In common terms karma means sakam karma. It is considered by some that practicing karma yoga is … Gita Does not say, "Do your work and do not worry about results. There are two aspects to Karma Yoga - Sakam Karma and Nishkam Karma. (4) This type of action no longer brings up karmic likes and dislikes, leading instead to yoga or union with divine nature. Sakam Karma Yoga and Niskam Karma Yoga. Sakam Karma is to work with selfish expectations and your own interests in mind. Most of the Vedas have talked about sakam karma. anyway indian theory of niskamiya karma or sakam karma makes one duty conscious for the uplift of society, as the IDLE MIND IS DEVIL'S WORKSHOP. sakam karma is doing the work with specific goal / reward for the work offered. In the act of Nishkama Karma, one has no You have to pay back all Karmas in this life or in future lives, good or bad. Nishkam Karma on the other hand is working with unselfish/selfless motives. Once born, we have to perform karma. By Swami Yogeswarananda Giri. It also has its roots in the word kriya which means to do. Sakam Karma and Nishkama Karma are two aspects of Karma Yoga. Most of our lives in today’s world is based on sakam karma. Karma is not optional. No, in my eyes sakam karma is not bad in itself. Karma yoga, which involves the redirection of all behaviors and energies upward toward God, consists of the practice of non-attachment to the fruits of action. Karma Yoga. The word Karma comes from the root word “Kama” which means desires. The name comes from the Sanskrit term meaning “action” or “deed.” Therefore, it is the path of action, or selfless service towards others. We really do not understand pure karma and that is one reason why Krishna or any one else uses the word nishkam karma; we can only understand karma relative to kamana (desires). The key formula for understanding of karma is given below. Karma yoga is one of the main paths of yoga that a practitioner can follow. Arjuna had exhausted the sources of sakam karma and to be more effecive and to be more effective in the war, he is being taught the next best thing, the sakam karma.