Look back on past runs to track your progress and use set route within the app to discover new routes near you. There are tons of ways to export your running data with this app too. Set and track goals (weight, pace, distance, etc. Set goals, take on challenges, and get alerted when it's time to switch out your shoes. I like that you can pick which coach you work with, since motivation can be really personal and you might work better with a certain personality of coach. Lose Weight and Burn Belly Fat at home with workout for men in 30 days. All plans are beginner friendly, and can help you stay motivated, lose weight and achieve different fitness goals, such as increasing your pace. Running apps have come a long way. One of my favorites, the Nike Run Club app is the quintessential running app for runners of all types. Map My Run also integrates really well with My Fitness Pal, so you can focus on both diet and exercise. This wildly popular app includes standard tracking features, plus access to a wide community of runners and cyclists. If you opt for the premium Strava Summit membership, this gives you a more detailed analysis of your running as well as access to a safety feature which shares your location with designated contacts while you run. Running is proven to increase metabolism, and you can burn more calories with specific plan. ROAD ID is better known for their emergency identification bracelets, but their separate app allows your friends and family to track you while you're out for a run. Then, sync your data to MyFitnessPal, Apple Health and Fitbit. The app works in the background, tracks the time you spend being active (running, walking, and cycling), and nudges you to hit your “Daily 30,” or 30 minutes of exercise per day. ), save and discover great running routes, join challenges, and score weekly workouts that are tailored to your fitness level and progress. Save up to five routes at a time with the free version, or pay $3.99 per month for unlimited paths, premium maps, and more. Record steps, flights, calories, distance, BMI, blood pressure and active time. You can force apps to use the dedicated GPU but if you’re trying to force an app to use the integrated graphics card, you can’t. Check out this list of our top picks for some extra guidance. The Peloton Digital App has expanded to include outdoor runs, where a Peloton trainer does the workout with you and guides you through a curated outdoor run complete with music. This app is perfect if you are planning out any new routes and want to determine distance, elevation, and other factors before embarking on your run. Upgrade to the premium version to unlock standout features like “Story Running” (podcast-style stories from a variety of genres, including adventure, travel, fantasy and more) and targeted nutrition plans. Stefani Sassos is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutritional Sciences from The Pennsylvania State University and a Master of Science degree in Clinical Nutrition from New York University. Keep your running momentum going with in-ear coaching from Nike trainers, plus in-run cheers from fellow runners. The free app provides basic stats like pace, elevation, distance, and heart rate monitor connection. They have a premium option as well which offers guided coaching and weight loss programs. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, 20 Inclusive Fitness Space You Need to Know, Disney Just Created Movie-Themed Workouts, 10 Best Lower Ab Workouts for a Strong Core, Fitness Experts Share Their Favorite Leg Workouts. Their intent with version 10.3 was to monitor your run using just the Apple Watch independent of your iPhone. Lose Weight and Burn Belly Fat with fat burning workouts for women at home. After your run, export your workout data (distance, location, pace, heart rate, power and more) to any number of other training logs, including MapMyRun. Here, the only person who can save the rest of humanity is you. Runcoach features training programs to help you achieve your goals, whether that's running a 5K or half marathon. No matter your fitness level or goal, the RunKeeper app has something to offer you. Turn every run into an epic adventure with the Zombies, Run! We have detected that you are using a mobile device. Strava also focuses on community and you can connect with your contacts and Facebook friends. Track workout stats (calories burned, distance, pace, elevation), stay motivated with group challenges, and receive responsive training plans that adapt to you as you progress. This easy-to-use running app doubles as an all-day activity tracker. At one time, it seemed like there were too few to choose from. The BSF app works on Android Phones and Tablets running Android version 5 or greater. Running apps have come a long way. The dashboard is customizable which I like, and you can receive custom cheers from friends while you run which is great if you're embarking on your own long run and need some extra motivation. Build your own route, or select one of the 400,000 routes or verified routes worldwide, and follow a voice-guided tour, including every time there's a turn or a cool landmark, or an encouraging reminder that you're halfway there.