Samsung NU6080 Series. They exist solely … Inputs … In Australia, the 2020 Samsung Sero TV is available in a single size - 43-inches - at a recommended price of AU$2049. Samsung NU6900 Series. The two 4K TVs Samsung TU8000 and Samsung TU8500 belong to the favorable end of the 2020 lineup of the South Korean technology titan. Since the two TVs not only differ visually but also technologically but also, we thoroughly explain where the technical differences are … Some TVs offer USB ports, too, to connect devices such as external keyboards or memory sticks. You can grab it through Samsung, The Good Guys and JB Hi-Fi. DESIGN. Supported resolutions; Samsung NU8000 has 8.8 whereas Samsung NU6900 has 7.5. Samsung NU8000 has 4 HDMI and 2 USB while Samsung NU6900 has 2 HDMI, 1 USB and 1 IR in. When we compare NU6900 Vs NU7100 in this review, Samsung NU7100 is better as it has better input lag. Borders; Samsung NU7100 has 0.55” (1.4cm), the same as Samsung NU6900. Learn all about 65 Inch 4K Smart UHD TV including prices, offers, specifications & shop from Samsung India. These are Wholesale club models in the US they are virtually identical to the non C model. Input lag; Samsung NU8000 has 9.4 while Samsung NU6900 has 9.0. Samsung NU8000 Vs Samsung NU6900: INPUTS. People commonly connect things like cable or satellite TV boxes, DVRs, DVD players, and gaming consoles to the TV. As with previous years, Samsung's Q-Series is very much 'the main event' of the brand's 2020 TV range. The design review of Samsung NU6900 Vs NU7100 includes; Stand; the two TVs have TV stands. Buy Samsung 65 Inch (163cm) TU8200 4K Smart Crystal UHD TV online. SONY CH models. The most important reason people chose Samsung MU8000 65" (UN65MU8000) is: The Samsung MU8000 is a good option for sports fans because of the TV’s decent color uniformity, well-controlled motion blur, and adequate picture quality. The differences usually come in bezel color, stand, or speaker wattage. Cue the Q-Series . Vizio Mxx6 Series. Samsung MU8000 65" (UN65MU8000) is ranked 169th while Samsung NU6900 65" (UN65NU6900) is ranked 190th. Total inputs; the two TVs have Digital optical audio out, 1 Tuner (Cable/Ant) and 1 Ethernet. Most Samsung TVs have several ports available to which you can connect other devices. Samsung TU6950 Series. Use an HDMI port if you want to ensure the fastest transmission speeds for HD and 4K programming. Samsung TU6980 Series. Many Sony models have a C in their model (ex X90CH instead of X900H). Wall mount; the two TVs can be mounted on wall.