DiG! About this product: The chain Ippudo has been drawing fans from around the world with its delicious Hakata-style tonkotsu ramen. Staff comment: Ippudo is famous in Taiwan, so I wanted to try the instant version. March 17, … The station bento is beloved by travelers in Japan because they use ingredients famous or native to the region that you buy them, letting you experience the taste of an area even if you are just passing through. They want the portability, the convenience and the quick and easy solution it provides. A total of six of our staff participated in the taste test: Farng from Thailand, Iki from Taiwan, Yayu from China, Rachael from the U.S., Jeongyeon from South Korea, and Chiharu from Japan. -- Iki, Product name: Kyo-fuu Soup Udon (Sesame soy milk flavor) | 京風すうぷうどん ごま豆乳 If you take the Shinkansen line through the Tōhoku region of eastern Japan, you can buy a cutting-edge Grilled Beef Tongue Bento for 1000 yen (US$13). Not only are they cheap, fast, and delicious, but they are also a good way to share the tastes of Japan with friends and family back home. I think what’s more interesting is that they have these heaters in everyday products, I bought this at a train station, where as those ration heaters in the u.s are usually reserved for emergencies or so it seems, camping or army related things :D. icic. They wonder if the hard, freeze-dried foods inside will resemble the tasty-looking images on the covers once they add water…. All HeatGen packaging is recyclable, both before and after the heater is activated. With just a simple twist, HeatGen unlocks the comfort of a hot beverage with the convenience consumers demand.The options are endless: your favorite coffee, tea, bone broth, hot chocolate sip-able soups, sake or cider, hot whenever and wherever you want. What sets this bento apart from other store bought lunches is that by simply pulling a cord it will become a piping hot meal in minutes. Electric Tea Kettle, Cordless Glass Pot 1.7 Liter, Stainless Steel White, Fast Boiling Hot Water Teapot with Automatic Shut Off - LED Light, BPA-free best for Home Kitchen and Office Use. It's a little surprising, but it's very close to the real thing! Legal. ( Log Out /  Luxfer Magtech supply the patented flameless ration heaters (FRH) for the U.S. Military and create self-heating meals for emergency situations and humanitarian aid. This products uses similar concept as the flameless ration heater in US. 9 thoughts on “ Self Heating Bento Box in Japan! The hot juicy meat is especially amazing. Bringing you yesterday's news from Japan and Asia, today. It's a simple meal, but very satisfying. Created by athletes and nature lovers, Omeals provides the perfect solution for healthy self heating meals on the go, whether you're camping in the mountains or trekking cross country. On the other hand, if you’re a fast eater you might find yourself stuck with a hot bowl that you don’t know what to do with. Our research proves it: Consumers are hot for our self-heating solution. About this product: Just stir for thirty seconds after adding hot water to the freeze-dried block of oyakodon, put the mix on top of some rice, and tada! ” Anonymous says: This products uses similar concept as the flameless ration heater in US. First, you pour the uncooked rice and the ulam onto their respective slots. When our innovation teams up with your brand, revolutionary things will happen. Once again the DiGJAPAN! -- Jeongyeon. In less than a minute you’ll probably see steam and/or smoke coming out of the box. -- Rachael, Product name: Ippudo Akamaru Shinaji Hakata Tonkotsu | 一風堂 赤丸新味博多とんこつ Author:DiGJAPAN! There's a problem loading this menu right now. © SoraNews24 -Japan News- / SOCIO CORPORATION, Steve Jobs Much Better at Marketing than Cooking, AKB48’s Atsuko Maeda Joins Jean Reno In Bizarre Doraemon Themed Toyota Commercials, Hayao Miyazaki has a gripe against Japanese female voice actors, Donald Trump and Joe Biden chibi mascot characters win fans during results coverage in Japan, Sega leaves arcade operation business, sells off management of all its 193 Japanese game centers, Hayao Miyazaki reveals the kind of otaku he hates the most, This amazing photo of the Japan Alps only gets more beautiful the higher you look, Police in Japan find dismembered body of father in attic of son’s condominium. But how do the "just add water" instant versions of these classic meals stand up to the real thing? i cant see clearly in the video on how you activate the heating process. Some readers may be put off by the name, but don’t worry. View Cart. About this product: Thanks to Nagatanien's original method of freeze drying foods, you can enjoy the taste of salmon, nori seaweed, and other delicious ingredients for a truly Japanese meal anytime. -- Iki. Self Heating Bento Box in Japan! Multifunctional Electric Hot Pot Grill, Indoor Korean BBQ Grill/Self Heating Hot Pot, Non-stick Pan, Independent dual power supply with temperature control regulator for 2-12 people, 110V. Just pour in the water, wait for a little bit, and voilà! I think this would be a good meal when you want something simple after having eaten out a lot. -- Chiharu, Product name: Chiisame Donburi Oyakodon| 小さめどんぶり 親子丼 : Tsukiji, Ginza, Asakusa Edition, The Visual Guide to Japanese Food: Standard Sushi, The Visual Guide to Japanese Food: Unusual Sushi and Side Dishes, Ordering the Perfect Ramen: Vegan Ramen and Tsukemen, Enjoy the Colors of Japan: Fall and Winter Edition, Enjoy the Colors of Japan: Spring and Summer Edition, "The texture of the noodles is good, and they go really well with the soup." 99. Learn How to See More for Less! What sets this bento apart from other store bought lunches is that by simply pulling a cord it will become a piping hot meal in minutes. as for the product it was fish on rice…so obviously its very perishable, its meant for same day consumption. The HeatGen package is made entirely of sustainable and affordable materials. Beef tongue in Japan is nearly identical to most other cuts of beef. Some readers may be put off by the name, but don’t worry. They want the portability, the convenience and the quick and easy solution it provides. Tested and Approved! Instant Meals From Japan: Top Five Heat ’n’ Eat Curries. Your beef tongue bento is ready to eat, complete with hot juicy beef and fluffy rice. system of choice for hikers, campers, fishermen, and outdoor enthusiasts. Only 12 left in stock - order soon. We hope that you'll enjoy these selections as much as our staff did. While sushi might be one of Japan's most iconic meals abroad, dishes like oyakodon, ochazuke, udon, and ramen come to mind as representative of some of Japan's favorite "soul foods." Change ). About this product: The aroma of sesame pairs well with the mild soy milk flavor, and the smooth noodles have a good texture. Manufacturer: Amano Foods Luckily, thanks to the leading researchers in the field of bento technology, this is no longer the case! Soon everyone was feeling pretty hungry. All Rights Reserved. All I care about is the bliss I feel having a warm meal in my belly during a cold day. on Facebook for daily updates! A new post only a day after my last?? Average retail price: \160 Now they've produced an instant version of one of their most popular dishes, the akamaru shinaji! The rest of our staff was likewise intrigued.