MS - USA), SpinWurkz Never put the motorcycle into gear with the arm/disarm switch in the UP (or ON) position. The installation of the Reverse by Voyager requires intermediate mechanical and electrical knowledge. The motor runs off of the motorcycle's battery. Tilting Motor Works was built on a grand vision – we wanted a higher performing motorcycle with increased safety. 2. The leading three-wheel conversion on the market. What exactly is a 'Reversed Trike? Then always drive at least one (1) mile for every one (1) second you used the reverse to allow the alternator/generator to recharge your battery. This requires a body saw, Dremel saw or grinder. 1. Reverse Trike Conversion Kit (Quad available) for Harley starting @ $??? The reverse is retrofittable to your Voyager! now in Worcestershire - UK), *******************************************************, Aero Use marked spots to practice reversing and stopping from straight on, ninety degree angles and forty-five degree angles. 4. Reverse Trike Kit starting @ $2000 USD approx (order Common As a result our independent suspension has almost no lateral forces on the motorcycle seat creating a much healthier, more comfortable ride, even for your passenger. Our trikes are cool, safe and great fun to ride. The motor runs off of your motorcycle battery. USD approx (order now in New Prague, MN - USA), 'TRT' Tilting Reverse Trike | No longer tip-toe or walk your motorcycle backwards, we’ll do that for you. Terms of Use #roadatlanta #jzilla, Time to get wet @roadatlanta with @jzillatrackdays, Wet and dry; night and day! This new reverse trike kit uses a Suzuki Burgman 400 donor scooter to provide the vast majority of parts needed in the build. Trike Roadster Reverse Trike Kit starting @ $5000 USD approx (order DO NOT use reverse for traveling up steep inclines or on rugged terrain. | Suppliers 3. We knew that stability and confidence don’t have to come at the expense of performance and the thrill of the ride. The reverse motor connects with a gear drum inside the left wheel of the Voyager trike kit. If you have, One more Exocet Sport in Harley Orange (PMB-2829), Tom is in the middle of swapping out his Exocet Sp, Perfect Exocet weather! Failure to follow installation manual cancels all factory warranties. Any damage due to abuse, road hazard or collision will not be covered under this warranty. With ample power on tap and a low weight, the Eco-Exo easily moves you through traffic while providing the thrill of the open air, exoskeletal experience. Quality, style, reliability, handling and comfort are the keywords! Quality, … Motor Trike Conversion Kit Manufacturer for Honda, Harley, & Victory Motorcycles. Replacement Hub Bolts, Spacers, Nuts & Washers, Free Technical Support (when available during normal business hours), One-Year Warranty on Parts Manufactured (Plus, a LifeTime Warranty on Reverse Motor), Pre-Trimmed Replacement Fiberglass Fender, Pre-Trimmed Replacement Fiberglass Rear Assembly. Width: 65.0 inches (Prices Do Not Include Shipping, Sales Tax or Custom Color Match). Reverse may spin Voyager wheel in loose gravel, oily and wet road conditions, grass, snow/ice and dirt. Aero Trike Roadster Reverse Trike Kit starting @ $5000 USD approx (order now in Marquez, TX - USA). Reverse Trike Kit starting @ $7500 USD approx (order Reverse Trike Kit starting @ $8050 USD approx (order now in the - UK), Endeavor Reverse Trike Kit starting @ $8500 About Lead Time: How soon we can get the shipment9 We will arrange production after confirmation of the order and payment. Motorcycle should always be on and in neutral when arming the arm/disarm switch. Using the Reverse by Voyager requires practice. 1. The reverse motor connects with a gear drum inside the left wheel of the Voyager trike kit. The Reversed Trike is the best in terms of handling, comfort and unmatched quality made with passion for driving. 6. As you use the Reverse your battery will need to be recharged as you ride. Therefore, you will need to purchase replacement wheels and parts for the Reverse to fit. A willingness to learn. DO NOT use reverse for extended periods of travel lasting more than three (3) seconds. 9. Merlin CX3/MG3 Reverse Trike Kit starting @ $9500 USD approx (order Intellectual Property Protection USD approx (order now in m/6,000rpm 7.Displacement: 243ml 8.Start mode: electric 9.Tranmission mode: chain 10.Min. We look forwa, Amazing shots of Nick’s Exocet Race on the lates, Builder Nick having fun sliding his Exocet Sport a, Exofest 2020 registration is 70% full! Replacement hubs also available for purchase. If you order the new wheels with the Reverse, the cost of the normal retail price of the 15" wheel options is reduced ($450.00 per set, plus shipping). 5. A TRIO KIT PUTS MORE THRILL IN YOUR RIDE. Tr1ke Reverse Trike Kit @ $6450 or 'Turn-Key' starting @ $22,570 USD approx (order now distributor in Beltsville, MD - USA). Stage 1 OG-1 Kit $10,000; Stage 1 Reaper Kit $11,000; Stage 1 Aero Kit $17,500 As simple as a scooter, just twist and go! Taobao Global Then, with both hands on the handlebars and the motorcycle in neutral the rider uses the foot switch to power the reverse. Reverse Trike Kit starting @ $15,000 USD approx (order now in Golden, CO - USA), Grinnall The result was TRiO™ the first three wheeled bike that handles just like the bike you ride now. Panel kits (includes 9 parts) are $5900. Trikes For Sale Merchandise. Wilwood Master Cylinder – $55. Height: 36.6 inches It features gas and brake pedals and … Conversion Kit We can supply all parts required to finish the build and help along the way to get your trike both completed and registered for road use in all states of Australia and the vast majority of US states. Ride faster and brake harder when you upgrade to the TRiO. These skills can be developed by training yourself in an open parking lot with little or no traffic. | Country Search Purchase of new 15" wheels at reduced price with reverse purchase. Controlling the motorcycle in reverse and learning the speed of the reverse will take time. The gear drum requires either of our, If you have any questions or would like to place an order locate your nearest. This warranty covers repair or replacement of all parts on the Reverse by Voyager or attachment hardware defective due to manufacturing. now in Marquez, TX - USA), Tr1ke Reverse Trike Make sure all bolts are tightened before each riding session. 9. We knew that stability and confidence don’t have to come at the expense of performance and the thrill of the ride. $22,570 USD approx (order now | Showroom $19,995 USD approx This, along with company profiles and seller ratings that list shipping processes and supply chain practices, further aid in making informed purchasing choices.