2. damp cloth to eliminate dust which is drawn to the print head while the printer is running and can fuse to the print head surface causing elements to burn out. This should restore your printing without further changes. Does Pirate Ship support small label printers? The labels will move back and forth and you will get a green light. To fix, open your Control Panel -> Printers and Devices and note which Rollo Printer is "active". If your printer isn’t working quite right on a Windows PC, here are some simple troubleshooting tips that can fix it. Find the best label paper for 2x7" or 4x6" thermal label printers or desktop printers. However, Rollo does require customers to purchase the label holder used in conjunction with their printer if you want to use roll labels. Rollo Printer: USB version: $179.99; This is a one-time cost. Printing the 2x7" label format with the Dymo LabelWriter 450, Brother QL-800, or other small label printers on a PC. Print Quality Issues 2. Get your shipping labels directly from Rollo or from any other supplier. First, unplug the Rollo's USB cable from your MAC, then turn off the printer, and unplug it. Troubleshooting common printer issues. If you are attempting to print a label, but your Rollo printers keep re-printing an old label, it is likely because Rollo has not learned your label's properties. Rollo Ship Manager: No setup fees, No monthly fees; 5 cents per shipping label generated; Receive a discount of up to 90% on USPS and UPS shipping rates. The Rollo should show up in the Devices & Printers section. Step 3: Configure the default printer settings. Click OK and your labels are ready to go! Second, on the printer page in the Mac, hover your mouse over the box (where you would normally see the printers) and hold the Command key + right-click. In Layout, click Advanced to set the label size. Rollo keeps beeping. Troubleshooting. Go to the View Devices and Printers section of your computer's Control Panel. My labels are not sharp / dark. Here's how! Print Quality Issues 2. Make sure you have a label loaded for Rollo to print, followed by several other labels. 5. Windows: How to print shipping labels with a Rollo Printer, Installing a Rollo Printer and printing 4x6" shipping labels on a Windows 10 PC, Windows: How to print with a 4x6" label printer, Windows: How to print with a desktop printer, Download and install the Rollo printer drivers, Add the Rollo to your Printers & Scanners System Preferences. Right-click it and choose Printing Preferences. If you are having problems printing labels with your Rollo printer, the best place to find information is with Rollo's troubleshooting guides. When the USB port is changed, Windows will register the Rollo as a "new" printer so that you can run multiple Rollo printers from the same computer, each with different label types and settings. 2. printer, including parts along the media feed path must also be wiped down using a slightly . My labels are not sharp / dark. To get started, we have included the solutions to a few common problems. Nothing happens with I try to print. 1. If your Rollo printer is showing a green light but no label advances when you click on "Print", it is likely that the Rollo is connected to a new USB Port.