What would success look like if we were successful. That is simply not the case. In 2005-2008 there were international conferences on the 7 mountains hosted by myself. And the Seventh Spheres Deck it is exactly what I dreaming about!! The ever more widely used phrase "seven spheres of society" (sometimes referred to as the “seven spheres of influence”) are the various dimensions of life that come together to make up society as we know it. The most enlightened immerse all seven. They have literally shifted culture’s view of that issue by infiltrating top positions in entertainment, media, education, family, business, and government to embed their people with their worldview. The seven spheres - Religion, Family, Education, Government, Media, Arts & Entertainment, and Business. What’s God up to? These spheres are called the Aura of God. It is on the Seventh Sphere that the Divine Plans await expression in the physical world. Os writes a daily email devotional called TGIF Today God Is First that is read in 104 countries. Gratitude. Through calling upon the Violet Fire to surround any third-dimensional imperfections or fears, we can step-up, or transmute, the energy pattern of that third dimensional incident to the vibration and energy pattern of the Seventh Sphere. Some in the church have criticized this strategy as dominionism and even religion. This deck is gorgeous in every way and is so soothing to look at. The idea behind the seven spheres is that it is through influencing those areas of society, that the entire society can be influenced with the gospel. They began writing scripts for sitcoms and movies to have gay characters seen in a positive light. Murchie was the son of Ethel A. Murchie—who designed the interior of a seaplane for Sikorksy Aircraft —and Guy Murchie, Sr.: a graduate of Harvard Law School, a former member of Theodore Roosevelt's Rough Riders, a U.S. Each sphere sees itself as having a unique purpose and set of characteristics that set it apart. The terminology originated within the religious sphere (the church) and has become more widely used as organisations in the non-religious sphere (particularly the economics one) went seeking for new terminologies outside of their own to help frame discussion about social impact and issues. Over time they have seen the culture become de-sensitized to the negative aspect of their lifestyle and it has now become mainstream. Now it shall come to pass in the latter days That the mountain of the Lord’s house shall… These 7 areas were business, government, media, entertainment, family, education and religion. True, we have shifted the mindset of many business leaders and there are some pockets of early adopters who are making a difference. Here a Messenger of the Second Sphere waits like a runner in a relay race to carry that ideal into its sphere.