Not much else to say, as it is not in the prototype version. It says 任天堂 開発第1部 ソウンドファクトリー "Nintendo Development Part 1, Sound Factory". Cosmic Fantasy Stories (JP) 370.48 Mo Crime Patrol (US) 220.99 Mo Cyborg 009 (JP) 402.02 Mo ... (Includes Original Sound Track Ver. Undoubtedly, if this came out and was a failure, it would have contributed to Gunpei Yokai's departure from Nintendo (though the Virtual Boy would still have been the biggest reason). Clearly, this game was close to being released. In the final version, the amount of times you have to hop on them is displayed as a number on the disc, while the prototype has stacks representing this. Do not use material on this site without permission. The full video of the demostration is shown below: Another video exists of a clip of what is likely the final version of the game, by an unknow French source: A prototype of Sound Fantasy, under the working title "Sound Factory" was uncovered by a someone from the Netherlands by the handle "steven78". However, in through the course of time, new information has been released about this game, and the old article has proven to have some incorrect information. ROMs » Sony Playstation » F » Final Fantasy VII Interactive Sampler CD. Sound Factory early, mini-preview featured in the "Pak Watch Update" spotlight on the Nintendo Shoshinkai 1993 video game expo (1993-11). Translations. There, the box art for the Japanese version of the game was displayed. Final Fantasy Zz is a much more difficult version of Final Fantasy with a few enhancements designed to make the game more enjoyable and much more challenging. The game was also produced by the late Gunpei Yokoi. Sound Factory has three of the four game modes that are in the final version of the game, namely Pix Quartet, Beat Hopper and Star Fly. However, this project was never picked up by Nintendo for reasons unknown. Article on IGN about the release of Electroplankton (, Article on on a tribute to Gunpei Yokoi (, Prototype discovery thread on Nintendo Age (. Closeup of the label. In Beat Hopper, you control a bouncing insect, as you try to clear discs by hopping on them. Thanks also to LuigiBlood for the research on this title and facilitating its release. The final version also has what appears to be an endless mode. Read our tutorial! It appears to play similarly between the prototype and the final version. Mario Paint was released in 1992 and was the game that introduced the SNES mouse to the public. Includes the game and SNES mouse. Game Title: Fantasy Zone Sounds; Rating: 0/5 ★★★★★ Console: TG16; File Size: 11.8KB (Download Emulator) Downloads: 626 ; Region: Share: Similar Games [SNES] Jungle Strike. I'm distributing the hacks here in two ways: “pre-patched” and “patch”.The “pre-patched” download is the hack already applied to the game--just download and play!The “patch” download is just the patch; this is for people who insist on patching the game themselves. Sound Fantasy Super Famicom box art (front) and mouse manual (front). It says that it would be released in October (presumably 1994) for 6800 yen, and 9800 yen with the mouse included. There are no traditional Nintendo characters in this like Mario Paint, and let's be honest, a lot less variety and replayability. 4/5 ★★★★ ★ VIEW GAME [NES] River City Ransom. Utilities Screen Shots Sound Samples Backdrop Art Front-Ends Movies FAQ Console Emus GameBoy Adv PlayStation 2 PlayStation Nintendo 64 Dreamcast Pinball Emus Front-Ends Cabinet Pics Forums Site Map Site Links Contact Us