It’s as though having all those years of no-one to talk to, while carrying around such heavy things, (I didn’t even begin to talk to people for several years after leaving home at 17, I was that convinced no-one was interested), have now left me unable to keep anything in any more. Julie, Thank you so much for sharing your story with us–you have the support of this community for all you are going through right now! [December 2002], Finishing her tour and soon she will be going to London and France to record her first album. I think I might be alone on this one. What now??? Mooncake Box Design, Take your time and be an observer and yes heal your own wounds and do not discuss this part of your life with them–get a safe person you can trust to talk to and a private journal (follow The Artist’s Way book on my recommended books page.) You deserve better treatment from parents. I want to be a person of caring and empathy. It takes time to heal all the layers so be patient with yourself. And thank you for telling me that you would love to buy my book. Is this something n parents have been known to do? Roxanne, thank you again for giving me a voice and enjoy blowing out all those candles. Mii Login, Yes, it is not easy, especially around mother’s day–I am so glad my story is helping you to find your voice and your truth. The Story of Berlin ist ein spannender Streifzug durch 800 Jahre Stadtgeschichte. Mega Kangaskhan Type, Blessing to you as well with love and light and much humble gratefulness, Roxanne. With warmest wishes for inner strength,  comfort, and love to all who identify with this story. I was very scared but I sat down that night and let him know that I was aware of all he was doing behind my back and I do not want any contact from him. About The Types , The Story of Belinda–A Story of No Contact , What Does HSP mean?–Are You Highly Sensitive? Thank you guys for reminding me that I am not alone. I am here for you and so are my readers. with Love and Light, Roxanne. 15. If I feel like I am about to reach for the phone to call him/her, write, email, page, fax or text message him/her, I will count to ten and clearly ask myself silently, why am I doing this? Thank you, Belinda, for allowing me to share your story! I am truly overwhelmed with emotions…Sure, feel free to use my blogging any way you find it will help your website. With the education that NIGEE gave me, I found my voice.”. Sandaysoft Cumulus Software, Highly Sensitive Souls, I Am Seeing Stars This Week, Are You? 2a. I understand the dichotomy you are in and the never ending work of mourning required of us survivors. The family update… After I emailed my parents and asked for no contact my father responded by threatening to sue me, I am sure you remember. You need to protect your energy level so you can concentrate on healing. Most of all I am realizing that every time I write my story it’s as if what happened gets left here and I can move past it better. The Story of Berlin. Prayers and Blessings are being sent your way, Roxanne. I am slowing down and trying to be patient with myself. !–the fear from childhood has been dormant within you all these years since childhood and now you can express it and feel validated that you have a right to those feelings. Admitting you are scared of your parents is an important step to healing–Good for You!! I have been emotionally smashed open and realised the way my parents function is not normal and there is a lot of deeply buried childhood pain and memories that are now flowing out like Niagra Falls.. Having a beautiful, loving, happy young son, and feeling there is something strongly pulling me away from this toxicity, I have no choice but to start this journey. I will stop creating chaos in my mind & environment. I know you have been keeping up with me and my personal struggles and I just want to thank you so much for being there for me. You are moving on and finding your voice and finding the joy in life! She analyzed the letter and Roxanne, you hit the nail right on the head. heal from the past and find and know! But I can see through it for the first time. I am also now afraid of her. It’s been several weeks and I’ve had a yearning to communicate with you but I am having a hard time trying to determine or explain how I am feeling these days. Copyright 2009-2020 © Roxanne E. Smith–True Voice Enterprises, LLC. (Some people are helped by a witness to this process of self-expression to aid in their recovery–a life coach or counselor can be a great help here   ).