Schrute Space, Written by B.J. Copyright notice: These stories are published on sites other than and NO copyrighted stories are excerpted or quoted in RTE-created materials. The Promotion A mockumentary, yes, but a mockumentary is still a sitcom. 14. China 19. 07. That’s how they deal with Andy/Erin’s relationship?? And clean up your room! BOOM. 04. 'http':'https';if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=p+"://";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs"); © 2017 The Fight Job Fair 04. Crime Aid 05. The only thing I didn’t agree with because it was not consistent was Meredith’s fear of Jim. Body Language Koi Pond I really loved this episode! Michael’s Last Dundies 03. Frame Toby Michael’s Birthday 10. Night Out The Client dwight never lets me down during episodes that involve costumes :). 13. 18. 12. 11. Here Comes Treble Pam: Jim doesn’t let me wash his NFL jersey during playoffs. It’s funny, isn’t it, we take a day a year to dress up in costume and celebrate fear. Please let it drop writers. Baby Shower Robert was great, and I loved his story! 23. Copyright © 2020 OfficeTally. 07. Purchased access but still not seeing links to the resources? Um, the show is only out for one week (the 20th is the missed Thursday). Brilliant writing AGAIN Office peeps! 08. The List 16. Bert: Oh yeah? Search Committee, 01. cheesy title for an episode..sounds more like a sitcom episode title. 12. Have you read “The Tell-Tale Heart?”. It had the little things we were promised for this season, but also some bigger great moments. 03. Would’ve preferred if he sported a Nowitzki jersey. I hope things eventually work out for them. Jim: No! Chair Model 16. Business School Boys and Girls The creepier the tale, the more middle school students love it. Product Recall Work Bus If any teachers reading this want to teach some of these pieces to their students, but are finding that their students just aren’t ready for such complex text, they may want to check out our free, multilevel versions at Describe the issue in detail. 16. ? Anyone else noticing Robert’s gotta sweet spot for Sesame Street? Erin: This game is called Pecker Poker. 14. Special Project She had quit the book club, the choir, citing something about their high expectations. 13. Kevin: Why on earth would a museum put a mummy in it? Lotto 07. What I want to know is “What was Ryan’s costume?” I am thinking Jessie from Breaking Bad? The Whale Novak Original Air Date: September 22, 2011 Transcribed by Stephanie Oscar: Oh, for God’s sake. 11. Last Day In Florida 02. It’s been two and a half years of contrived back and forth. Robert: Fear plays an interesting role in our lives. Erin stole the show. 03. I loved all the JAM stuff, Angela’s costume repeat, everything Creed, and Kevin’s mummy-phobia. It felt way too rushed and the story lines just kind of fizzled out into what seemed like a pointless “spook story” from Robert. Customer Survey Last Day In Florida The off-the-wall wit recalls the glory days of the second and third seasons… just a little off, which if course makes it just right. Office Olympics Christening Pack your things. I just want to add – I don’t believe for a second that Andy actually has a serious, long-term girlfriend. 18. Who else would have liked Jim to continue his bucking of the Halloween costume tradition by dressing as Dirk Nowitzki instead of Chris Bosh? 04. 03. 05. Golden Ticket 11. Michael’s Birthday Sign up here for instant digital access. 05. You have to admit there have been far more crude jokes this season compared to earlier ones, I mean we’ve already had two censored shots. Welcome … Does anyone know why there are only reruns for two weeks? Dwight: it’s a root, you idiot.