But what about universities? I guess we’ll have to stay tuned. * Counsel to the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee overseeing the communications and securities industries. First to second-year student retention has a strong correlation with institutional success. Galloway might respond by indicating that many of these measures are not maintained in easily accessible locations on a national level. Editor’s Note: No Mercy/No Malice is a column from Professor Scott Galloway, where he shares various reflections on business, tech, and life each week. Howard is a graduate of Cornell University and New York University School of Law. He’s the guy in the Winners & Losers video series. My ex-wife said if my penis wasn’t attached, ... Each week, bestselling author and business professor Scott Galloway shares his take on success and relationships in a digital economy. It strikes me as a creative quantitative measure of an institution’s popularity, but it also concerns me that this is the first time I have ever seen this criterion used. Insights on media disruption, business models and growth strategies, EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change. Snap is the walking deadIt will be cut in half… again. Be a Source for a University Business story, 89 colleges that would perish and 129 colleges that would struggle. The U.S. is exploding our national debt, despite a strong economy. Does the almost entirely online Southern New Hampshire University’s party scene put them in trouble? On Friday, July 17, in an article on his website titled USS University, Scott Galloway, a professor of marketing at New York University, published a list of 89 colleges that would perish and 129 colleges that would struggle in the coming months. Consumers want less choice, but instead confidence in the (fewer) choices presented to them. His background also includes: I am not saying this is not important to a section of students but to have it as a factor in a university’s potential demise seems excessive. At the spin, these two firms could be worth more than as a whole. I am not a skilled data scientist—more of a fan and proponent of the new ways of intelligently using the information we have. Galloway, whose post was summarized in a UB article, based his conclusions on a formula that attempts to measure 1) a college’s value for its cost and 2) its vulnerability to COVID-19 related factors. Strange bedfellowsA bevy of consumer and tech firms enter into strategic alliances and partnerships with only one objective: Push back on Amazon. However, we’ve seen Kroger partner with Microsoft. U.S. News has reduced admission selectivity to less than 5% of an institution’s ranking before eliminating it last year. Galloway knows the value and of and uses the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) along with integrating the fifteen factors which make up U.S. News Rankings and the ten factors in Niche.com’s rankings. Power Players. Examples of data that could be located but was not included are variables with regards to institutional and student debt, fundraising and grants, budget cuts, leadership experience, online courses, student enrollment changes and institutional type. Billionaire investing legend Warren Buffett also says marrying smart is key to success. A number of the factors Galloway uses have been shown to demonstrate institutional instability. Amazon will surpass Apple in value — DiscoThere is no firm in history that has performed this well, in so many unrelated businesses that are somehow strewn together to create a flywheel the size of Saturn’s rings. If you don’t know of Galloway, his background should make him an iconic figure for anyone (present company included) with a non-linear career path or ambitions. You may opt-out by. The main factors in Niche.com’s rankings can be found in Appendix 1. Poland will make their first appearance in the World Cup finals — WrongMy son is a soccer fan and was 100 percent convinced this would happen. Although the number of international students in the past would have only been used as a positive factor to an institution’s strength, Galloway is one of the first to use the percentage of international students as a risk to an institution. When President Barack Obama stood before a friendly and enthusiastic crowd at Macomb Community College near Detroit 10 years ago, the goals he set out were historic. The scores from these three variables (after changing them to scales from 0-1) are multiplied and divided by the net price or average cost to a student (after changing to a 0-1 scale). I have never seen this measure be used as a measure of evaluating colleges but I am open to understanding it more. Every digital media firm other than Facebook, Google, and Amazon Media Group loses shareLots of great firms (Refinery29, Buzzfeed) begin to show signs of asphyxiation as the oxygen continues to be sucked out of the room. I don’t know if this will come to pass, but it would be fun to watch Galloway grapple with it on TV or anywhere else. He isn’t merely “the talent” but sees his focus on marketing as the key to the show’s success. He is a serial entrepreneur who founded the e-commerce site Red Envelope, as well as hedge fund, served on the board of directors of companies such as Eddie Bauer and Gateway Computer, and is the author of several books including The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. The in-store experience at Walmart is okay but the grocery is outstanding, and their aggressive investment in grocery delivery and pickup have positioned them as the hero against the threat of total domination from Amazon + Whole Foods. For example, endowment per student and instructional costs per students were both commonly mentioned factors in many reports along with student retention rates and net price. One thing No Mercy/No Malice will never run out of is Galloway’s opinions. Galloway is well-aware of his value to Vice as a rare academic who doesn’t shy away from self-promotion and marketing through any available means. Galloway wisely suggests that he may have left out a number of variables that could improve his rating of colleges’ likelihood of survival. They had a beautiful campus in the hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. Lower amounts on this measure have been correlated with institutions that close. This is particularly evident when we examine the fast-growing adult-focused institutions growing faster than most traditional-age college students. Scott Galloway has made his best first attempt at recommending which of these colleges’ guests may want to avoid getting on board. By continuing to use our site without changing your settings, you're agreeing to our cookie policy. His blog is Deep Thoughts on Higher Education. Hot or notVR and crypto go from bad to worse. In 2015, Sweet Briar College’s Board announced they would be closing that summer. Package delivery companies are getting rich while restaurants without take out are barely making it. Russia continues to weaponize the objects of our affection (tech platforms), and we fail to address it, as. The world will become a better place — Wrong. Walmart will become the online grocery leader — DiscoWalmart is the first company to successfully throw any counterpunches at Amazon and is the 2018 retailer of the year. They still had 80 million dollars in their endowment at the time. I will probably be one of thousands of critics of Galloway’s decision to include the student rankings of the party scene in the likelihood of an institution’s survival. Every brand, agency, and organization has had two dump trucks called Facebook and Google show up and take shareholder value. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Galloway says he’ll never be a competitor for celebrity “gets” but will be more than happy to shine a light on thought leaders, especially from the academic world, whose work and wisdom is underexposed. At the risk of overwhelming readers, it is important to know what factor Galloway is using to make his predictions. Students lacking some established privilege would likely not be as successful if the institutions with high return-on-investment are not intentionally structured to provide additional assistance to them. Business has mistaken “choice” as a good thing. Good money is on “yes.”. Galloway also was drawn to Vice’s promise that he could have a show on the air in 19 days—an impossible to top proposition in a world where program development is usually measured in months if not seasons. * As NBCU Cable Networks’ General Counsel and VP, CNBC Strategic Ventures, Howard was responsible for P&L management of early stage business units including web based streaming media, broadcast syndication, interactive TV and video, and helped launch digital cable service, CNBC World.