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Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts. /* ----------------------------------------- */ 01, Hurricane Mulch System 36" 9263-Advantage Decks, Hurricane Mulch System 48" 9264-Advantage Decks, Hurricane Mulch System 48" 9283-Velocity Plus Decks, Hurricane Mulch System 52" 9265-Advantage Decks, Hurricane Mulch System 52" 9284-Velocity Plus Decks, Hurricane Mulch System 61" 9266-Advantage Decks, Hurricane Mulch System 61" 9285-Velocity Plus Decks, Hurricane Mulch System 72" 9267-Advantage Decks, RS-S, Ride-On Attachment (S/N E3500001-E3599999), SCZ/STC-OCDC-48V with a part number of 992L, SCZ/STT-OCDC-52V with a part number of 922M, SCZ/STT-OCDC-61V with a part number of 922N, SCZ/STT/STTII-OCDC-61V with a part number of 923D, SFZ/SZV48/52 STRIPPER with a part number of 921R, SFZ61-28BS (Freedom Z) (S/N E6900001-E6999999), SM-61V (Turf Tiger) (S/N D8900001-D8999999), SM-72A (Turf Tiger) (S/N D9000001-D9099999), SMFZ-36 (Freedom Z) (S/N E3100001-E3199999), SMFZ-48 (Freedom Z) (S/N D1600001-D1699999), SMFZ-48 (Freedom Z) (S/N D9700001-D9799999), SMFZ-52 (Freedom Z) (S/N D2000001-D2099999), SMFZ-52 (Freedom Z) (S/N D9800001-D9899999), SMFZ-61 (Freedom Z) (S/N E7000001-E7099999), SMT-61V (BVAC, BV) (Turf Tiger) (S/N D9900001-D9999999), SMTC-48V (Tiger Cub) (S/N D9100001-D9199999), SMWC-52V (Wildcat) (S/N D9200001-D9299999), SMWC-61V (Wildcat) (S/N D9300001-D9399999), STC, STCII, SCZ61/72, STT, STTII Striper (P/N 923G), STC, STCII,SCZ61/72,STT,STTII STRIPER with a part number of 921V, STC/SCZ/STT STRIPPER with a part number of 921S, STC/STCII-OCDC-61V with a part number of 923B, STC/STCII/SCZ-OCDC-48V with a part number of 922Z, STC/STCII/SCZ-OCDC-52V with a part number of 923A, STC/STWC TIGER STRIPER with part number 9269, STT/STTII-OCDC-52V with a part number of 923C, SZL, SFZ, SFZP, SPZ, SZC48/52 Striper (P/N 923F), SZL,SFZ,SFZP,SPZ,SZC48/52 STRIPER with a part number of 921R. It is EASY and FREE background-repeat:no-repeat; text-transform:uppercase !important; How cool is this -- some of these models even have the ability to dump their contents without even leaving the seat! Search. padding:0 35px; ScagOemParts.com. display:flex; } text-transform:uppercase !important; /* ----------------------------------------- */ padding-bottom:5px; Your Price: $18.00 [freeshipping] More Details. /* ----------------------------------------- */ /* Content Template: loop-item-in-company-drop-down-menu - end */ /* ----------------------------------------- */ So whether you run a team of landscapers or you're a homeowner in your backyard, replacing that grass bag with the holes in it should be your highest priority. color: #ffffff; Menu. /* Content Template: loop-item-in-product-menu-thumbnail-view-on-hover-link - end */ You can choose between grass catchers that fit a variety of different Scag homeowner and commercial lawn mowers. font-size:18px; Our friendly and experienced sales staff are here to help! font-family: Roboto; Improved blower bearing features a stronger cast-iron housing and easier greasing for long, reliable service. The hopper prop rod keeps the hopper door up and out of the way in case you need to get inside of the hopper. color:#F0780E; We carry a } } The dump lever is mounted on the right side of the mower for operator convenience and comfort. #catAcccordion ul, .accordion-list { display:flex; text-decoration:underline; 06311 Rev. background-color: #B11E25; That saves time and greatly increases productivity. 