I remember going to a SA group I could relate to all the people, but I could tell I had a different route cause by how they all talked. I was on Zoloft for almost 2 years and it did help with my anxiety at first. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x86aCDtvbT0&t=20s, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4172306/, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UC5RZRG7-QQ&t=1s, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpinCRaAQOk&t=12s. Abruptly stopping these medications can result in a relapse of anxiety symptoms and serotonin withdrawal symptoms, including trouble with coordination, tingly sensations, vivid dreams, flu-like symptoms, anxiety, and depressed mood. To avoid these serotonin withdrawal symptoms and the possibility of relapse, SSRIs should always be gradually tapered off. Note I am doing therapy and this is also now recommended in conjunction - but hopefully meds will be temporary. Just remember that there is no 100% safe drug use. I'm debating between trying and not trying an SSRI. This includes: URLs, markets, PMs, etc. However, the medication that works for one person doesn't always work for another. I was prescribed 20mg Fluoxetine (Prozac) (an SSRI) for exactly the same condition you are describing and it turned me into the walking dead. Powered by vBulletin® ©2000-2020, vBulletin Solutions, Inc. Everybody's brain is different and some people argue that SSRIs function mostly on the "placebo effect". I don't think that SSRIs would be terribly helpful either. NB to keep my mental clarity at my demanding job and I want to give less of a shit of what other people think and be my confident self again. Also i dont want to need to me on a medication that i have to take everyday or feel like i want to die. For more mental health resources, see our National Helpline Database. SSRIs are generally the preferred medication for SAD because the side effects tend to be well-tolerated. But most importantly you're going to need therapy if you want to eventually be drug free. I've been taking an SSRI called Citalopram x20mg for 8 weeks for social anxiety with depression, and wanted to share my experience so far. An SNRI is very effective at treating anxiety, particularly social anxiety. However, several possible side effects include the following:. Consider benzodiazepines, although they are quite habit-forming and make you tired. Im on prozac, and socializing for me comes somewhat easily, and I really do enjoy talking to people ive never met before, and I engage people in conversation, etc. It is important that you follow these directions. Never felt judged, but never felt confident even if I knew I should be in that situation. Currently on day 17 of 10mg per day - I know its going to take time to feel effects but doc said I should feel something by 2 weeks...yet to feel any different but need to give it time...what is a realistic time frame here? Years ago I took Effexor because I was SUPER depressed. Hell I was even guilty because I knew people liked me when they could get to know me, but I just couldn't open up no matter how hard I tried. Welcome to the club. Prozac for instance has less of an anxiolytic effect than citalopram or ecitalopram because prozac speeds you up, whereas citalopram is more sedating. can't i get a xanex or lorazapam script for being bi-polar? I stayed on the 50mg dose for nearly nine months, then went up to the 100s for about five months, and am now on the 150s. SSRIs are commonly used to treat a wide range of disorders, including depression and generalized anxiety, and have recently become more popular in the treatment of SAD. In addition, it made me extremely restless and caused difficulty with attention. Has an SSRI actually helped you with social anxiety? Cocaine is an SNDRI. benzo withdrawal is no joke, alot of people say it is more painful than heroin withdrawal. A couple years later, after being off Effexor, I tried Wellbutrin. If you have great difficulty with side effects, your doctor may decide to prescribe a different SSRI. Thanks Dexedrine! If you or a loved one are in immediate danger, call 911. I just really want to get things together and go back to college as a stable, funcitonal person. Pain in the arse. JavaScript is disabled. I feel like an SSRI is something that (could) benefit me for a short period in my life. If so what medication did you take? I've been to the doctor's before and she prescribed me beta blockers which I stopped taking because they weren't very useful in helping me not be anxious. The results of such a combination can be fatal. In addition, never start taking one of these medications within weeks of stopping the other. Learn the best ways to manage stress and negativity in your life. I take an SSRI for depression but I also have an anxiety disorder and I can safely say that they are both being treated. I just shut down and felt like I was trapped in my brain and couldn't get out. Your doctor will usually prescribe a low dose at first, which will be increased gradually. She gave me a number to call for therapy but I can't talk to people on the phone so … Also it's not even accurate to call SRIs drugs antidepressants. OK, so I was prescribed Lexapro due to my experience with Zoloft last year. But they do have different effects on different people so honestly if you want to try every option then maybe worth a try, but it took about 2 months to work as well, Some worked for my sister, it was Lexapro I think helped her a lot until she wanted off then it was major withdrawal and mood swings. