There’s also Vakryle within the MCU itself who should be comparable to Thor and Hulk within Thor Ragnarok who wields the Dragon Fang, she’s consistently shown in the comics to be comparable to Thor and easily stronger than Captain Marvel so clearly Vakryle alone debunks the claim that Captain Marvel is the strongest avenger. The same Odin who can casually create Muitlversial shockwaves against Seth which can casually level galaxies and be felt across the entire Marvel Multiverse. ( Log Out /  Let’s assume the feat is a 2.04812E+32 kg in mass and mupily that by 81 %, that’s a mass of over 1.658961E+32 kg, The speed of Captain Marvel is at least 8.864704452808217e+26 m/s scaling from Quasar like i said I’m being highly generous to Captain Marvel here. I’m working on doing a separate journal entirely on her performance on Endgame and look forward to hating every second of her on screen and hating the movie for her ruining it but let’s put this bullshit to rest that she’s the Strongest Avenger in any continuity be it the Marvel Cinematic Universe or in the Comics. Often has incredibly powerful and very dangerous weaponry. Our Local Multiverse has approximately 10^10^10^120 universes, although a multiverse can contain anywhere from only 2 universes to omega universes. Durning a Fight With celestial known as Arishem the Judge combined power of Odin, Zeus and Vishnu, did not even scratch it, Odinsvord sword which can impose the most powerful cosmic curse, and who can break the fabric itself of Infinity, and which pierced Arishem, did not hurt him. also Celestials Can Easely Destroy Multiverse and easely withstand attacks which are capable of Easely Destroing Multiverse also they even noot need to fight (Even mighty cosmic abstraction themselves “Suicide themselves ” on his arm) Tony stark in Ziran Armor was Capable of Fighting With Thanos who Had Infinity Gaunflet and even make him feel his attacks. and also Odinsword (Sword of Odin, about which we know that if he pulled out of the sheath, the universe was going to end. ) By using Bayesian model averaging, which focuses on how likely a model is to be correct given the data, rather than asking how well the model itself fits the data. Ronan the Accuser literally wields an Orb that casually lifewiped a whole planet, a feat going by scaling is worth roughly 2.1863518e+37 joules, or 5.22550621415 ninatons (Large Planet level). Low Herald Level beings often have rather potent superpowers and abilities, and can usually survive in space. 885 divided into 135 is not 68.07, it is 6.556. Even lowballing the mutant population by just 1% of the human population which is more realistic, Captain Marvel comes not even remotely close to matching the Scarlet Witch. Of course expect her to single-handedly beat Thanos via bad writing, contrived plot devices and having to nerf Hulk and Thor just to make her look good. Meaning Space Hulk could casually one shot Zeno and solo the Dragonball Multiverse whereas Planet Hulk would be at best equal to between Jiren Tier and Zeno tier. If Sentry could desotry the Earth at 1 Septillion his base power and the mere destruction of the of a planet only needs  53.7Zettatons of TNT to destroy, mupiltying that by 1 Septillion and we get at least  5 PetaFoe of energy from Sentry’s base form making her at least Multi Solar System level in base, likely far stronger. (When he hasn't. Now Multiply that by Dimensions. Much like my “How Strong is Luffy Debunked Journal”, I’ll be using calcs from other sites like VS Battle Wiki, Reddit, Comic Vine and other sites along with making up my own calcs based on presented feats from the movies and comics.