Subnautica Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. This specimen is healthy, and exhibiting signs of a positive attitude to life. We are curious whether you swim with the current, or fight against it as they did. It is sentient and telepathic. Alien research data indicates that despite its size this species feeds entirely on microorganisms it filters from the water, which themselves depend on a complicated ecosystem of plant and animal life. Family size would be strictly limited by available food supply. Approximately 2600 years What will it be like, I wonder, to go to sleep and never wake up? After the player inserts an Ion Cube into the Incubator Device, the Sea Emperor Leviathan will speak to the player, and will move to the left side of the Alien Arch, and blow away the sand, uncovering the Arch that the player can use to access the Arch outside of the Quarantine Enforcement Platform. • Let's crush 3,000,000 subs! Their freedom is my end. SEBaby.jpg|Another picture of the Sea Emperor Baby This creature likely lived and moved in small herds around the planet's ocean trenches, coming to the surface to feed off the huge volumes of microorganisms in the shallower waters. After the Precursors could not find a way to hatch its eggs naturally, they took three into the dissection room of the Primary Containment Facility and experimented on them, cutting all of them open and removing the fetus from one of the eggs. Single specimen captured for study at purpose-built containment facility, constructed in volcanic region at depth 1.4km. Thanks for the feedback! Subnautica: Below Zero > General Discussions > Topic Details. A new chapter in the Subnauti, Subnautica Ep.37 - SEA EMPEROR LEVIATHAN, EGG HATCHING EMZYMES! Enzyme 42 Extensive internal and external scar tissue suggest it had lived well in excess of the peak lifespan for its species. If you help us, I will give you freely what the others tried in vain to take. Where an adult Sea Emperor Leviathan has two large structures on either side of the head, a baby has two small lumps. Available biological data has been used to synthesize the effects of the alien bacterium on the sea emperor's natural lifecycle. PLEASE POKE THAT LIKE BUTTON! PLEASE POKE THAT LIKE BUTTON! PLEASE POKE THAT LIKE BUTTON! The species likely had a preferred environment for egg-laying - in fact, successful hatching may depend on such conditions. With the passage you have opened my young can leave this place. Shortly after this, the Disease Research Facility was destroyed, releasing the Kharaa Bacterium, causing all Arches to the facility to be closed and initiating the planetary quarantine. Fauna A number of entries have been translated. This leviathan species has been assigned designator 'Sea Emperor'. *pokes* SUB and join TeamTC HERE! This article contains unmarked spoilers. This did nothing to further their cause. Subnautica: Below Zero's early access is here! The captive Sea Emperor Leviathan is the last remaining adult of its species and a parent to at least seven eggs. The Sea Emperor Baby is a passive creature belonging to the Fauna category. They have a defined neck, unlike adult Sea Emperor Leviathan. (Full Release Gameplay / Let's Play), Subnautica: Below Zero | SNOWFOX & SEA TRUCK (Below Zero Early Access Gameplay), Subnautica: Below Zero | TITAN HOLEFISH (Below Zero Early Access Gameplay), Subnautica: Below Zero | THE FROZEN PLANET (Below Zero Early Access Gameplay), Subnautica: Below Zero | SANCTUARY ZERO LOCATION (Below Zero Early Access Gameplay), Subnautica: Below Zero | ALAN THE ALIEN (Below Zero Early Access Gameplay), Subnautica: Below Zero | GLOW WHALE HERD (Below Zero Early Access Gameplay), Subnautica: Below Zero | FINDING THE EXCHANGER ROCKET (Below Zero Early Access Gameplay), Subnautica: Below Zero Ep.3 - • ALIEN INSIDE ME!