When one is on the road, it gets a bit complicated. @reneexin_95. }); Editor's note: This story originally published on April 26, 2019, and is being republished ahead of National Superhero Day on April 28. "If you make it to college, you're never going to look back and wish you went to more dances," Renae recalls Heidi saying to her. They don't get thrown out to sea to see if they come back to shore.". Heidi points to a spot on Renae's right shin. ️ 69w Reply. Dennis and Casey rushed into the room to find their daughter on the floor. Renae slings her arm around her then 17-year-old niece, Rosie Moneymaker. They warm up by jogging around the springy blue floor. } Coincidentally, Nolan said his older brother gave him a copy of "The Dark Knight Returns" comic book for his 13th birthday. * @param Element el (REQUIRED) . orientation:"Desktop", "I did just get hit in the face [on a job]," she says. Age: 26 Her role: Stunt Double Moneymaker is best known for doubling for Jennifer Lawrence in "The Hunger Games" movies. "[Heidi has] always had the energy of a superhero.". } So, in college, she called Heidi and asked her if she knew anyone working on the show "Make It or Break It," a scripted program that aired on ABC Family (now Freeform) focusing on elite gymnastics. Renae Moneymaker showing some of her gymnastic skill. scrolledAdsOnly = false; } @heidimoneymaker Best sister fight scene ever!! Heidi encouraged Renae to pursue the job and helped her where she could. } 69w Reply. The double for co-lead Drew Barrymore didn't have a gymnastics background, and Heidi's expertise would prove useful. $.getScript("https://a.espncdn.com/combiner/c?js=analytics/visitorAPI_156.js,analytics/sOmni.2.js,analytics/analytics.2.js&v=40", function() { Heidi and Renae Moneymaker doing a little cardio on a trail in Hermosa Beach, California. Full of energy at bedtime, she would climb out of bed and run around her room in circles. if (typeof s_omni === undef) { For stunt performers like Renae and Heidi, their ability to physically perform is directly tied to their income. Dennis and Casey rushed into the room to find their daughter on the floor. Heidi pieces together the choreography on the fly. She started gymnastics at age 5 and began competing at the junior-elite level when she was 12. Renae took taekwondo and combat class on her own. ", The Moneymakers showcase the spoils of their training and healthy diets: washboard abs. var ems = espn.memberservices || {}, } else { Gymnastics training gobbled up Heidi's free time -- after school and weekends were swallowed whole. "Even professional athletes don't jump out of planes," Stahelski says. wH = $(window).height(), Days later, Heidi is recovering from her concussion -- it sucked that she was ailing, but the accident served as a reminder of the inevitable. "They don't get yanked 50 feet on a wire. After that episode, they added another guardrail.