Thus, you are able to craft and improve a wide variety of common goods.-25 Skill-Advanced Light Armors- An Introduction to Scale ArmorsYou've been able to learn more advanced techniques, allowing you to craft and efficiently improve scale armor.Dwarven Smithing- Art of Dwarven BlacksmithingYou've Studied some long-lost schematics of dwarven equipment and acquired the secret knowledge of how to create and improve them efficiently.-50 Skill-Advanced Blacksmithing-You've gained quite some finesse' allowing you to craft all forms of jewelry and plate armor. Effects: multiplies enchantment power by 1.25. * Poison's Branch~Concentrated Poisons (25, Alchemical Lore I and Impoved Elixirs perks) -Your experience in the obscure alchemical arts allows you to concentrate your poisons. Requiem - Destiny feature 62 new perks that try to offer more diverse character builds. Increases magnitude and duration of Apprentice, or higher, spells by 2% per skill level. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the skyrimrequiem community. *ONLY USE ONE VERSION! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Some assets in this file belong to other authors. Effects: multiplies enchantment power by 1.50 (replaces previous bonus). 1 moonstone, 1 quicksilver: 4 petty soul gems. Effects: reduces spell cost by 55%. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. Copyright © 2020 Robin Scott. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Blocking is even more effective and your equipped shield weighs less.-20 Skill-Experienced Blocking-Be it with a weapon or a shield-you can block almost any blow with a rock-solid confidence. This ability can trigger from shouts, poison, diseases, weapon enchantments, and various debuffs, though if the effect has no associated Magicka cost, the player will not gain any Magicka. Essence of Life Branch~Focused Mind (25, Apprentice/Advanced perk) -You have learned to focus your mind. GD's Dwemer Centurion - A 2k Centurion retexture for M.H.A.R.P.H.I.N. Requiem - Perks for Vanilla Followers takes a more even-handed approach, giving only low- to mid-level perks to most followers, unless lore suggests they should be more powerful (the Circle members of the Companions, for example). Presumably this is to make them more formidable in the quests in which they accompany the player. I create an archer character and I go to a master archer and ask him to train me, I train my self to x level archery and get x amount of exp, that I can use to level up etc. You can craft and improve them with ease, now that you've studied the related schematics.-100 Skill-Legendary Blacksmithing-You make steel sing songs on the anvil, as you hammer no longer is a mere tool, but an instrument to weave the stuff of myth. You improve about anything like no one else ever could, and can even temper the most ancient artifacts.Draconic Blacksmithing- Compendium of Draconic ArmorThe scales and bones of dragons are probably the hardest material to work with, but you've mastered even this art since you studied that old compendium.Daedric Smithing- Daedric CraftmanshipThe creation of daedric weapons and armor is a secret few mortals know - still somehow you managed to acquire this knowledge. In fact, you are now skilled enough to precisely aim for an enemies neck, leading to frequent decapitations.-75 Skill-Battle Axe Specialization 3-You've become a master of battle axe combat, allowing you to perform devastating attacks with them.Greatsword Specialization 3-You're a master of greatsword combat, making your swings even faster.Warhammer Specialization 3-You've become a masterly warhammer fighter, rendering armor almost useless.Cleave-By putting more power into your sideways attacks you can cut down multiple foes with a single blow when using a two-handed weapon.-100 Skill-Devastating Cleave-By trying to hit the most vulnerable parts of your foes, your sideways power attack has a chance to paralyze all hit foes.Mighty Strike-There doesn't remain much you cannot kill with a single blow of your two-hander, as your blows even fell giants with ease. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. You familiarity with your armor also allows you to deflect most melee attacks harmlessly while bull rushing.-25 Skill-Combat Casting-You're able to keep concentrated enough in heavy armor to cast fundamental and advanced spells without severe penalties.Combat Training-You require no extra stamina for power attacks when wearing heavy and your gauntlets improve your unarmed damage.-50 Skill-Combat Trance-Your heavy armor distracts you even less, allowing you to cast sophisticated spells with almost no penalty.Fortitude-Your training made you stronger. Lockpicking-No Skill-Cheap Tricks-You've acquired the basics of lockpicking and are now able to pick the easiest of locks and could even smelt steel ingots into lockpicks with basic knowledge of craftsmanship.