Can you pls do a guide on Martyr pls? Like Zacharias said this video is right on time. I'm trying to see how often she could extend Marked or Grizzled Jarls' "Block Debuffs" by comparing it to the buffs on your team here. Fire Knight: 5/5 Tier: ★★★★★ Blind Seer Legendary. Furthermore, RAID: Shadow Legends is continuously adding new champions and content to keep the game fresh and possibilities growing. im using Har in this Comp : Valk-OB-Tayrel-Sepulcher Sentinel. I built her for arena speed boosting, it's a shame her A3 has a low chance for an extra turn. A champion that makes up for this issue is Bad-El-Kazar. Shaun Mcdaid the game calculates the damage before the attack animations are completed and the counter overlay displays the damage. I got Hegemon with 1 shard yesterday : so fuckin' happy he is so goood and badass looking ! I have apoth already. I have replace tayrel with jareg as i have martyr and jareg is quite consistent with his atk down. Perfect timing! Any chance you can do a video on Defiled Sinner? You also may want a force poisoner to replace banshee when cb affinity kicks in. Skullcrusher(Counter) Catacom Councilor(Ally Attack) Frozen Banshee(Poison) Coffin Smasher(Decrease Attack) What would you pick the 5th? You are now ready to build your very own super team in RAID: Shadow Legends with all the tips and inspiration given in this post. Increase DEF 30% vs. 60%) Buff/Debuff lasts only 1 turn; Check out full Champion ratings here. I have extremely limited resources and was considering using him in conjunction with a decrease down champ like big un. This is the team we found that was able to do so the quickest. RAID: Shadow Legends | How to build a nuke champ - Enemy Max HP builds! "flat stats, where do they go? Rotos's A3 block revive, ignore unkillable isnt bugged, but if he procs warmaster then the enemie can revive if it has a revive on death and it will not go trough unkillable. I'm leaning towards Jareg as he already has full books and masteries + his ally protect. I have a spd team in clan boss on ultra. I can NOT complete this fusion so I’m going for the good rares and epic. Here is a great series of videos from Hell Hades outlining everything you need to know about the Clan Boss. I like Chofly’s team, I have all except for one (naturally) and of course it’s an important piece. This is the best one you could ever find! His Dark Sphere attacks all enemies and heals himself and all allies 20% of the damage dealt. Just curious what your thoughts are? hi m8 you sould add video description your masteries all your guides i see no masteries guide imagegur would help all? I know it’s a lot of RNG though. getting around 30 to 35 mill on Nigthmare but it seemse to me that lana craps up the rotation, ive tryed to swap her with Skullchrusher i survive longer but get less dmg output. Lanka is is sleeper OP, been using her in CB for a month! Or perhaps any other way to use him effectively. RAID: Shadow Legends! The Clan Boss is arguably the most important area of the game because of the rewards you can get each day. In the Arena, you can fight other players’ teams using 4 of your own champions. then you grab someone that can 1 hit a sinlge person like mountain king. Many factors go into what makes a perfect team in RAID: Shadow Legends. Also his def up is super useful. I do have Bad L, and some other Legendaries, which Legendaries would be similar to Dracomorph, or Epic? Well that video was actually right on time! But SS passive seems like a cool thing and might be fun. Once I get her built proper she may even replace the longest serving Champ in my Arena Team. Just pulled her on Friday ! @Hell Hades awesome... is he new? The first overall team created by Greta Duvalle from Gallifrey consists of Prince Kymar, Arbiter, Fu-Shan, and Dracomorph. Thanks for all the great tips. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Hey i don't know if you would want to try this but i had a theory craft of an arena team where you have lanakis, long beard and catacomb councilor. A lot of new strategies have evolved from players in an effort to increase their damage dealt to the clan boss. On this page, you will find a rough idea regarding the best champions in the game, as well as the tier list for each faction and specific game-modes in RAID! The following is one of those teams that will have high chances of beating most levels if they’re upgraded enough. I think this would incentivize an insane amount of players to spend their gems upgrading the sparring pit, Using hyria as a bootleg version of this lol. Not sure if I have the right champs to make her succeed in dungeons. Learn how your comment data is processed. Apparently if you off atk with someone else you always do a2. I have a F2P account. RAID | HARDEST HITTER IN THE GAME?! Fire Knight: 5/5 Tier: ★★★ Arbiter Legendary. S TIER EPIC! No wonder she was a beats in my CB team. We found a great example of a team to do just that. Doesn’t seem to be much love for her out there. If you have a hyria or lower ally attack, how are the champs chosen? This subreddit is maintained by the players and fans of this game. Do you think any of these might fit in better? Choosing a single team is, therefore, difficult, but we did find one with impressive results. a1 = attack 3 times with a 30% to place 50% ATK down. Pulled Ghostborn and Minaya yesterday what do you think of them? Looking for the most up-to-date RAID: Shadow Legends Tier List? Another example of synergy could be an extremely tanky HP champion and a support champion with a lot of healing skills. Building a perfect team is a tough task as different players have a different perception of what makes an ideal team. First off I’m 100% f2p. Keeping affinities in mind when creating your team is important. Will Lanakis buff extension and Sunlashed Survivor extension work together? My whole team speed is around 190 to 200, so should I keep Lanakis speed at 190 to 200? Throughout his life, he has achieved impressive results in many of these games, reaching high-diamond at his peak in LoL, attaining more than 1000 solo wins in Fortnite, and collected multiple Cutting Edge achievements in WoW. Pulled Lanakis about 2 weeks ago and she changed my arena game big time!! I’d appreciate some ideas for using her. I have tayrel for attack down. The number of champions paired with all the various aspects of combat and upgrading makes for an incredible number of strategic opportunities. Just my 2 cents. With thousands of hours of game time in popular titles such as League of Legends, Fortnite, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and Minecraft, Jack has experienced most video game genres. Increase DEF 30% vs. 60%). Thanks again for the great content and stress relief :). What makes a perfect team also changes depending on the game mode. its funny when lanakis stays alone in ice golems because rest of the team is wiped out, one of the minion revive is blocked and she slowly but surely finishes the boss solo :) I have with her 2-3 minutes runs there. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. ", Finally been waiting for you to do a guide on lankis :D need help building her, is it sacrilegious to watch this video if you have a maxed out longbeard with the account's best gear? Synergy is a term for how good champions on your team work together. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Auto Farm RAID: Shadow Legends With Ease! I have sepchuler but building her now. Every single other skill Tayrel has, decreases the enemies’ defense and attack stats by placing debuffs on them. Hello, Hades, really nice video! I had her on a shield speed set and went to that ayumilove site where it says also relentless set. Do I still have to put lifesteal gear on her if my main healer is Steelskull? Same question..what Champs are similar with Tayrel? Want to get on 30m. Creating a great team in no easy task. I'm a doctor working in infectious diseases in a city with a decent COVID-19 cohort, and it's awesome to be able to totally take my mind off of all that drama even if it's for a few minutes a day. Both are ready to turn into lvl 60 but I need to know wich one I should evolve first. I work a summer job for 6 weeks without cell service. An example of excellent synergy is a champion that has a single target damage buff and a champion that has a very high damage single target skill. She is great. 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The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Buff/Debuff is the lower rank version (e.g. Thinking about contacting you about an account takeover, but want to make sure I have enough for you to work with first. My current team is: Martyr (lead) - Counter, def down, def up, back up atk down. Some of the most important aspects to consider when building your team is: How you prioritize these aspects dictates how you should build a team. a2= attack once, +75% of placing HP burn for 2 turns. In my fire knight team level 20 and does great.