Now she must navigate the worlds of Love, marriage and human relationships. Her birthday wish for this year is to "see him." [80] The TV soundtrack had won the championships of many rankings in Taiwan, and airborned the first place in the sales record of the Hong Kong Record Merchants Association. Jian was taxed his brains by this concept for a long time, until he had a dream one day, "In my dream, I am writing in a hurry, writing about a love story of the male and female protagonists who have been in love for 13 years. The 5,000 copies of the first edition pre-ordered had been sold out upon it was launched, therefore 5,000 additional copies were printed. Someday or One Day (Chinese: 想見你; pinyin: Xiǎng Jiàn Nǐ) (lit: "Want to See You") is a 2019 Taiwanese TV drama,[1] which was directed by Huang Tien-jen(黃天仁) and starred by Ko Chia-yen, Greg Hsu, Patrick Shih and Kenny Yen as the main role. In iQiyi Taiwan, it had also surpassed from 10 million internet clicking rates. However, the last two scenes in episode 8 kind of threw me off. Their meanings are similar, but "one day" is usually more poetic, or more dramatic, or more connected to someone's serious intention, and has a much looser connection to time. One day, Huang Yu Xuan receives a walkman and a music cassette from an unknown person. I'll put the information together in a spoiler tag below just in case anyone's still watching. Here are nine more reasons why you should not miss out on this masterpiece! Accidentally, she had backed to 1998 and met a … “Someday or One Day” is a brilliantly written time-traveling romance mystery drama. The story of the female character traveled time to 99s made sense to me until 2 boys - Liziwei (wearing glasses) and want quansheng appears and they said they want to prevent the Yunru's death. [74] The "Limited Hardcover Edition" of TV soundtrack for the drama was released by the Rock Records, the paperback edition of the soundtrack was released simultaneously after the limited edition of 8,000 copies were sold out. He went into a coma and his soul time-traveled forward into WQS' body. The drama was repackaged in simplified Chinese when the streaming platforms of Mainland China began to air simultaneously with Taiwan after the fifth episode had been broadcast. Especially in the seventh episode, they didn't feel anything when they wrote, but everyone will think that the world will be destroyed if two souls was met, the audiences had been constrained by the rules of the past TV series, and breaking the framework and create the new game rules that belong to "Someday Or One Day" was thing that what they wanted to do. At the first production meeting of the TV soundtrack, Chen proposed the idea that a theme song could be presented in English. It broadcast the behind-the-scenes footage of "Someday or One Day - Even if we don't see each other, don't give up and leave" at the end of the drama. The screenwriter Jian also revealed the reason for choosing Hsu that was originally proposed by the producer Ma, to let the leading role play by the newcomer Hsu, and he said that he had felt the charm of him when he previously worked with Hsu, and praised him as the best of Wang Chuan-Sheng and Li Tzu-Wei. It's hard to follow that there's 2 versions of the otp living in separate alternate universes? He was able to do this because the real WQS committed suicide in, 2008 - MJJ’s grandma dies and MJJ commits suicide. She expressed that the plot was much more deeper and wider than she had imagined. The first broadcast ratings of CTV ranks first among the four wireless channels in the same period. She supposed that the troubles of adolescents were being overlooked easily, adults may think what a big trouble that they are still so young, but this problem was serious in fact, she said. [76][46] As of February 2020, there were more than 30 million views accumulated at the Taiwanese OTT platform; On Tencent and iQiyi, the audio-visual platform in mainland China, the number of views had exceeded 700 million times; The total number of clicks on the global legal audiovisual platform was roughly estimated up to 800 million; The overseas copyrights are sold to more than 100 countries and regions, and those were translated into 12 languages, including English, French, Japanese, Korean, and Thai. “Someday or One Day” is that special drama and it will stay with you long after you finish watching. Ren Guang Xi, a cocky law student, seems to lead the perfect life. It's a lot of keep track of and sooo sooo mysterious. I remember the heydays of Taiwanese dramas in the early 2000s lol and clearly felt what seemed to be a decline in the quality of Taiwanese dramas roughly around the end of 2011 (basically, when I started watching mainland dramas). Accidentally, she had backed to 1998 and met a … As Chen Yun Ru, she meets Yun Ru’s schoolmates, Li Zi Wei, who looks exactly like her boyfriend Wang Quan Sheng, and Mo Jun Jie (Patrick Shih) who has a crush on the reserved Chen Yun Ru. [46] CTi Entertainment was aired on every Sunday night at 22:00, starting from 1 March 2020, and re-broadcast on every other Saturday. A 27-year-old woman named Huang Yu Xuan (Alice Ke) pines for the love of her life, her long-time boyfriend Wang Quan Sheng (Greg Han), constantly checking his social media pages and desperately hoping he will call her, asking to get back together. [22] She revealed that the drama was a relatively hard work she had filmed since her career. The reason LZW's soul was able to enter WQS' body was because WQS had committed suicide at the same time of the car accident. He hopes that when he meets HYX again in 2019, they can work together to change history (i.e. Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film … All the while, Li Zi Wei finds himself strangely drawn to the girl who used to be Chen Yun Ru, despite the fact that he knows his closest friend Mo Jun Jie has had a crush on her... Can true love find a way to bridge a seemingly insurmountable time gap? [1] In addition, a campus premiere was held on 27 September of the same year, with first published of the 3-minute of international edition trailer. She felt the song title fits the feeling of time-travel, which "Someday" represents a day in the future, and "One Day" represent now or a day in the past. [82], Wu Bai & China Blue's "Last Dance" was throughout the episode, the song which became very popular after the drama had been aired. Suddenly, the song brings her back to 1998, and her soul was exchanged with that of a high school girl named Chen Yun-Ru, a girl who looks exactly like herself. The main leads take on multiple characters and their acting provide much depth and soul to the characters they play. In order to respect and protect the efforts of creators and cast members, they had urged the audience do not watch the leaked version and do not distribute the pirated links. [52] The C-POP TV from Japan commenced broadcast from 6 December 2019, with each of the original 13 episodes being split into 26 episodes. ", and they criticized the censorship system was an act of "forbidding human nature". Some say you will love me one day And I will wait, I will wait To get your loving one day Just say you will love me one day And I will wait, I will wait To get your loving one day. The Screenwriter Jian revealed at the screening that he had voted for the alternate actor of the role, and he was passed the audition with fully voted due to his outstanding performance. How the show treated each character was so well done! It was such an emotional last two episodes. some day. I tried to get the stories connected form 99-2010 to 2019 in my head but somehow I feel I lost my logic here. The drama is shrouded with mystery. She learns that she is no longer a 27-year-old woman but a high schooler named Chen Yun Ru, who is in the hospital recuperating from a head injury. It had a stable level in shooting and performance. In addition, the Rock Records also tailored five songs for the drama. Need more convincing? The next episode's preview looks sooo intense! However, the actress had the ability to empathize those sentiments as she had read the script, she had understood those messages the role was given to express, and tried to get it as close as possible. The rest of the cast did an amazing job as well. Does he send himself back to 2008 to try to stop it? Submit your e-mail address below. After discovering his estranged daughter's link to mysterious murders, a forensic detective with Asperger's syndrome risks everything to solve the case. [45], The drama was broadcast on the main frequency of CTV starting from 17 November 2019 to 16 February 2020, at every Sunday night 22:00 to 23:30, then rebroadcast at 00:00am every other Sunday; The Star Chinese Channel was broadcast from 23 November 2019 to 22 February 2020 at the same time every Saturday, and replay on the next day. [13], Greg Hsu, the finalist for supporting actor of the 52nd Golden Bell Awards for the drama "Have You Ever Fallen in Love, Miss Jiang? The producer Ma revealed that she had seen him many years ago, just before not yet he performed at the Qseries(植劇場), and she had saw many traits of him, she thought that he got a special temperament that other actors do not have, something both good and evil, very clean, and he made people to feel that he had an old soul inside, but he would not be too sophisticated. [73] In addition, the keyword of "the finale of Someday Or One Day" was the second place at the Google search ranking in Taiwan. The drama also has a great soundtrack that encapsulates the essence of the story. The drama was shown on CTV every Sunday at 10:00 pm, from November 17, 2019 to February 16, 2020,[3] and then it was jointly screened at Star Chinese Channel on every other Saturday. [2], Another film critic MAPLE believed that the theme design was very unique which combined with fantasy, suspense and romance, instead of two elements were put together, they had put the suspense puzzle solving inside the theme of romance. Finally, the pace was perfect and theSo, overall, nine out of ten. [9] About the conception of the character names in the drama, Jian said that he would like to take the names from those around him, and Lin would like to use those homophonic names. in one of the episode was also deleted as it hinted on women's menstruation, which sparked dissatisfaction from audiences in mainland China, with them ironically saying that "Do Chinese girls not have the right of a menstrual period?