Not so, I’ve realised today. Thank you a lot! Like warm melted butter massaging the inside of my body.  I want more of this! Totally worthless. Thank you so much for this conversation, Marie and Roger! espoused by someone who is influencing so many! We don’t share your credit card details with third-party sellers, and we don’t sell your information to others. We’re so honored that this episode was so inspiring and motivating for you. I really loved this episode, Marie. Again, due to a lot of trauma, rejection’s, how I feel, loss of confidence, less self esteem, self worth and due to feeling that way, it shows in my monotone voice now! We see that in advertising, films, etc. Thanks so much! This is why my students don’t listen to me! Thanks! I have noticed that for some reason, I speak LOUDER when presenting via webinar! Thank you, Roger and Marie. Excited! I am a singer, vocal coach, and choir director, and it’s so lovely (ha-ha) to hear my philosophy (that everyone can sing!) is a trademark of, Inc. We work hard to protect your security and privacy. About the Author ROGER LOVE is recognized as one of the world's leading authorities on voice. You just use a simple surgical tape that removes easily, and can poke a hole or two in it so it doesn’t freak the body out and wake you up if you try to breathe through your mouth when fast asleep. Anybody who's good enough to... Roger Love demonstrates magnificent vocal coaching skills and how-to techniques in this "must have" resource for anybody who speaks publicly (including teachers, sales professionals, speakers, broadcasters, voiceover pros, managers and others). You’re giving a big presentation, telling a story over Zoom, or pitching an idea. No? Now I have permission to rock my melody! Now, I understand that my “little” voice make me feel an impostor many times, even sad. This is wonderfully insightful. Did you experience any ‘aha’ moments from this conversation? Thank you, thank you! Perfectly timed message—thank you! LOVED this conversation, Marie! We hope you enjoy Roger’s training and can get your singing voice to where you want it to be! What was your biggest insight and how can you turn that insight into action now? Especially the part about breathing through the nose. This was a GREAT interview and so super helpful! Thank you to Marie and Roger. Totally blown away by this concept. What a waste of my money. Thank you Marie! Ok- I had to stop the video about 10 minutes in so I could grab my notebook- so many gems!! I was classified as very bad and was not allowed to sing at concerts. Rogers Communications Inc. is a leading Canadian communications and media company. Yes, I want fast, free delivery with Amazon Prime. Try Google Play Audiobooks today! Wow. Thank you so very much for this. That also is real gift of sincerity. 196. © 2008-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. And I don’t know how, or if, I’ll ever get it back again. Remember, share as much detail as possible in your reply. Lili. I was feeling a bit uninspired about starting to writer my new podcast episode and the interview popped into my inbox. It is all interlinked. Kindest regards to you all, guys, Thank you for that! Breathing in through the nose is such a simple suggestion and one I intend to practice. DIVE DEEPER: How to overcome impostor syndrome and how to overcome fear of public speaking with Josh Pais. Our strategy is to be the leading and preferred provider of innovative communications, entertainment and information services to Canadians. Your interview with Roger Love floored me. Oh yes! In 2005, I was told by my boss that he didn’t like the sound of my voice on the telephone, as it went down when I spoke, so he fired me! Thank you! My yoga teacher also says to not breathe through your mouth and never fully explained why so there you go. my insight : speak as if you were sining <3 speaking melody = emotions, emotions, and once more emotions. My biggest “aha” moment was learning that keeping the volume up at the end of a phrase even if it’s not a question. Hadn’t quite thought about day-to-day voice in this way though. We’re so glad this video gave you hope — we’re rooting for you and are cheering you on your journey to healing your voice:). Could you please tell us what is the code to use in order to get a discount for his training? Thank you Marie and Roger and your generosity for the gift certificate! My voice does not feel strong; it’s out of key, I struggle to hit notes, etc. This interview was profound! A practice that may sound weird/extreme, I learned to tape my mouth at night. The nose-breathing technique is gold, as is the fact that we should tone down the intonation at home. Thank you Marie you and Team Forleo. I've had voice coaches, been a public speaker for 20 years, and this is certainly something I wish I'd had earlier in my career - and it's helping me to this very day. other public speaking resources I recommend are Lily Waters and Brian Tracy; they've got superb books/cds/videos on the topic of public speaking as well; one thing I really appreciate about Roger's course is that it also gives you vocal exercises to strengthen your voice, eliminate problems with your delivery, and expand your vocal range. Great episode! Wow! I loved this! I am a Corporate Professional Educator and speak often. I am sure that was not her intent, but it was what happened. This is a truly an amazing gift! I’m so sorry someone told you that too. We’re so glad you enjoyed this video, Yolanda! He also instructs professional speakers such as Antony Robbins and Suze Orman, as well as radio personalities such as Dr. Laura Schlessinger and Glenn Beck. I know if I achieve my goals, my soul purpose, then how I used to be, will return, because I will feel the joy and happiness of achieving my goals but mostly, helping others of which I do all the time and put myself last, but the frustration of not achieving my goals, not getting my book out there, has affected my inner voice, my emotions and it’s coming out in my voice and expressions, how I project myself to others now and I can hear it and I can don’t want to hear that low, monotone, sad, depressing voice so I know, no one else will either so the cycle keeps spinning. Roger Love | Toronto, Canada Area | Legal Counsel at Ontario Human Rights Commission | 326 connections | See Roger's complete profile on Linkedin and connect This was really interesting and useful, thank you! It looks like WhatsApp is not installed on your phone.