06309; GC-2B Fabric 2-Bag Grass Catcher (S/N M6300001-M6399999) Part No. Sign up for our newsletter to receive specials and up to date product news and releases. 06309, GC-2B Fabric 2-Bag Grass Catcher (S/N M6300001-M6399999) Part No. Sign Up. This prevents the door from opening even when traveling on uneven, rough terrain. /* ----------------------------------------- */ /* ----------------------------------------- */ /* ----------------------------------------- */, /* ----------------------------------------- */ .hidden { This simple-to-use catcher system allows you to dump the hopper by pulling a lever. Parts Manuals. 06309 Rev.01 ; GC-33 Grass Catcher; GC-3B Fabric 3-Bag Grass Catcher (S/N K3300001 … ScagOEMParts.com is your source for Factory Sourced genuine parts. } } justify-content:center; background:none; Compact, vertical blower design adds only 8.5 inches to the width of the mower. font-family: Roboto; /* ----------------------------------------- */ } } Don’t settle for “will fit” generic parts that may not have the quality, fit and finish of OEM parts. font-weight:bold; The metal debris screen removes from the side of the hopper. text-align:left; Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts. full selection of all SCAG Mower Parts at the lowest prices online. font-weight: 700 !important; are Login or Sign Up | 0; Contact Us. font-size:.6em; My Cart Shopping Cart Toggle navigation. # 6, 7, 8, 9, 12) 462709, Qwikchute Chute Blocker / Deflector for Scag 52" Decks Lawn Mowers (Advantage Deck) NQD-SAD52, Scag License Plate (Silver with Black) 37-74, Wear Liner Kit w/Hardware, TLB25 (incl. Scag 461321 Blower Outlet Chute with Decal, Scag 462629 LBC Blower Housing with Decals, Scag 462630 LBX Blower Housing with Decals. Front weight system is standard equipment. The Scag® Clam-Shell Grass Catcher (GC-CS) is the perfect answer for operators that do not want to leave the mower’s seat to dump their debris. Search. opacity:0; background-position left; width:100%; Search. #catAccordion .col-md-12 ul{ /* View slug: manual-parts-custom-fields-results-filter - start */ Our skilled customer service team is ready to help you with any questions you have. That means a more compact design, less maintenance, less initial cost, quieter operation and less overall weight. Replacement Scag blower and blower housings designed to be used with grass catchers and bagging systems. cursor:pointer; 4900 Molly Pitcher HighwayChambersburg, PA 17202 USContact Us. Call Us 786-592-2094; Parts Lookup; Parts by Category; Model Locator; About; My Account; Contact; Log In My Account My Account My Account. ScagParts.com Brought to you by Power Mower SalesAuthorized SCAG Dealer in Miami, FLScagParts.com is your trusted source for original SCAG parts, accessories and equipment. margin-bottom:0;} Toggle menu. } Genuine Scag Part Installation Kit for 48 inch & 52 inch Cheetahs 901E for Scag Zero-Turn, Walk Behind, Stand-On, Three-Wheel, Compact Bagging and Riding Mowers - Shop Secure & Save! width: 100%; .active-list li{ ScagOEMParts.com is your source for Factory Sourced genuine parts. /* Content Template: loop-item-in-product-menu-thumbnail-view-on-hover-link - end */ Have your SCAG Part Number? display:block; Genuine Scag parts from an Authorized SCAG Dealer. .manual-results a:hover{ position: absolute; The Clam-Shell Grass Catcher debris screen can be cleaned at any time, without having to empty the hopper. .active-list ul{ color: #1D1D1D; height:55px; Created with Sketch. Scag Power Equipment offers mower and debris management accessories for the landscape professional and the homeowner.