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are usually the first choice of medication for treating social anxiety disorder (SAD). In general, it is important to inform your doctor of all medications, both prescription and nonprescription, that you are already taking. vBSecurity v2.2.2 (Pro) - Block, MD, is an award-winning, board-certified psychiatrist who operates a private practice in Pennsylvania. It did make me feel foggy at times like I was in a haze which is why I stopped taking it but It helped a lot initially. So, in social situations my anxiety is effectively gone already. I am on it and it works wonders. My disregard for the seriousness of addiction may seem stupid, but the way I see it, I'm already forced into constantly being buzzed on a drug called "anxiety", and Benzo's could be my Methadone so to speak. Adderall can stress me out so I hope the Vyvanse will be a bit smoother. I'm struggling with social anxiety and the last thing I wanted to do was get on an SSRI. Your doctor will give you specific instructions on how to take your medication. SSRIs affect your brain chemistry by slowing re-absorption of the neurotransmitter serotonin, a chemical that we think helps to regulate mood and anxiety. Press J to jump to the feed. SSRIs should always be discontinued under the supervision of a medical professional. Feel nervous and/or shy in social situations? Interesting. Its all good and comfortable when you are on them but... Somewhere between Eden and North Utopia. Like a legit exercise routine (lots of cardio). By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I guess with the SSRIs...I've thought about trying them for a month, but I'm honestly afraid considering how much bad press they get. SNRIs would probably be worse than SSRIs for such a condition. The help it provided wasnt exactly social for me, it was more of me just generally always in a good mood with maybe a little bit more talkitiveness but i still felt like i wasnt connected with people if you know what i mean. Has helped me with my compulsive thoughts. This is the first drug I was prescibed when I was 15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UC5RZRG7-QQ&t=1s and those studies are all funded by the drug companies what would have been the results if these trials were independent. Lexapro, Paxil, and Viibryd all failed to do anything for my anxiety. vBulletin Mods & Addons Copyright © 2020 DragonByte Technologies Ltd. Luvox is one of several medications known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), which are generally psychiatrists’ first choice prescription drugs for Social Anxiety Disorder. In the case that it doesn't work, doctors will typically try other SSRI's or SNRI's if it's waaay too bad. I am on it and it works wonders. Within the first week of taking Luvox, I became extremely fatigued and basically lost all of my sex drive--which these two side effects can really effect ones quality of life greatly, perhaps deeming the med not worth it to some. Somewhere. Many SAD patients report positive results and relief from their social anxiety symptoms, while others find these medications to … YOU WILL BE BANNED FOR ASKING OR PROVIDING DRUG OR PARAPHERNALIA SOURCES, whether illegal or legal. The only down side is that i have become very unmotivated to maintain a schedule, so it's made me pretty lazy, but when it comes to social interactions i've improved ten fold. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I remember the side effects being; excitable, insomnia, was happy to interact with others, depression disapeared, concerntrated like a laser beam. I am more outgoing and talkative, and honestly, an all around more popular person. CMAJ. doi:10.1503/cmaj.160991, How SSRIs Are Used to Treat Social Anxiety Disorder, Ⓒ 2020 About, Inc. (Dotdash) — All rights reserved, Arlin Cuncic, MA, is the author of "Therapy in Focus: What to Expect from CBT for Social Anxiety Disorder" and "7 Weeks to Reduce Anxiety. Antidepressant Use in Children, Adolescents, and Adults. Extrapyramidal symptoms include Parkinsonism (characteristic symptoms such as rigidity)dystonia (continuous spasms and muscle contractions), Akathisia (motor restlessness), , bradykinesia (slowness of movement), tremor, and tardive dyskinesia (irregular, jerky movements). I do just want to mention/encourage exercise. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4172306/ Here's one of the researchers talking about what they found. Personally I had trouble with groups over like 4 people even if they were friends. They always felt looked at, I could care less. When in doubt, DONT. Luvox did nothing significant for me. How does Lyrica work for anxiety? I believe this medication would have actually been effective to some degree (had quite a mind-numbing effect) had I stayed on it long-term (6 + months). I still took it more than a year though.. Oh well, For the best viewing experience please update your browser to, Support Groups, Friends, Connections and Gatherings, Mental Health and Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) Awareness, Health, Nutrition, Exercise and Supplements, Show 40 post(s) from this thread on one page. before I started prozac, looking back on it, i never did any of that. My SA, dysthymia, and ADD symptoms were all well managed. Whether it's approaching someone you're attracted to or if it's giving a presentation in class, everyone gets a little nervous at times. It's caused a small amount of brain fog but not too bad. Do SSRIs work for anxiety (GAD and Social) Medication. All's I knows is that SSRI are commonly prescribed for social anxiety, and are effective. Do you have trouble with crowds. Do you constantly feel judged? If it ever concerned me, I'd do as my Grandma once did and just slowly taper down. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. 2001;3(1):22-27. doi:10.4088/pcc.v03n0105, Bartlett D. Drug-Induced Serotonin Syndrome. What about SNRIs is more effective? I was one of those people, so I know. Please share your opinion and which SSRI you took/take for anxiety. How do you do one on one, with let's say an aquaintance? There are some that work better than others. Prozac is very good at eliminating anxiety related to depression, which is something that causes great anxiety, but in the case of GAD, it's not caused by a depressive state of mind, but more just excessive worrying and a faulty amygdala, and so the other less stimulatory SSRI's are better.