The ES has done really well on climbs, too. - Rear rack & fender mounts I wanted to have the handlebars at the same height as the saddle, room for fenders and 32mm tires, provisions for rack and fenders, something suitable for commuting, running errands, centuries, double centuries, and maybe even PBP! Stay safe. I have a 56c Smoothie really like it a lot. So my 72.5-degree head tube, raised by 12mm of extra fork, suddenly becomes a 71.5-degree tube and that changes the handling, as well as forcing my saddle more forward in adjustment to maintain the rider’s position. Learned behavior that works for the right hand is not appropriate for the left.The other arcane skill that will keep your chain on is to softpedal for the shift. I decided to find a measurement of both the fork axle-crown distance plus the bottom headset cup height for a total length. The frame that broke was a 631 and the replacement was Tange. budget, build and review, frame, Uncategorized. I can ride them both fast, with the Jamis Quest being slightly faster covering 100 miles. (partly on the quest for no toe overlap). And that's with room to spare.I wouldn't be surprised if the Smoothie can actually fit a 700x30 or even 700x32. The standard Smoothie that you are looking it will be stiffer than the ES that I have (because of the semi-compact geometry and the shorter chainstay). Thanks for the review! But as Somas are usually bought as frames you should be aware of the subjective feel. Soma Smoothie ES, 57 cm Complete Road Bikes, Road Bike Review Cycling Discussion Forums. For this frame of reference, By the mid-nineties, the last steel frames racing in the world cup of cycling were just under twenty pounds. Wish it had a pump peg and a external collar, but this is minor. Out­fitted with Super Everwear tires, Mini front and Deco rear racks, Sparrow townie handlebars, Shotwell stem, Doublerow threadless headset, Hellyer track crankset, and Raindog fenders all from Soma. The wheelbase is a long 1027mm so the Soma ES tracks exceptionally well without conscious rider attention. Few months ago I picked up my custom bike and every time I have to shift from the big to the small ring I make it with fear: the chain usually doesn't enter properly! Bike in Paris Roubaix had one on. This actually surprised me, 1) because of the current gears/gearing; 2) because I suppose I had an idea that it would feel weightier than it does; and 3) because the words "enjoy" and "climb" never go hand in hand for me - ever. -- DG Campy levers + IRD = mishmash. For example, downhill switchback turns, maneuvering in a tight and fast group ride, or desired general sensitivity. It's pretty easy to address the chain drop problem with a Deda Dog Fang. Well constructed. Funny. It takes less effort to keep under control, which is why we recommend the ES over the Smoothie on long charity rides and centuries, where race-like handling is not only not needed, but a distraction to the rider. We are considering the mixte frame. Gravity does not care what logos are on your parts.When you shift off the 50T the chain is moving about 1 meter per second. I took it for my first two rides this weekend for a total of about 70 miles or so. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The ES could stand for extra special, or sporty, or smooth, or sexy, or sophisticated. (I've been a mechanic for some 35 years.) What it offers is more stability at speed and allows you to go in a straight line easier with less steering work needed (and thus less mental fatigue)on those long grueling rides. I’ve pushed it hard in the saddle, out of the saddle for sprints, on climbs, and through corners. Some franken-drivetrain setups work. The Kinesis DC07 fork at 550 grams and, with a discount coupon, $135! : 53-39t double, 52-36-24t triple The frames are built and painted overseas. With the frame delivered, I discover how big of a tire I can actually run plus run through why I picked the headset and fork I did. Been doing some singing reviews here so check these out while you're at it: It's very well put together and fit me perfectly. Soma Smoothie: steel road frame build & review, pt.1, Soma Smoothie: Steel road frame build and review, pt.3. Both have fender eyelets. The best way I can describe it, is that I feel more relaxed on the bike than my positioning warrants. I am not afraid to ride a bike for fear of chain drop and I am riding the Soma very happily. There are several incarnations of this idea, like the Raleigh Clubman and, I suspect, the Pashley Clubman, and the appeal of the idea seems to be growing. I saw a SOMA Smoothie Frame at Bicycle Outfitters in Los Altos and thought it was one of the nicest looking frames I'd seen. - 7 sizes: 48, 51, 54, 56, 58, 61, 66cm Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The straight horizontal of the bars makes a really sharp line. I give it a 100 percent recommendation. Certainly heavier than same, comparatively it makes some difference (few mins.) You could probably do 35c or 38c 650b tires with normal reach brakes, or just try an ES.I really like the SOMA stuff. Soma does make the Grand Randonneur for this purpose, but the top tubes are too long (per size) for me and I’m not all in to the point of wanting to go 650b in the wheels. Needs to use 57mm reach road brakes and fork to match, “Just wanted to drop you a line about how much I'm enjoying the Soma ES frame I bought from you last December! The problem on the model given you to test was the IRD front der. It's an unsuspended vehicle, everything is vibrating. My impression is that the Smoothie is more responsive and lighter, with thinner tubing. There is one thing I really don't like about SOMA's bikes though, and that is the geometry... on some of their models (like the Smoothie and Smoothie ES), in the smaller and even medium-sizes, they insist on having too steep a seat tube, like 74 and 75 degrees. Hey Bertin, just wondering what, besides the color, you like about the Soma stem? This causes problems when shifting from the big ring to the small, throwing the chain unless I press the lever very gently. Otherwise, the chain falls out.I'm really not comfortable with that. Ride