during downtime.. Before your event, we'll send surprise holiday packages to your guests, complete with all the ingredients needed to make a festive mug of hot chocolate with mini-marshmallows, and candy canes. Get to know your teammates and the upcoming olympic games! At the end, we tally the points and celebrate the winners, and the non-winners too because everyone on your team is awesome. You can choose from one of our themes like Interstellar or Rock & Roll, or we can customize the trivia to match any theme. Beer & Sharks is a "Nerd Talk" about two of nature's most misunderstood subjects: calculus and progressive tax systems. Note: this event is BYOB. We will share techniques, tips and ideas for running successful virtual meetings, powerful ways to engage remote workers and ensure productivity, methods to promote virtual team bonding, and how to trouble-shoot the most common pitfalls. It's fun , ❤️ loved by knights, jesters, members of the royal court. ❤️ loved by virtual teams new to working remotely. 1. It's also a great time to take a minute to appreciate and be grateful for what we have. The team loved it and I have received some great feedback. The activities start with camp-style icebreaker games, followed by historic ghost stories and a real s'more making experience. Loved it! The experience includes games like trivia, virtual Bingo, and icebreakers. If you have managers and leaders that are new to team building online, managing remote teams that work from home and similar, then we can help. After all 10 events have been completed, the team with the most points will win Gold!