Could Rey actually have parked in the garage lot, then gotten run over walking from his car by a driver in the garage lot, this driver acting either intentionally or unintentionally? Directed by former music video director Michel Gondry, the visually arresting film explores the intricacy of relationships and the pain of loss." I'm curious why they did not. “Rey Rivera, 32, was an aspiring filmmaker, husband and former editor of a financial newsletter. Did no one at the hotel hear someone running on the roof, and then hear the crashing of him breaking the roof of the other building? I'm from Baltimore and I find it really weird that this Porter Stansberry just shows up from FL out of nowhere. Track 3 - Girl #3 - "blazing a brilliant trail up to the Hollywood hills (a reference to himself? This is from an earlier thread in which someone disclosed the details from a book written about this case who lived in the building and heard the crash. Submissions should outline a mystery and provide a link to a more detailed review of the case such as a Wiki article or news report. Could "Take care and enjoy the festivities" refer to his final farewell/his own funeral (assuming he knew he had a chance of being killed)? But, I would also say that I find it hard to completely exclude his work as having some kind of connection to his death. Any other good stuff in these days? I've never written about a case or anything of this nature before, so I wanted to try and make it respectful and as accurate as possible. "House of Terror," which is Episode 3 of Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix, details the horrifying discovery of an entire family underneath the terrace. There is a George Rayburn who is executive vice president of The Oxford Club , part of the Agora companies - one of the longest running financial newsletters in the world. He had to pay a fine of, I think, $1.5 million. There is also a ton of other phrases that are also numerogically (still not a word, yes I know) speaking that match. Having written down the details and thought it over, I agree that Rey Rivera probably did commit suicide. I love this theory, although, it would be QUITE the coincidence to have him close to the edge of the roof and have someone hit him with a car, have him fall off the roof, risk the possibility of the car going 2-wheels over the edge etc... if I was on the edge of a roof there’s no chance in hell someone would be hitting/driving me off. Another weird, little piece of this story that doesn’t quite sit right. If he were in the midst of some kind of delusion, it might have made perfect sense to try and jump to an adjacent roof/building. For example, try imagining someone competing in a long jump. The best I can do is some rough estimates to see if the math works. This is the most logical theory I’ve seen so far! Try the note in Spanish. The fact that the medical examiner declared Rey’s death ‘undetermined’ is quite big. The people who reopened the investigation said they really started looking at it again a year ago, when we were filming the episode in Kansas. Though many believed the many testimonies given by the resident of the town about their alien encounter, one element did not ring true for one Reddit user. How did Rey Rivera end up dead at the Belvedere Hotel? But this is what he did all the time. His wife Allison disclosed that Rey hated the 9-5 life and also didn’t like his actual role at the company. report. If you love true crime, stream these shows and docs. Honestly this is the best theory I've seen. In a small Massachusetts town residents were forced to question, “Are we truly alone in the universe?” Watch "Berkshires UFO" on Netflix. His game began when he was born. They claimed that the meeting was abruptly canceled and never rescheduled (even though the promise was made it would be).". “One of these movies was The Game. We also develop these people as characters, and Rob is a character. Netflix: Mystery On the Rooftop spoiler. We like to call it "Smalltimore" b/c youre usually only 1 degree of separation from someone you know from high school. There are some oddities, but none that don't fit the above. It seems obvious that he thought someone was out to get him. The Da Vinci Code - Implying the note is a code, Seven - When retiring police Detective William Somerset (Morgan Freeman) tackles a final case with the aid of newly transferred David Mills (Brad Pitt), they discover a number of elaborate and grizzly murders. I think his character is portrayed authentically.". This has "mental illness" and "suicide" written all over it. Sometimes you see the things you want, but man, this is strange. Corporations pay him to crack the secrets of their competitors' products. Just noticed too that in Joan Tellini's obituary it mentions "was a member of City Counsel," and "For the past 5 years," - could this be related to "Along with myself, these players should be made 5 years younger by the council." Now imagine how many people you'd need to throw that same person the same distance. Edit: Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix, episode 1. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. The note is a tone map for a screenplay, as others have pointed out. In my case, the light at the end of the tunnel and the truth I arrived at, was that I was really fucking high and was coming down. Great post! Articles used:,,, I am watching the Rey Rivera episode on Netflix and what really caught my eye was the note Rey wrote on the day he died and he hid the note behind the computer. Identity - "When a vicious storm breaks out in the Nevada desert, 10 people seek refuge in an isolated motel.