Hey r/podcasting, so I bought a Rodecaster PRO a few months ago and I love it for recording. If you hear an echo or feedback coming through your headphones or speakers, make sure that input monitoring is turned off; either within your DAW or on the device. The powerful, but yet portable, Rodecaster Pro, features 4 professional XLR audio inputs so you can add various professional microphones. Multitrack mode (called ‘multi-channel’ mode on the RØDECaster) allows you to record not only the stereo mix of your podcast, as was previously the case with the RØDECaster, but also each individual track, meaning you can now mix your podcast in post-production. PC users: The Rodecaster Pro will not appear as an audio driver within your DAW, so be sure to select ASIO4All. RODE Microphones has just released the next major firmware update for their podcast production studio RODECaster Pro.The new firmware version 2.0 brings over 25 powerful features to the RODECaster Pro and also improves the companion app. This means if you want to record the stereo mix to your computer as well as use the USB input for a phone call or similar, you will need to activate multitrack mode. I highly recommend you can see the RODE Youtube Live Announcement and Q&A below: UPDATE 31-3-20: For some reason, Rode have made the live announcement video private. Cannot get the mic to record with any app including Audacity. Follow the sections below to get started. RODECaster Pro Firmware 2.1 Adds Full Audio Processing Control, Zoom PodTrak P8 Multitrack Podcasting Recorder Announced, Zoom PodTrak P4 is a Portable Budget Podcasting Studio, RODE Donates $2M of Podcasting Gear to Local Schools, RODE NT-USB Mini, Compact Studio-Quality USB Mic, RODE Release SC-15 iPhone Cable and Updates VideoMic NTG, SYNCO WAir-G1 Pocket-size Wireless Mic System for $99, Shure MV7 XLR/USB Microphone for Podcasters, Streamers and Gamers, Sound Devices 8-Series Firmware v7.0 Available for Download, Sennheiser MKE 200 Compact Camera Mic Announced, DJI RS 2 (Ronin S2) and DJI RSC 2 Handheld Gimbal Stabilizers. One awesome new feature in the companion app is the ability to save and load ‘Shows’. DJI Ronin S2 and SC2 Gimbals to be Announced in October? Wav audio files are a great way to preserve the complete and accurate quality of a recording in a truly lossless format on your computer. See below for a full rundown of the update. Follow these steps to update the firmware connect the unit. This includes personalizing content and advertising. By default, each of the tracks output in multitrack mode will include any audio processing you have selected while recording, such as the on-board APHEX processers or compression. Firmware version 2.0 builds upon the major updates from earlier in the year such as Firmware 1.1, which brought multitrack recording to the RODECaster Pro amongst other handy features. The latest firmware comes packed with new features including more granular control over audio processing and effects. Chris Woodruff [UPDATE] The Podcaster drivers comes as part of the microphone firmware. 10 beta update will need active. The rodecaster pro is a recording in the pros and needs. Download and Install the Asus X102BA Laptop Driver Now Onboard Sound and Wifi problem for Windows. In the first section, you will download and install ASIO4ALL for Windows. Android tablet, mac, windows, or linux laptop.