That was George's 43 run over 400 mph. Teague! At Speed Week 2016 George Poteet and the Speed Demon Racing Team were on their game, running 400 mph-plus right out of the box. Speed Demon receives Hot Rod Magazine Trophy for Fastest Speed at 416.539 mph Mile 5 [Exit speed 426.910 mph] Three years in Row! See details below. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. The complete build is detailed here. With the shortened course the small block is our best chance at a record. Sunday morning building intercooler pipes for the Big Block in the Speeddemon. The Callies Ultra Billet crank is fitted with custom made Swedish Auto Verdi Racing con rods, Diamond deep-dish forged 9.3:1 pistons, Total Seal rings and ARP Custom Age 625+ fasteners. The stroke is 4.25 in. photos courtesy Steve Watt, Chris Raschke and John Baechtel, Photos courtesy Steve Watt, Chris Raschke and John Baechtel. Perfect parachutes. Speed Demon Racing Team members Steve Watt, Aron Cranford, Danny Drinan, Dave Main, Ron Main, James Diviak, Scott Lacy, Tommy Horn, Joe Galati, and driver George Poteet allowed us to take a look at some of the new tricks to make their land-speed racing endeavor even more successful as the new streamliner—now known simply as Speed Demon—comes together. Built in his mothers garage. This thing is been doing, out doing, and then out out doing itself for nearly a decade now. His father was killed in 1988 over a money dispute with a former partner. 1st pass. The previous comment is correct. Everything went great. Thompson spent more than two years and an enormous amount of money to realize the dream he and his father had for a record. That’s exactly what he plans on doing—for the 46th time—this August at Bonneville Speed Week. Day 2 of testing- We made a couple of short runs doing calibration and systems check. The VERY BEST OF LUCK to guys in the future, and reaching your 500 mph club, no doubt you’ll achieve it. Land. Smoking the tires at 442 mph exit speed got the record in blown fuel streamliner B engine record around 416 mph. 260-plus indicated. Photo Marc Gewertz. All systems look good. Keep on TRUCKING!!!!! Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. This is a split screen video of the the four cameras during a run on the salt this year. Incredible amounts of engineering, tuning expertise, dedication, money and hard work by very talented people make this the most awesome land speed record team ever! The Speed Demon Racing Team, backed by the legendary forces of George Poteet, Ron Main, Kenny Duttweiler, and Steve Watt took a record in the B/BFS class on Monday at SCTA Speed Week to the tune of 416.511 mph. He recorded an average of 448.75 mph. Testing all of the engine’s electronic fuel injectors, two per cylinder, showed that all were functioning properly. Rebuilt the car, switched engine and transmission and re-wired the car. Thompson broke the previous record set by an earlier iteration of the Poteet’s Speed Demon. AA means the displacement of the V8 is over 501 cubic inches and BFS means Blown Fuel Streamliner. Due to the pandemic, entries were confined to around 250 domestic racers compared to the normal 500-plus entries from around the world. Speed Demon photo by Zane McNary for Mike Cook's Bonneville Shootout. In only a few passes it surpassed 442 mph, reestablishing it's dominance and serving notice it was ready to run hard.. Running in the B/Blown Fuel Streamliner class it raised a long standing 381 mph record to 416.511 mph. You can show your appreciation to our sponsors by buying and using their ”Speed Demon tested and appoved“ products in your machine. No major problems. This was the car's fastest ever speed at the 4 mile so it was on a mission until the fuel problem occurred. Congratulations George and the Speed Demon Team. The post The Speed Demon streamliner becomes world’s fastest piston-powered car appeared first on Hagerty Media. Made 2632 HP@ 9640 rpm @ 51 lbs of boost . The talent behind the Speed Demon's remarkable powerplants is of course Kenny Duttweiler; one of the most respected and sought after engine builder's in modern racing circles. Photo Marc Gewertz. Final assembly will start next week. The son of Mickey Thompson, Danny pulled the Challenger II car out of mothballs since being sidelined back in 1968. The Speed Demon crew spent the remaining daylight hours on the salt stripping down the car to assess the damage and get it ready to run as soon as possible. Just like it does every Speed Week, the Speed Demon team came to the salt in 2020 with a proverbial quiver full of engines and its collective mind filled with lofty goals. The Speeddemon crew got it done! The wiring harness took the brunt of the flames, although the solenoids on the Liberty transmission were also melted. I’ve been following it since Mickey & Craig , off and on. The entries ranged from the big dogs such as Speed Demon all the way down to Andy Pickett’s 50 cc Honda and a whole lot between including the ‘Electraliner.’ This Tesla-powered electric E2-class streamliner set a record at 229.363 mph; however, the Internet … It wasn’t the perfect Bonneville Speed Week but it was pretty darn close. Initially, the plan was to install the LS engine. Atop the motor is a pair of Dart PRO120-degree cast 86 cc aluminum heads fitted with Jesel single-shaft valvetrain that includes PAC springs, Victory 1 retainers and Ferrea 2.04 in intake and 1.8-in exhaust valves. Everything is coming together. In more recent years the Bloodhound SSC land speed car began runs in 2008 to break the 1,000 mph barrier. Official Site of the Speed Demon 715 Streamliner - The World's Fastest Piston Engine Car. Thanks Shane T! Today we went 438 average mile and 453 exit. Among the contributing factors for the car’s stunning performance its sleek aerodynamic profile, traction control and Poteet’s nerves-of-steel driving skills rank high on the list. The original Speeddemon restoration is coming along . Speed Demon Reconstruction Process Ongoing. For a $3,000.00 donation a donor will receive the Gold Level Award. Danny’s new high-water mark of 448.757 mph over the 5-mile-long salt flats course set just last summer surpasses the previous 2012 Bonneville SCTA high-water mark achieved by a single Duttweiler-built, 347ci small-block Chevy in George Poteet’s Speed Demon (HOT ROD, April 2012). Their sights were set on the AA/Blown Fuel Streamliner record of 417.02 mph set by Tom Burkland in October. The Speed Demon has continued to stand tall. There has been thrashing to repair the car from some singed wiring early in the week, a rear end later in the week, but the organization continues to rise to the occasion and send the beast out angrier and faster each time. Cars that run in excess of 300 mph get their own “express lane” at the staging lanes at Speed Week’s long course, so Speed Demon was among the first teams to run when racing started on Saturday. Tuesday morning- we've got a A?BFS record, but no Hot Rod Trophy yet. On the nose of Speed Demon, it reads, “God speed Jack.” Speed Demon was the result. “BF” is for supercharged (nitromethane fuel) engines, and “S” is for streamliners. It’s not that easy. The Speed Demon streamliner becomes world’s fastest piston-powered car. The Turbinator also runs a 4000 HP+ helicopter engine to generate that speed. More Photos from Tuesday and Early Wednesday. The fact that this car has always done things with single engines and it has done them with a kind of style and panache that set them apart from the rest of the land speed racing set makes this special. If nobody tops that speed on Thursday the Demon will not run again until the Shootout next month. Success comes from commitments a team everyone of us is in 100% committed to the goal for the event we are going to compete at . Tagging along were two more small-block Chevy V-8s, the proven C-class engine that has been an absolute workhorse for the team, and the high-revving E-class engine. Thanks to Kenny for the photos. Back to Poteet, he’s spent years chasing and then keeping the record. Even more impressive is that it accomplished that speed with a single, twin-turbocharged small-block V8 displacing 368 ci. Congratulations, and good luck Speed Demon team! Attendees will be able to look under the hood and inspect the newest engine management, safety and aerodynamic engineering that enables vehicles, such as the Speed Demon, to challenge land-speed records. But, there have to be other teams out there to break Poteet’s string of Speed Week victories. The test and tune went well. Bonneville is a tough, unforgiving place to race. Copyright © 2020 All Rights Reserved. Lots of data gathered for another pass later today.Stand by. We learned lots and found everything to be in good shape when we got back to the shop. I chose not to go this year due to age/medical condition but hope I can make it in 2021. If weather cooperates we test in about 35 days !! To qualify for a record you need to back it up within 24 hours. Donations can also be made at the $2,000 Silver Level and receive the hand cast streamliner in silver. We’re not sure what their intentions are in terms of engine changes and other classes to chase but as of this moment, they have a big block Chevy powered race car that is knocking on the door of 500mph. To get your name in the SCTA record book you not only have to drive faster than the current record, you have to back it up. Challenger II AA Fuel Streamliner to a 448.747 mph record in 2018. The two-way average record is 470.035 mph. Tony Thacker is a motivational speaker and marketing consultant, author and book publisher. A lot of it is under the skin, but these pictures show some significant changes. We wouldn’t be surprised if the team brings its mighty-mouse E engine out of the trailer to aim for the E/BFS record as well. In land speed jargon, AA means an engine capacity bigger than 501 ci and in this case a 556.5ci big-block Chevy built by Kenny Duttweiler ‘s Duttweiler Performance, Ventura, CA. We can't thank our sponsors enough for coming along on this journey with us. She's not painted yet, but we are planning to make runs on the salt flats 9/22-24. Losing the air scoop helps make the tail more effective too. He comes across as gentle but focused. It’s more difficult to imagine George in a fireproof racing suit and scalloped, metal-flake helmet, stuffed into the cockpit of a streamlined land speed car barely wider than his shoulders, calmly preparing to run in what he calls “a five-mile drag race” at more than 400 mph. We don’t win because we are better, we win because we don’t give up ! Speed Demon. Sign up to add your name and e-mail address so we can send you an alert when the book is available for purchase. Severely shredded tires were common throughout the runs from the high speeds attained. 406 MPH at the 4 Mile when George heard a pop and shut it down. 40 years later, he returned in the same roadster to break his own E/Blown Fuel Roadster record. Forty-six square miles of empty white space—who can’t go fast? When an unexpected incident caused the car to crash in 2014, an opportunity to build an even better and faster Speed Demon presented itself.