Christening and baptism are basically the same thing. Thank you for your generosity. Material: recycled oak woodSize: 6.3 x 6.3 inch (16 x 16 cm)Price: £16 – £24 (depending if front, back or both are engraved). The photos look great, too thanks for organizing the footages.”, “This christening is made possible by your love and generosity. It’s fantastic to have that option. But like the sacrament of marriage, which starts with a happy wedding day, baptism creates a spiritual bond between the godchild and godparent, that lasts long after the party is over and the white gown outgrown. I really like the design with the big capital letter and then the name across it like shown above, but you can also choose from designs just using your godson’s initials, which would look really good as well. You can choose from the arrow or wreath image above. She will definitely look pretty in the beautiful dresses gifted by you. These books are ready in 2-4 business days and ship free within the US. God bless!”, “Dear Godfather, I know you are a very special person who can guide me every step of the way in my life. Many might not have been gifted to have received a Godmother like you. You will always be part of my life history.”, “Your loving thoughts and presence on my Christening day made it even more blessed. It reminded me of my own baptism plaque and inspired me to create prints that are touching and meaningful to children and look good displayed in their room. The first 7 gifts can all be personalised with your godson’s name, baptism date and a message of faith and love. Your email address will not be published. Intention to Help Raise the Child in Faith. Including free personalization of up to 5 characters on the pouch. To show your gratitude and thankfulness for this blessing, check out this great thank you message for godparents. So these are my 9 top picks for baptism gifts given from godparent to godson. Delivery is $5 flat-rate Australia wide. And remember, baptism is the start of a life-long journey of faith for your godson. Your email address will not be published. The engraving on the journal is fully customizable. Thank you for witnessing my Christening.”, “Sharing this day of my Holy Baptism brought so much joy to the entire family. Here are 10 creative and effective ways of how to ask godparents to do your family the honor of saying yes. I'm not sure how to compose it and exactly what to say. You want to learn how to ask. Material: leatherSize: A6 – 4 x 6 inch (10 x 15 cm) A5 – 6 x 8 inch (15 x 21 cm)Price: US$43-$70 (depending on journal size). Thank you so much. But this bible seems to hit the nail on the head. This set is made in the US and ships for free within the US. However, my advice is to not delay in selecting a gift. You are the best ever gift chosen for me and chosen with love. I have thought about buying cards but do not have a clue what to write Would you just ask them to be the godparent / consider becoming the godparent....I'm stumped. Why, it’s an offer you can’t refuse right? Proverb 3:5”. Good luck with the ask for your baby’s godparent(s)! 9 Gift Ideas For Your Goddaughter's Baptism: Beautiful & Personalised. Thank you for your undying love and friendship. Unfortunately this means that the cost to buy the book outside the US is US$60 which is quite pricey. Thank you for sharing this day with me. You have been selected to help him in this journey through your guidance, prayers and faith. I've created this site to explore baptism and our role as parent/godparent and ways that we can share love and faith with our kids/godkids. Being a godparent is an amazing privilege. Amen”, “The human heart plans the way, but the LORD directs the steps.” Proverbs 16:9. I know I felt this way. These are some prints I have personally worked on as I was so inspired and touched when my son received a faith print for his baptism from his godmother. This box is only sold through etsy so just include details of what you want engraved and where (and what font) in the personalisation section. Your presence, love and support has made this day even more special.”, “Thank you so much for showering me with love and guidance from the day of my baptism until today. It would quiet her down even at her most fussy times. Thank you for your presence and gifts.”, “Thank you for sharing this special occasion with us. Are they financially and mentally stable? Words have such power. They seem like such a passionate, dedicated small business with excellent customer service. To help save you time I’ve put together a summary of my top picks for baptism gifts for your godson. You can buy the personalised faith prints here and also see some more faith print ideas for boys. We hope that more blessings will also come to your family.”, “Thank you for sharing your wisdom and spiritual guidance. If the answers to all of these questions are “yes,” then here are the things you should consider: If you’re thinking of ways to ask the desired people to become the godparents to your children, then there are many creative ways to do it. I love, love, love their usual message for baptism gift compasses: “In all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your path. These people can also help you out with many parental duties. As mentioned above you can choose which image is engraved on the box, either arrow or wreath. Both children and adults need to be reminded of these powerful words often. I love this idea. Amazing! May our children grow up as friends someday.”, “Your generous gifts on my Christening day are very much appreciated. You taught me to be the shining light for God each day. Godparents are like another