Or perhaps it was that American dressers had to work with pelts so pungent, European brokers wouldn’t take them. Skunk Colours and Patterns While most people are more familiar with the black and white classic Pepe LePew style of skunks, skunks actually come in a wide array of colours and patterns. Stink badger tails are short and pointed. (No fur is blacker than northern skunk.) The most marked difference between stink badgers and skunks is the lack of a bushy tail. World War II ended and fur fashion shifted dramatically. I think skunks are amazing, intelligent, and unassuming animals that don’t deserve to be valued just on whether you can make a coat out of them or not. In fact,beavers are believed to be more numerous today that at any time since European colonisers arrived. There are many different kinds of skunks. Most of those colours and patterns are Even on the natural side of things, we have a wide variety of sheep and camelid species that can be shorne with no loss of life, and produce warm, amazing wool. The guard hairs are slightly coarser than fox, the most luxurious long-haired fur. Falling star skunks have thin lines where their stripes would start that make it look as though the star is "falling. The most prized pelts have solid black backs with a blue sheen, and come from colder regions where pelts are thicker, hairs are finer, and the black is blackest. Hi Simon, Over-trapping of some species historically has indeed presented problems, but they are all on the way to recovery today. Thom Olson, Thank you, Thom, for the praise! Using proper trapping techniques, it is rare that an animal sprays. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. They weren’t crazy about fox either. A rose by any other name does not smell as sweet! So why aren’t we all dressed from head to toe in skunk fur? First chapter in the Bible. Image © WNET.ORG. Are we really that shallow? What is wrong with you? A box trap works great for nuisance skunks, but is too costly and bulky for fur trapping. “Ermiline” was white rabbit, sometimes with black spots for that authentic ermine look. Skunk fur is glamorous and striking. Explaining the need for the new law, the Chicago Tribune wrote, “Mrs. It ranges from southern Canada to northern Mexico, co-exists with humans, and in many parts of its range is growing in numbers. And as the Old Testament of the Bible is the basis for other religions all well (Judaism and parts of the Koran reference the Old Testament also), other religions don’t have a problem with the wearing of fur. God made clothing from skins. And even when skunk was “discovered” in the mid-1800s, demand was not at home but from Europe. YOU NEED A LESSON IN MANNERS. They have the same black “Rock sable”, for example, became “bassarisk”, even though most people called them ring-tailed cats. Show some respect for any animal farmed, trapped, hunted, hit by cars, whatever the cause of death . In the 1930s, the fur trade often took considerable liberties when it came to labelling. Love all gods creatures, show them respect in life, death, dispatch practices and use what they give you with respect, pride, and honor! Skunk--a mammal, generally black and white, either striped, spotted or a combination of the two. I’m Thom Olson. In the early 1970s, in particular, it was considered quirky and cool, but it soon went the same way of Afros and bell bottoms. The length and width of stripes varies with each individual. (No fur is blacker than northern skunk.) Pretty easy. Skunk, (family Mephitidae), also called polecat, black-and-white mammal, found primarily in the Western Hemisphere, that uses extremely well-developed scent glands to release a noxious odour in defense. I love animals wild and domestic. “The propagation of skunks for their fur promises to develop into an important industry.”. Well said Chris, on August 5, 2018 at 6:34 pm. Genesis 3:21. Skunk fur is durable – less durable than beaver, but ahead of the pack and on a par with mink. In short, all the right boxes are checked for a great fur. Animals die naturally for reasons like weather, old age, parasites, starvation, etc. They are also more slender and have shorter fur. “I like wearing furs and I honestly don’t care enough about animals to stop wearing something that makes me happy.” Just say that and cop to it. The classic image everyone things of when thinking Skunk. I guess that’s too much for you to do, huh? I was very puzzled by this until I learned that was what many furriers used to call spotted skunks. As a civilisation, we have outgrown this. Average price was $5.97. From time to time, skunk has made small comebacks. Sorry if you got that impression. This isn’t always easy, or even possible (or veganism would be more widespread than it is), but with clothing, at least, we’re good at making things that both keep warm and breathe. ". What do you think? Find skunk stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. But a change in fashion was not the whole story. Skunk quickly became America’s second most valuable fur harvest after muskrat, with almost all pelts being traded in London and Leipzig. Wearing furs is purely luxury, and it has no place in fashion the same way animal testing for cosmetic use has no place in cosmetics. Skunks are mild-mannered sweet little mammals that only want to be left alone. ). Jerry Dragoo with a striped skunk Yet today it’s rarely seen in stores, and a pelt sells for the price of a coffee. Prices, meanwhile, seem frozen in time. This and other morphological differences led Jerry Dragoo and his colleagues to take a closer look at skunk DNA. All skunks are good rodent hunters, but spotted skunks are especially good at capturing rats and mice. “You’ll find everything from solid white to solid black,” VandenBos says, pointing to the markings on its back. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day. Your email address will not be published. If there is one white stripe, and it’s long and wide (hooded skunk), this may be retained in a garment, while pelts with two stripes (striped skunk) are normally dyed a uniform black. And the colouration is unmistakeable: deep brown or black, usually with white striping and cream patterns. I don’t see a problem with wearing fur. Like members of the skunk family, stink badgers have short, muscular limbs, elongated claws, a stocky body, and scent spraying anal glands. Mink was the new king, a position it has not relinquished to this day. Did you watch “Is That Skunk?” Tell us what you think. This is the conundrum that is skunk fur. Animals provide Hog-nosed skunks are excellent diggers, and they have long, specialized claws and impressive upper body strength. It’s wrong to disrespect and waste not It was also once the height of fashion. But skunks have even larger anal glands, and instead of a duct that secretes scent markings, skunks spray their scent from nipples in the anal gland that can be precisely aimed and controlled. If there is one white stripe Its curious history may shed some light. Long hair was out and short hair was in.