Yeah you right guys. If you have any other useful information about her, please share with us by commenting below. I don’t like confrontation.”. Her defiled face was on display in an open casket during a wake at a funeral parlor in her hometown of Flatbush, Brooklyn. But there were clear signs that her sister’s love affair was rocky. I love the smell of the ladies. Her daughter was dead. Smell of alcohol.”, To the hospital’s chaplain, he said Argentino may have “hit her head on the side of the chair or the bed.”. He writes, “At one point, I went with Vince McMahon Jr. to either a court or a law office, I don’t remember which because I was still in shock. In 1985, Nancy Argentino’s family won a $500,000 judgment against the Superfly in a federal wrongful-death civil lawsuit; but after filing for bankruptcy the retired wrestler reportedly failed to fork over any restitution. It’s possible like Snuka concedes that Argentino was fine with the philandering. He goes on about how he wished it hadn’t happen and says “I had no reason to hurt her.” Nonetheless, Snuka remained forever tied to 23-year-old Argentino’s untimely death on May 10, 1983. “We tried to talk some sense into her but she went back on the road with him,” Salome said. You have to think about this and get out of this relationship.’, “But it was too late. “I enjoy them. But her family thought they were more an item. An ambulance was called and not two hours later at the hospital did Argentino die. Nothing we could do.”, And just before Argentino’s life was taken, her sister said she had promised to be home for Mother’s Day. “When I woke her up, I picked her up and said, “Are you okay, honey?” And Argentino apparently replied, “Yeah, but it’s just my head, my bump.”. But Snuka will have few chances to steal many easy winks now that he is facing 20 to 40 years in the big house if he’s convicted of third-degree murder. “When she came back, she told me she slipped on the way and hit her head. So I thought, my God, I better try to call a doctor right away… I called the front desk and told my girl is having a hard time breathing, just seems like she can’t breathe at all, whatever you do, please hurry up.”. Reached by phone yesterday, Sharon Georgi said she was having dinner. That was until yesterday when Pennsylvania prosecutors publicly dropped a motherload of hard evidence citing inconsistent Snuka stories, conclusive forensic and revelatory autopsy reports—all pointing to classifying Argentino’s death as a homicide, and suggesting that the killer was Superfly himself. Your email address will not be published. I would never use full force. She has three beloved siblings including Deuce, Ata Snuka and Liana Snuka. But Tarzan never faced a murder rap. The writer was onto the flimsy slip-and-fall storylines Snuka had peddled to police and prosecutors. They were driving to Allentown in their purple Lincoln car—and Argentino needed to relieve herself. In fact, Snuka made appearances (though he barely spoke to anybody) at the Thanksgiving dinner hosted at Nancy’s mother’s house in Brooklyn. January 10 Indeed, the champion grappler gained infamy by soaring like human ammo. Eerily, Salome recalled feeling restless that night. “Finally, I just kept looking at her and trying to talk to her and she didn’t even respond like when I left. I was devastated,” he wrote. In his 2012 memoir Superfly: The Jimmy Snuka Story the pro wrestler claims he showed respect to Argentino’s parents. ‘What? Video Video related to tamina snuka’s family: 5 … The autopsy report told cops to consider Nancy Argentino’s death a homicide. We strongly appreciate your precious suggestions, ideas and comments. Detective Procanyn at the time told Muchnick when quizzed about Snuka’s shaky defense that the evidence was inconclusive. “I woke her up, but she could hardly breathe.”. It was 1983 and only days after Nancy Argentino was found barely breathing, oozing yellow fluid from her mouth and nose while laying almost lifeless, while holed up in Room 427 at the George Washington Motor Lodge in Allentown, Pennsylvania. According to the complaint, the nurse described the hulkish beau as a “tall man with a Hawaiian skirt” who refused to go to the waiting room. But it appears Snuka’s big mouth or fuzzy memory caught up to him. And yet the pro wrestler was never charged. You think you better than us! It was devastating.”. Look of fear in them. In October 1983, Debbie Rogers, the wife of Snuka’s manager, Buddy, took photos and notes of “injuries to Sharon as a result of her beating by Snuka and her hospitalization,” according to a criminal complaint. He did not express his apologies or sympathies.”, Snuka remembers it differently. A nurse observed Snuka’s strange demeanor when he visited Argentino’s room after she was admitted at Lehigh Valley Hospital Center’s ER. Vince McMahon Jr. was not only present but was clandestinely trying to play Mr. Fixit. “She was going to come home for that weekend,” Salome said. “He came there in shorts and didn’t say anything to my mother. Favourite actress:         Jennifer Lopez “My mother thought she was on the way.”. “At the funeral, I told her mother and father how sorry I was about her death. At the time of Argentino’s death, the leaping phenom was a married man with kids and claimed to have girlfriends everywhere.