set of parents for your child in case something happens to you. We thank you so much for your support especially the cash gift you gave which will go into her savings account.”, “To my Godmother, When I think of you as my grandmother and Godmother, I really count my blessings. You have helped me grow so much spiritually. Do they have the same values as you do? The craftmanship by BigLemur on this original piece of quality wood make it a meaningful, long-lasting and very useful gift for your godson. The wooden box comes in 5 sizes ranging from 18 – 41 cm wide (7 – 16 inch). When asked by a friend or family member, it’s so easy to say, “Yes!” to the title of godmother or godfather. There is also the option of packaging the journal either in plastic or an engravable wooden box (for an extra fee). Perfect for adding a special message or bible verse. The words are touching and the pictures are stunning making a meaningful gift for your godson’s baptism. Here are five ways on how to ask godparents without having to say a word: The gifts will look great in his new bedroom.”, “We’d like to express our gratitude for making it to Jamie’s christening day. Choosing a baptism/christening gift can be tricky sometimes and time consuming. And I love the timeless message of faith that you can include with it. This beautiful “God Loves …” book can be all personalised with your godson’s name, date given, personal message and other things. As soon as you’ve found one you like order it so that it will get to you in time for the baptism. Being a godparent is an amazing privilege. Many might not have been gifted to have received a Godmother like you. I have been really blessed to have a Godmother like you. There is also the option to add a rope attachment of either a compass, anchor or rudder wheel. This stunning handmade leather journal can be engraved front and back however you wish. Created especially for 0-3 year olds, this Praise Baby DVD “God of Wonders” is a stimulating faith based dvd. We will always remember this.”, “Thank you for sharing this wonderful day on this christening. Delivery is usually 3-4 business days for USA and Canada, 1 day to Europe and 5-6 days to Australia. You’ll make some big promises on the day of the christening. Saying no to being a Godparent? Yes, this is a basic requirement for a godparent. But the tricky thing is knowing what to get. In my view there are 4 criteria that make an awesome godson gift: The baptism gifts below are timeless gifts that are sure to be treasured for a long, long time. And there is also a beautiful and meaningful inscription on one of the compasses: Just let them know what you’d like engraved, which font and where. They are based in Turkey and will prepare your order in 1 business day and then express deliver it free worldwide! I'm a mum with 3 young kids on the bumpy road of life, hanging tight to faith in a good God. Material: Norweigen Pine, MetalSize: 2.6 x 2 inch (6.5 x 5 cm)Price: £15 – £19 (depending if the bottom is engraved). I think this is such good advice for a godson from their godparent. I'm glad you're here! The engraving on the compass is fully customizable. It was great for me too as I remembered worship songs I hadn’t heard or sung in ages. Orders are sent within 2-3 working days. I’ve ordered this music box from ModoCreative in the past and had it delivered to Australia. They deliver internationally for £15. There are a few options to consider with this music box. GeorgieBoy95 Wed 25-Oct-17 18:49:05. Thank you, uncle.”, “Your presence made my christening even more special. All the gifts above are made by businesses that offer very fast turnaround for personalised gifts and very reasonable if not free delivery. Your choisce of gift is really lovely. It’s easy, and we will show you how to ask godparents. Simply add your godson’s name and baptism date when ordering and it will be personalised on the print of your choice. More; Do godparents have to be baptized? I know I felt this way. I want to help you save time and find... Hey there, I'm Ruth. I'm also a mum of 3 kids enjoying life in country South Australia. You can help me sail through the seasons of joy and sadness alike. More It arrived perfectly in time for my goddaughters baptism. The compass can be engraved on either the top, inside or bottom or a combination of these. Amazing! For more info see here. It’s easy, and we will show you how to ask godparents. Material: melamine, heavy gloss laminateSize: plate 10 inch, placemat 11×12 inchPrice: US$50. Thank you for being my Godfather. The recycled oak wood is really beautiful and the team at Modo Creative can engrave it making it unique and personal. My brother and his wife are expecting another baby soon. The music box is engraved with your godchild’s name and short message/baptism date underneath such as: “With love on your baptism16th September 2020.”. Ways how to ask godparents without saying anything If you’re not the best with words, then you can use gestures and creativity to ask the person or couple to be the godparent(s). Engraving on the front of the letter is typically your godson’s name, which is fitting and makes sense. It’s a big ask, and knowing how to ask such an important question is something you should seriously consider. That is why you’re here right? My 7 year old son would absolutely love this compass. I hope to learn more from you each day.”, “My Christening was made even more meaningful because of you. And the extra option of engraving the bottom of the box maybe with a special message or bible verse. As a godparent you probably feel like you want to get something extra special for your godson’s baptism.