quality is quite nice. I used it daily for around 20 months in tropical Hawaii with no rust issues. The orange bike would be a big hit in Ireland....Cheers,Bill in Roswell, GA. If I were to fall to convention, and hit those points that marketing departments and engineers love to brag about I would have to say that the frame is stiff enough. Never dropped a chain, and that includes riding bumpy dirt roads and trails.Also, don't lump all chain catchers into the same "dangerous" bucket. In this size (52cm) there is also TCO to consider once you start going wider. Out of my curiosity, one of the first things I did was try to see how much tire wouuld fit on this thing. © Copyright 2020 VerticalScope Inc. All rights reserved. Bottom line is that the bike is fun, stable and comfortable. The first place you run into clearance problem will be the top of the tire rubbing the brake calipers. He says it's very comfortable for all day rides... :D I think it's safe to say that he highly recommends the Soma Smoothie ES, especially for the price. MtR, I'm not entirely sure. I have a family of two kids plus two cats. Sturdy, heat-treated, butted cromoly steel frame available up to 66 cm. Comes without fork for more options. Jim I don't think we are disagreeing here. I'll try to take better pictures. I don't know that figure, so I'm not entirely sure the front tire would clear the fork crown. This website does not use affiliate links. Hi, I've been looking forward to hearing your impressions of the Smoothie. Nice paint! (I have reviewed the Jamis Quest separately.) Now Shimano makes an ideal front der. Holdsworth ain't bad using the best Columbus SL tubing, if you can stomach the orange and blue. From anything ever reported about V's riding habits a top gear of 48x13 or even 48x14 would be plenty. I have the Cypres on my ES and love them and I'd love to try the Cerfs on the Smoothie. This is my third bicycle and it’s a great addition to my collection. And with a racing front derailluer, when the chain jumps down or up is pushed up on such a set-up, the short tail of the racing derailleur cage is less able to 'talk' to the chain and bend it over to where you want it to go. The Soma Smoothie ES has lots of braze-ons for fenders and racks. Its philosophy echoes the area’s hippie values and it claims to make products for everyday cyclists, not just those wanting to ape the pros. but for the cyclist craving the low rolling resistance of the fatter tire and the fast bump absorption all within a fast road machine, it adds to the problem. (51cm) The Soma ES is what was most common type of bike back in the 70's, the sport tourer. Everything works with regard to the fundamental bike functions. Several small bike makers that cater to the rando community specifically offer their frames in OS spec. It handles great without being mushy or flexy. (IRD Mosaic 57 Carbon fork has less clearance than our steel fork and only fits 28c wide tires with fenders) Can't say I didn't try, per usual. There are normally enough choices of spindle length to make common drivetrains work. Hi! Front downshifts still work better with a soft touch.The final issue is the spread between the two chainrings. I may now not have the range of saddle adjusting because I’m already using zero setback seat posts due to some kinda short hamstrings. The lowest combination would win. Two teeth make a huge difference. I hate to say it, but those thoughts have actually run through my mind with the ES. I' curious about this. The frame geometry is a good starting point for a bike focused on comfort or speed. Anon 10:50,People us BB length to describe spindle lengths. Pink I didn't feel they had the ride quality of a Smoothie. non-indexed) campy front shifting doesn't particularly know or care what derailleur & crank combo it's running on as long as the limits are set properly-- sounds like that QS front lever is the problem here...Also, not sure if you have posted about this before, but have you tried SRAM levers? Now chain drops happen to excess and expensive elaborately machined chainwatchers are fast sellers.You just have to shift differently at the front and rear. It rides nicely, quite stable, which is what I was looking for. WISH LIST Out­fitted with Super Everwear tires, Mini front and Deco rear racks, Sparrow townie handlebars, Shotwell stem, Doublerow threadless headset, Hellyer track crankset, and Raindog fenders all from Soma. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Soma Smoothie ES 50cm at YMMV. In 2016, we shaved down the number of sizes a little, but have kept the hard to find 66cm size. Couple your observation with with the 70mm of BB drop indicated on Soma's geometry chart, and I'm betting this could be a good 650B candidate. The build is nice, tho' I could do without the pink. Early this spring I began searching the market for a frame. Pink. Those lugs sure looked good. I bought this frame to use for both training and endurance rides. It has flat plates like they did back in the 6 speed days, and has different pivot points that allow more movement. After the striker plate hits the chain it's gravity, inertia and levers. The frame is versatile enough for a variety of riding, from long distances to short commutes. You say you think threadless stems are usually ugly. This is hardly an exhaustive list of things that are going on, it's a beginning.It's a wonder front shifts happen at all. With the frame delivered, I discover how big of a tire I can actually run plus run through why I picked the headset and fork I did. This bike could even run some gravel grinder races if it’s not too cruddy out there. Riding a full on race bike like my Serotta Legend Ti is great when I’m in terrific shape and want to go out for a hard charging 20-60 miler, but as I get older, aggressive riding is less frequent. & long-reach brakes I've got ~250 mi. What shall I name the CAAD. I was always concerned with paying $1400 for a frame and then taking it out in bad conditions (rain, dirt, mud, etc.). SOMA Smoothie ES update I've passed the 2000km mark on the SOMA Smoothie ES which is remarkable considering it feels like I barely have time to ride these days.