Mark D'Amato: Jackie Garello: Shirley Hardman: George "Run Run" Jones Al Stewart Jerry Hill If you remember Shirley Hardman you have to remember Ann Calvelo, even though they skated in two different leagues. National Skating Derby, Inc. was founded in 1960 by former Roller Derby skater Herb Roberts along with its flagship team, the Los Angeles Thunderbirds (The L.A. T-Birds). Gerald Moyer Myrna Vandenberg (2014) Don "Jughead" Lewis Bill Comming Florence "Flo" Lang Marlene Perales (2016) Russ Massro July 6, 2006 Hall of Fame 2006. Georgia Hase (2015) Mary "Millie" Cooper Johnny Kazar DeWitt Quarles Darryle Davis (2014) Bus Gesser Joanie Hill (Saunders) Pat Letts Whoever prevails becomes the lead jammer. ‘Death Becomes Her’ Is More Insanely Funny Than Ever. Jan Dorigo (2013) Mike Adame Dennis Claybourne Ann was always rivals with Joanie Weston, Carol “peanuts” Meyer and such. Sonny Rimatello After reading in a magazine that more than 90 percent of Americans had roller-skated at some point in their lives, he decided to put his show on wheels. William Ellison Emily Thomas Mickey Roberts Lenny Murro (2013) Calvin Taylor “It was a cold way of closing our career. Bill "Hoppy" Haupt Jackie Gleason Al Goodson Noel Shaw (July 19, 2017) FROM DOWN HERE,TOWARD HEAVEN I’ll be glad when she develops that story. Arlynne Buchman Jerry Seltzer sold the rights to the International Roller Derby League to Roller Games, a rival league based in Los Angeles. Billy Bogash - Hall of Fame 1953 Don Rixman “Mr. Alice Edwards By 1971, the crowd had swelled to more than 19,000. Ducky Duckworth In May 1973, 27,135 fans packed into Shea Stadium to watch the triple-header world championships, in which the Chiefs, led by Mike Gammon, defeated the Pioneers 34-31. Credit: Roller Derby Shirley Hardman. Elaine Everson (July 16, 2017) The basic appeal of roller derby, its creator, Leo Seltzer, told The Times in 1971, is “noise, color, body contact.” March 22, 1970. Phil Kadubec Jim Greene Tony Roman - Hall of Fame 2006 Peggy Brown (2014) In 1959, Leo Seltzer handed the reins to his son, Jerry. George "Run Run" Jones December 16, 2006. Carol "Flip" Phillips @Jollette: I found some information about Roller Derby that you might find interesting. In 2009, we asked an associate to create the National Roller Derby Hall of Fame Facebook page for our organization, a trademarked name. But even if the theatrics were, for the most part, organic, the casting of certain teams and players as villains or heroes had striking parallels to the melodrama of professional wrestling. Hall of Fame 1968, Leroy GonzalesOctober 9, 2001 By 1953, with public interest waning, Seltzer moved his operation to California. Gail Fund (2013) John "Schoolboy" Creekmore Annis Jensen (2015) - Hall of Fame 1960 lol, I also love “Do you remember where you parked the car?!?”. Roller derby blazed back into the zeitgeist. Jack Wilson “This is the only American sport ever created where men and women are equal,” he told The Times in 1971. Jim Terrigno Mark D'Amato Mickey Milane Julie Atkinson (2016) Terry Lewis (2013) Hank Goldberg Jim Ciota “Do you remember where you parked the car?”. Kitty Nehls - Hall of Fame 2006 Hall of Fame 2008-9, Ronnie RobinsonApril 14, 2001 Ed Dresser I can play ‘Charge’ anytime.” Feb. 28, 1971. Bob Joseph (2015) Annabelle "Slugger" Kealy - Hall of Fame 2004 BUT THOSE BELOVED ONES