Due to the late 1990s 9mm technology and performance, the round received criticism for its lack of penetrating ability and splintering effect if it hit a hard object. I think the FBI uses the Ameriglo Agent sights with the "u" notch...the Bolds have a square notch, I believe. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. After more than 28 years, this moves the premier protection agency in the world to a 9mm Glock platform. If you would like our Amazon affiliate link or find more retailers on the Support Us page, If you are one of those that whined about the Glock 45 or the Glock 19X being long in the wrong place, the Brownells Glock [...], Just a few weeks ago Glock released their first pistol in .22LR, it looks like the Glock 44 problems are already cropping up. I do find it interesting that with the exception of the FBI's Glock 17M, most agencies are adopting a red dot ready pistol but not selecting an optic. While I hadn't seen anything that suggested that there was to be a Secret Service Glock 26 beyond the mention on Soldier Systems, they are normally very spot on when reporting on this sort of thing. The US Secret Service Glock 19 will be a Gen 5 pistol fitted with the Glock MOS system, giving agents the ability to fit a red dot in the future. That means Ameriglo Bold sights, the removal of the "toe" to allow Gen 5 magazine baseplates to be used, and forward serrations. Regardless of what new information comes to light, we will absolutely keep you as up to date as more information comes available. Now, the Secret Service will become the latest federal law enforcement agency to switch and carry Glocks and may do so off the existing CBP contract. Funding in this manner will assure that factual information is always first. This has led many law enforcement agencies to look at, if not move back to, a 9mm pistol — including the FBI. Again, given the professional attire that the Secret Service wears it stands to reason that the Raven Concealment Perun LC will be the holster of choice for non-operational wear, but the Glock 47's use is likely to be limited to tactical roles. (MORE: This is what mental distress feels like: Experts), (MORE: Feds cite 'overwhelming evidence' against cop in alleged plot to kill her husband), (MORE: In fatal police shootings, race of officer not predictive of civilian's race: Study). “With the 9mm cartridge, you’re getting optimum velocity out of a short barrel,” he said. The USSS pistol is being fulfilled as part of the CBP contract which is a forward serration pistol.