Funcolors pretty much said it all.I'll add two points for the DIYers who may read this thread.Duration needs to be stirred FAR MORE than Aura while you work with it. Peggy,I just painted two bedrooms Powell Bluff and love love love it. One of our favorite customers from Mechanicsburg, PA recently pointed out that Sherwin Williams Paint typically does not rate well in Consumer Reports, but it is all she ever sees us using in her home. She then came to me and asked about Duration. Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting, Typically, Duration is no walk in the park to paint with either. The other kicker is that I have been choosing the Bemjamen Moore paint colors for the whole house but have been assured (of course by Sherwin Williams rep) that there is no problem with "matching" their paints. Not a big stretch there. Expensive paint that doesn't perform. 3. No problem, from what I have heard, it is true , I have never used the exterior, but was never impressed with the interior product. My local store has very uneven service quality due to cycling the best store managers through to larger stores. Sherwin-Williams have recently introduced Resilience and Duration which addresses these problems. Professional Interior Major Painting Jobs: Spraying vs. Rollers and Br. I haven't offered a warranty in the past, my clients rarely even ask about one. I wasn't too impressed with it's durability though. It's only after they're gone and the actual living in the house gets underway that you begin to realize the paint per se is crap -- not the paint job. Not cheap. I had people tell me the painter was good and when I'd drive out to see the work chips everywhere. I love this color!! So you believe that one coat of Duration will out last two coats of Super? When applying the second coat HOURS later the first coat was pulled off the wall in clumps - sticking to the roller and brush. Every room except the dining room only took one coat. When you think you could get it done in one coat, you should have told coat, two coats where needed. JavaScript is disabled. Many of these reasons are behind the scenes snapshots into what you painter might be going through as a business that contributes to his pricing and model that the average homeowner might not understand. Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting, Benjamin Moore Floats Breath of Fresh Air as Its Color of 2014, Dreaming in Color: 10 Beautiful Blue Bedrooms, Get the Scoop on Finding the Best Paint for Your Money, Bulletproof Decorating: How to Pick the Right Kind of Paint, Color of the Year: Off-White Is On Trend for 2016, Trim Color Tips: Get Your White Trim Right, Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery, Matching vs. contrasting window trim with casing/siding, Help with Trim and Cabinet color with Origami White Walls.