Happy birthday. We wish you good health and a healthy life, a good birth experience. Before you came, this family was like a beautiful building that was left to fall apart, but you acted as the columns that kept it up in the end! May you be blessed with everything that puts happiness in your heart. Your email address will not be published. Happy Birthday! If your stepmom has been good to you, you have a responsibility to show her every now and then how much you appreciate her in your life – especially on special days such as on her birthday. Your life has challenged me to raise my heart level, my patience, my fitness level. Let me show you that the gift of heaven is what you really are, so let me tell you. My father was alone, living in an emotional swamp like a frog, but after you two got together, he evolved into something amazing, he became the happiest prince I’ve ever seen! I welcome you. It is a symbol of love and happiness for me, I will be there, a birthday! Happy birthday to the most beautiful mother in the world! Enjoy today and all it has to offer. I am one of the few lucky kids who have had the chance of tasting the love of two mothers. Thank you for making my dad happy. You are the best stepmom ever. You truly have made him happy, and for that I thank you. Whenever you feel alone himself in any situation she standup with you. Happy birthday. Stepmom always considered to be a wicked, greed, or evil but she always opposite from all these features. You’re indeed a special person with a wonderful heart. Getting to know you has proven me that a woman doesn’t need to be biologically connected to you to be able to call her your mother. But, in reality, stepmoms are people deserving all the respect we can give, because it is them, that made our fathers find love again. Happy birthday, good mother! I am happy to share in the joy and excitement of the birthday celebration of a sweet mother like you. Not all children in the world are lucky enough to have two good mothers in a lifetime. I might never do it. In return, this makes me happy as well! Happy birthday! These wishes are not only beautiful but they have the power to melt your stepmother’s heart and make their birthday an unforgettable experience. You are the world’s greatest stepmom. Though we shared no physical genetics between us, people would always say that we looked like when they would see us. Happy birthday to you, my dearest stepmother. Happy birthday! I know that my father is crazy, but for you to willingly come into this paranoid family just to be with him, makes you either crazy yourself, or a superhero, or both! I wish you a happy day and a pleasant life. Yet, your smile and the kindness in your heart has proved me wrong. May God always bless you. Grandparents are portrayed as cruel, cruel and cruel to their ancestors, but completely different. When you need a mother you find your stepmother with himself and she stand with you in every situation. I’m so happy to have you in my life! The group explained that women have been subjected to this type of harassment. All I want to say is that you are one of the best people I know, and we love you so much! You have always taken steps in love, emotional contact and steps to love me. Happy birthday, Mom. Happy birthday to you, good grandmother. Happy birthday to an outstanding stepmom. But you’ve done your best and that’s the important thing. When my parents parted ways, I thought I would never find happiness in life again. Not only do I accept you today, stepmother, but I also pray that you are blessed with all that is in your heart. To me, you’ve been everything that a mother should be, and to my father, you’ve been his entire life. Thanks for being the sweetest stepmother in the entire world. In the past, you had a lot of experience with yourself and other children, but that didn’t affect the way you interacted with me. We have provided you with the best wishes that you can use either as they are, or as inspiration! I know I was hard at first but you are truly unique. But the love we share for the same man, being husband to you and father to me, has united us, and made me realize that in the end, I’m happy you are here, making my father smile again. Happy birthday. You came into my life and never tried taking my mother’s place but rather spend a great deal of time trying to fill the empty space in my heart with your extraordinary love and care. WishesQuotes © 2020. Happy birthday to you funny! Thank you for being such a wonderful person to me. I often wonder how life would have been for me if God hadn’t blessed me with an awesome stepmom like you. Happy birthday. Good life, sister! Who are you is a great example of motherhood, holy spirit, celebrate your birthday! Happy birthday. Someone has to be creative in our lives so that the world can see that sexual relationships can be fun and easy. This is your big day, when we can show you that love comes from our hearts. Relationships with you are much more than I knew would have happened. Happy birthday to someone who wants to fill the void in my heart, not my mother’s shoes. So, for that, I thank you. Thank you for being an extraordinary stepmother for me and my brothers. Happy birthday. Happy Birthday. I know that you are an extraordinary person, even though you are my stepmother. Every family needs the motherly love of a woman in order to survive, and your presence around here has been all we need! She makes your home heaven, and your life and your father’s life make peace. To my eyes, you are a superhero! Happy birthday to an outstanding stepmom. Happy birthday. The Ultimate List of Happy Birthday Messages for Stepmother. Today is a special day because I get to celebrate a wonderful stepmom who is my heroine, mentor and a true friend. Have a wonderful birthday. Happy birthday stepmother to you. It is never easy loving another woman’s children like your own, but you do it so effortlessly that I am often left speechless. You are the perfect person and the perfect bride for me! For that, I sincerely thank you. Happy Birthday! They might say you’re my second mother, but for me, she’s the only mother I need to know. Every hive, in order to work, they need a queen to coordinate them. Happy Birthday! Today I pray that God will fulfill all your desires in life. I wish you many more years of happiness, good health, success and prosperity. Thank you for making this family happy again! So go ahead and look for them on a wonderful birthday and make them special, showing that they did a good job as a mother. The only thing that matters is that anything you say, comes from your heart, and you will make your stepmom’s birthday a special one this year!