Bradley "Bouncer" Plakova,[3] portrayed by Ben Hanson, made his first appearance on 7 January 2003 in series 2 of The Story of Tracy Beaker during the episode Back and Bad. My hear was so broken that I lost controll Shiro's Story is the YouTube trilogy that fans of UK rap have been talking about all week after the third instalment was released on Monday. But for Kyla and his mum you better know he's gonna try He often wears costumes and dress-up, and is always wearing new and original costumes. He departs in the final episode of series 2. When Steve's nephew, John (Adam Skilton) turns up, Justine isn't thrilled and when Justine has to give up her room, Carrie tells Justine it's her dad's decision and Justine decides to move back to The Dumping Ground. He is best friends with Milly and gets fostered with Milly by the Boxer family in the episode 'Two's a Crowd'. Roxy supports Alice by making a story up that Lucy worked at her old care home and mistreated a boy. He is described as 'lazy and an idiot', by Tracy, but is also described as 'fun', and is more of an older brother, especially to Dolly. Ayy Shiro you don't reall know me but trust me doe I know you He jumps out the chair and runs straight into the road Alice tells Layla about her tooth fairy and shows her her fairy palace, which Roxy (Sophie Borja) insults. He told them "okay that he can get 'em their p" The plug and his soldiers they all leave the scene They talked for a bit but then Kiera takes the phone However, she abandons her mission having learned from Jenny that her mother has deliberately severed ties with her daughter. So he made a couple of calls and brought friends of his own Six months ago a girl died outside a club, she was shot in the back Shawn "Wolfie", portrayed by Felix Drake, made his first appearance on 15th March 2005 in series 4 of The Story of Tracy Beaker during the episode 'Independence Day'. The police said that a straight bullet hit her Mike offers her a job at the Dumping Ground because it is short-staffed, with only himself and Gina working there. A set of foster parents decide to foster the dog, which is named Tracy after Tracy (Dani Harmer), after the young people try to impress them. So dats more guns, more bodies, more ammo And its been like a year since her and Kyle had sex Video, Tech to spot sailor’s mood in tough global race, 'Young black people need role models to see' Video, 'Young black people need role models to see', What does developing a Covid-19 vaccine look like? However, Tracy's birth mother turns up and initially seems willing to take Tracy back into her care. When Nathan Jones arrives at The Dumping Ground in Series 2 Episode 1 to be a trainee care worker, Dolly starts to like him already. Is Shiro didn't slip, he never came there alone Hear what I'm sayin' I need all my bread "But you've got millions of people loving this type of show but we haven't got one show anywhere that represents the culture. Bouncer departs in series 4 when he moves to a Halfway House, which caused tension between him and his brother Lol, resulting in an argument in the episode 'Bouncer VS Lol'. Or we can come together, take him out and then sort them issues between me and you So Shiro thanks the plug for his help Mrs and Me Lucre are potential foster parents. She made her final appearance in 'Beam Me Up, Scottie', when she moved in with her foster parents, Mark and Helen. She makes a couple of cameo appearances in later series as a cartoon character. Bullets banging on the car, Shiro's ducking down low But Shiro ain't about After Elaine's visit to a life coach, she unintentionally upsets Alice by throwing out her fairy palace, but helps mend it. Carmen then asks Justine about fostering which freaks Justine out a little but says she'll think about it and talk to Charlie after Carmen said it worked for Cam and Tracy. Adele then returns to live in the Dumping Ground. And he wants you dead, he's looking for your head If the place ain't too bait, he's going there with the strap Dani Harmer, Lisa Coleman and Montanna Thompson reprised their roles as Tracy Beaker, Cam Lawson and Justine Littlewood for Tracy Beaker Returns. Cam is distraught and as soon as she finds out where she is, she pursues her with Justine in tow. Shiro really tried to explain Picking up from Part 2 of the hit series. Kyle's there quick with his two young bucks, black gloves in a ringer, both of them are strapped up Nathan Jones, portrayed by James Cartwright,[7] made his first appearance on 7 January 2003 in series 2 of The Story of Tracy Beaker during the episode Back and Bad. He's been missin' like 6 months straight It's hard to make out cos they're coming from afar I will get revenge on who killed my big sister (I'm sorr') So they both agreed put their ting to an end When Steve cancels taking Justine out, Carrie visits Justine and she breaks the news to Justine that she is pregnant and Justine doesn't take it well. Amber Hearst,[3] portrayed by Alicia Hooper, made her first appearance on 21 January 2003 in series 2 of The Story of Tracy Beaker during the episode Alien. Shiro's story part 3 😮😮😮😢😭😭😭 tears legit came to my eyes 😔😔 there has got to be a part 4 @RealRapman 🙏🏽🙏🏽, I’ll be sat here waiting for shiro’s story part 4, 5, 6, 7... keep them coming @RealRapman 🤭. However, Tracy never contacted Louise whilst she was away, so when Justine Littlewood arrived at the Dumping Ground, she became her new best friend. Alice, portrayed by Olive Gray,[20] made her first appearance on 1 December 2005 in series 5 of The Story of Tracy Beaker during the episode Return to Sender. Dat that money that money that he gave he was the last to his name The young people challenge Mr Willis to make costume hats for, This page was last edited on 3 November 2020, at 02:42. Rita told Newsbeat how the drama had exposed her to a new type of fame. Whilst Tracy initially blocks Cam from her life they eventually make up and rekindle their relationship as friends. Carrie, portrayed by Caroline Bunce from 2003 to 2004 and Kathryn Dimery in 2005, made her first appearance on 23 January 2003 in series 2 of The Story of Tracy Beaker during the episode Doggie. Don't care about all of them sirens den Adele usually keeps herself to herself however intervenes if she has to. In the second season, Cam fosters Lily Kettle after she falls off the roof of the Dumping Ground during a protest. Yeah Kyle thinks he's wating for him Rapman, from Lewisham, south London, says Shiro's Story is inspired by real-life events. Justine returned in the third series of Tracy Beaker Returns for one episode, where she arrives and asks Mike to give her away at her wedding after her father didn't approve of her fiancé, Charlie. I nearly died in that room, don't ever think that I forgot Milly never speaks, and only spoke when Elaine asked if she wanted to be fostered. They're still counting the votes', Tech to spot sailor’s mood in tough global race. I dont know what you did to Kyron Spoilers for Episode 1 … The latest film features everyone from UK artist Cadet to Elijah Quashie - better known as The Chicken Connoisseur, of course.