-50 Skill-Locksmithing Lore-You know almost everything there is to know about mechanical locks and how to use a lockpick. Rune Branch~Rune Mastery (50, Apprentice/Advanced perk) -By mastering the arcane symbols, you've gained improved rune spells of which you can maintain three at once. Increases magnitude and duration of Expert, or higher, spells by 4% per skill level. Soul of an Atronach Branch~Magical Absorption (100, Expert/Superior perk) -You've mastered the art of absorbing Magicka from incoming spells, and are now able to absorb a part of their power from time to time. Bound Weapon Branch~Mystic Binding (25, Novice/Fundamental perk)-You've become very skilled in binding weapon-shapeddeadra from Oblivion. Mage Armor Branch~Improved Mage Armor (25, Apprentice/Advanced perk) -You've mastered the art of casting armor spells. Smithing--No Skill-Craftmanship- The Craftman's ManualYou've acquired the basics of craftmanship and know how to properly use all kinds of tools. Thus you can empower these spells and require less concentration to maintain them. Increases magnitude and duration of … ._3bX7W3J0lU78fp7cayvNxx{max-width:208px;text-align:center} Two Companions NPCs in particular, Farkas and Aela, have a "cheat" perk which simply gives them +300% damage. 100 enchanting, 3 moonstone 3 quicksulver: 1 grand soul gem. Flame Branch~Pyromancy I (25, Novice/Fundamental perk) -Your now are able to intensify the heat of your fire spells, Thus, THey now deal increased damage.Pyromancy II (50, Pyromancy I perk) -Your fire spells burn with almost otherworldly heat and consume earth and flesh with terrifying ease.Cremation (75, Pyromancy I perk) -Your Adept, Expert and Master fire spells burn so ferociously that foes are set ablaze, often causing them to run away in gruesome agony as their very skin becomes molten.Fire Mastery (100, Cremation perk) -Your fascination for fire now grants you a natural resistance to it, while also increasing all your fire spells' power even further. A few minor updates for consistency with Requiem 3.1. The powerful open-source mod manager from Nexus Mods. Version for Requiem v4.0.1 is considered a Work In Progress! -- Version 2.0 -- (NEW GAME IS REQUIRED! In Requiem the default formula for XP is followed: you gain more XP if your potion is worth more money. Also, when being hit while blocking, you feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins, granting you a slight stamina bonus.-25 Skill-Powerful Bashes-By gathering your strength for a short while, you can perform a much more powerful bash.Bashing an enemy like this with your shield or the pommel of your two-handed weapon will likely put him off balance.-50 Skill-Elemental Protection-You've learned how to block damaging spells so that you can now increase your resistance against them when blocking with a shield.Overpowering Bashes-You put all of your power into your shield bashes, often overpowering your foes.They will be staggered much more now and likely will even trip and fall.-75 Skill-Defensive Stance-You have honed your defensive movements to perfection. The powerful open-source mod manager from Nexus Mods. If it triggers, the spell's negative effects are negated entirely. Thus, you can use your Thu'um more often.Destructive Urge-You have engrained the meaning of "Yol", knowing that fire is power given form. 50 enchanting, 1 moonstone, 1 quicksilver: 1 common soul gem. Another prereq. Now you can do something about this inequity.-100 Skill-Perfected Art-After having learned everything there is to know about thievery, your legendary skills allow you to never get caught. Provides a clearer description of what the skill perks do in Requiem. Update for consistency with Requiem 3.2. -Thu'um Branch-Lore of the Thu'um-You spent time on studying the lore of shouting and the dragon's alphabet. Storm Branch~Electromancy I (25, Novice/Fundamental perk) -You can now energize your lightning spells more effectively, causing them to deal more damage.Electromancy II (50, Electromancy I perk) -Compared to your lightning spells, the worst tempests would look like a mild summer breeze.Electrostatic Discharge (75, Electromancy I) -Your lightning strikes' intensity is of terrific power and shred through body and mind alike. ConjurationMain Tree~Novice/Fundamental(0)-Raise Dead I, Summon Ghostly Wolf, Bound Sword, Summon Swarm I, Summon Skeletal SoldierApprentice/Advance (25)-Raise Dead II, Soul Trap I, Bound Axe, Necromantic Empowerment I, Summon Ghostly Hound, Summon Skeletal Warlock, Summon Skeletal Archer, Summon Swarm II, Summon Ghostly MudcrabAdept/Sophisticated (50)-Raise Dead III, Banish Daedra I, Conjure Flame Atronach,Necromantic Empowerment II, Summon Ghostly Troll, Summon Ghostly Bear, Teleport I, Spectral Arrow,Summon Ghostly ArcherExpert/Superior (75)-Raise Dead IV, Command Daedra, Banish Daedra II, Bound Bow, Conjure Storm Atronach,Conjure, Frost Atronach, Summon Ghostly Sabrecat, Teleport Vitals, Summon Ghostly WraithMaster/Masterly (100)-Summon Ghostly Steed.