In the case of their conjunction within one Sidereal Sign this is almost unavoidable. Slow to make decisions, you like to justify things in your mind before you commit yourself to others. This is why as time goes by, your life, which can be messy, gets more and better organized. If the marriage house in your chart is afflicted then none of them really wanted to marry you, which is why you really didn’t want to marry any of them. The following example will illustrate. Eventually, it will be a full sign back. The true position of the planets are effectively the Sidereal … Your strength lies in an ability to make adjustments or to compromise. It takes less effort that way. And Venus Understands and makes Mercury Present. It is the mythic poetics of romantic love that calls to you. Your natural impulses and feelings about things keep you on the right track, and you instinctively say and do the right things. That is when you save them from embarrassment by appreciating the one true if obvious thing that they have said. It often happens that the verbose other will suddenly realize that they are being humored. You might notice a difference between this and your more popular western Sun Sign. This means taking pleasure in the task itself rather than dwelling upon what it might or might not lead to. The stars today are in a different position in the sky. Part 3 and 4: Venus and Jupiter, Top 4 Wealthiest Signs (Billionaires Research Study) [video], Youtubers, Streamers and Online Personalities, How To Use Your Astrology in Day to Day Life to Help You [Daily Astrology], How To Use and Make Free “Zet 9 Program” Sidereal Chart Astrology Reading, Astrology Appearance: What are the Nakshatra’s affect on the Face? You probably wrote the desiderata “Avoid loud and aggressive persons for they are a vexation to the spirit”. If you come from a Vedic astrology background you might notice a difference in your Sign as well. Hence, this sign brings together many of the characteristics of the eleven signs that have come before it. Heaven's Child is a good place to find info about Sidereal Astrology Libra. You have a natural psychological sophistication and can hear the hidden meaning in what people are saying or rather not saying. The principle, to be kept in mind and understood, is that Mercury Articulates and Expresses Venus. This zodiac differed from the contemporary Tropical zodiac by about 23° in the mid-1940s. Because of your deep seriousness and periodic melancholy the meaning and purpose of life is on your mind. It instead is based on the seasons of the Earth, and does not reflect their true locations. You are a master of strategic delay and avoid a lot of problems simply by postponing them until they are forgotten. And The Planet We Now Call Venus Was Called Mercury. Pisces, however, are happiest keeping many of these qualities under wraps. True sidereal astrology accounts for the varying sizes of the constellations, as well as their true locations. You are Listening to a Concert of Complex Emotionally moving Music, to which you have given yourself over entirely; so that you have Become the Music. How-To-Use Ephemeris [Daily Planet Locations], How to do an Aura Reading in Sidereal Astrology, Astrology Attraction Compatibility – Are You Attracted To Them? The constellations are moving relative to the rotation of the Earth around the Sun. Sidereal astrology accounts for precession. But you may end up stuck in some boring but secure administrative or executive assistant post. THE SIXTH CONSTELLATION AND STARHOUSE- LIBRA. Buddhi: Sacred Soul: = Venus: Mysticism. The subject matter and colors invoke deep complex feelings: Venus. This Triune Deity was also called the Logos: The Authentic Unifying Individuality within the Manifold field of Perception and Experience.