Those without paid sick leave benefits are disincentivized from staying home and properly taking care of their health. No one should ever be penalized for being poor. First, we need to do everything we can for public health and safety. Born with a gift to inspire others, Rick Blangiardi has dedicated his life to mentoring athletes, journalists, and young people. News, Entertainment, Sports, Reviews, Bio, (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}). We must create more affordable housing in all price ranges. He also shared Hawai‘i with the world, like the 2017 homecoming of Hokule‘a when millions watched across the globe on television, web and mobile platforms across the globe. Former Rainbow football letterman and coach, Rick Blangiardi, as General Manager of KHNL in 1984 pioneered with Stan Sheriff, the most comprehensive local television sports package in the country, generating millions of dollars in revenue for the department.He was a two-year starter at linebacker (1965-66) and coached five seasons (1972-76) under coaches Dave Holmes and Larry Price. Their job – my job – is to get Mahalo to the incredible team of volunteers and supporters Blangiardi played football for the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors as a linebacker whereas he was a letterman for the Rainbow Warriors in 1965 and 1966. I strongly believe government must step in and help. We need to support and fund our police and firefighters so they can do their jobs to protect us all. family for their support. accomplished this alone. Our sense of security in our community has changed dramatically, following an alarming rise in neighborhood crime. After successful assignments in Seattle, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, Rick became president of Telemundo, America’s second-largest Hispanic network, which he led to even greater success (even though Rick doesn’t speak Spanish.) He will face the second place finisher, Keith Amemiya, in the November general election. That’s why I like the fact that City & County offices are non-partisan, because we need the best solutions no matter where they come from. And from the very beginning I learned it takes a team, not just one guy making speeches. The project, though, is in great duress, and as a Mayoral candidate, I don’t have access to the internal documentation needed for the kind of honest and frank dialogue about rail I would prefer. on July 31, 2013 at 12:01 am. With his first wife, Rick has 3 children- two daughters and a son! But, like the campaign, I’m not going We face unprecedented challenges ahead. to be able to do this alone. “Absolutely. “Rail is being built to improve mobility in Oahu’s heavily-trafficked east-west corridor…a laudable goal that I support. But Rick’s heart was still in Hawai‘i, and he returned home in 2002 to create Hawaii News Now, where he encouraged a culture of service in the workplace and made community the foundation of his leadership. At the time that he first got married, Rick was still working as a football coach. I want to thank my wife Karen, my son Ryan, and my entire This includes the Stay-At-Home/Work-From-Home directives now in effect. Furthermore our tourism-based economy is at great risk if we do not take immediate and concerted action. As Mayor, I will work with the State, other county leaders and the private sector to address and help solve these issues. Thank for the opportunity to lead at this I’ve spent a career doing exactly that, in companies both here in Hawai‘i and larger companies on the mainland. Rick lives in Honolulu with his wife Karen Chang. And if you elect me, I’ll be appointing the smartest, hardest-working people we can find for every job, regardless of their political affiliation.”, “The mayor is the CEO of the city. much they care about our community with their deep engagement and a huge Treating illness in a punitive manner by withholding wages is unacceptable! Always have been. [2][6], Needing more income to raise his family, Blangiardi left football to work in television. [16] and by the State of Hawaii Organization of Police Officers (SHOPO), police union for the Honolulu Police Department. COVID threw at us. We have great people working for the City and County; how can we help them perform their jobs better and more efficiently?”. I’ve been overwhelmed by Photo from Darlene Lee. Whether you were born here or fortunate enough to come here like me, you love this place. But recently, our sense of feeling safe in our community has changed dramatically, both as a result of COVID-19’s impact and, prior to that, an alarming rise in neighborhood crime. “The very real threat and manifestation of the weather events we are now experiencing are tied directly to climate change, and must be treated as one of the most urgent issues our state faces. After seven years, and ascending through the ranks, Blangiardi took over the reins of a then defunct television station, KIKU, and rebranded it to become KHNL. Born with a gift to inspire others, Rick Blangiardi has dedicated his life to mentoring athletes, journalists, and young people. Rick then found his calling in television; going on to found KHNL and bring live UH sports into living rooms statewide. [2] He worked at KGMB from 1977 through 1984. [2][5] From 1972 through 1976, he served as an assistant coach for the Rainbow Warriors under head coaches Dave Holmes and Larry Price. Then, we will have to take on the daunting task of economic recovery that will follow. election turnout – many even standing in line for hours on end. His ability to drive positive change by bringing out the best in people is his trademark. In the column, Cataluna writes: In a mayoral campaign that’s supposed to be an even match between two smart jocks, somebody has to blow a whistle on Keith Amemiya for unsportsmanlike…, Rick Blangiardi holds a solid double-­digit lead over fellow first-time candidate Keith Amemiya in the race for Honolulu mayor, according to the latest Hawaii Poll. He found his calling in television, going on to found KHNL, bring live UH sports into living rooms statewide, and attract attention from mainland broadcast corporations. “This is not a conventional mayoral election year in Hawaii, judging by the configuration of the Honolulu race. I will support and fund our first responders: police, firefighters and ocean safety officers, so they can do their jobs to protect us all. 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