BROEKN PROPELLER. It is possible that your battery is dying, not for the day, but for good. If you realize that you have a broken wire, bingo, you’re one step closer to getting back in the air. If this is the case, don’t freak out, this can be fixed relatively easily. Alternatively, if your drone uses DC motors (Parrot.AR and some smaller drones), first check that your propellers are installed on the correct motors. Tried calibrating then waited 30 seconds b4 binding controller with drone new batteries. What happens when the drone goes out of range..?. Not only that, but this on-board computer that allows the drone to be able to perform incredible maneuvers is VERY, VERY TOUGH. So have fun, stay safe and hit the skies! If your propeller is not spinning properly, it’s possible that it is broken. If this is the case your wires might not only become loose, but there is potential for them to become ripped. Do your homework -Do research on repairing your drone before you start pulling things apart, make sure to know what you’re doing. r/drones /r/drones: for news, information and discussion of drones/UAVs and quadcopters. It is a good idea to document your battery use on a log to keep track of use. Follow what's new in Gearbest! Check the tightness of the slower spinning blade by removing it and put it back on, it's likely that the blades are installed too tight or loose and this may jam the motor. Trimming can balance the motor output power and make the drone achieve a steady flight, so using the trim function can also solve this problem. Make sure to reference your manufacturer’s manual for instructions on how to pair your drone to your remote, because pushing buttons at random will not work (I’ve tried). I say that, because it can be incredibly difficult to repair a broken on-board computer. Make sure to do your research, because getting the wrong battery for your drone can cause your motors to overheat and even damage your on-board computer which would definitely keep your propellers from spinning. Don’t forget to have fun, even when trying to fix your drone. Some drones make it very easy to connect the motors right back, but others will require for you to take the drone completely apart. I’ve put together 9 reasons you’re propellers are not spinning, but before we get into them I want to point out a couple things. Gasp! Here’s a few reasons and symptoms of motors gone bad. The Striker Drone from World Tech Toys was a popular drone this holiday season. Luckily, this is easy to determine and can also be easy to fix. my striker x drone works fact SO great that it took off towards the interstate 94 north and a little west..I suppose the freeway is 1/3 mile from the house with a clear view.. ALWAYS make sure the batteries are OFF! If you are not sure what’s wrong, don’t immediately try to take your drone apart. this happened after a crash, I'm on my 3rd strike x n the past 6 weeks. N the 3rd one i got tonight. How to use IMEI number to track your lost Android phone, Xiaomi Mi AirDots wireless Bluetooth earphones user instruction, How to check the actual signal strength on YOUR phone, How to unlock an Android phone if you forgot the password, 3 reliable ways to verify if your Xiaomi device is original, Prev article:The Quadcopter FAQs - blades, motor, transmitter, Next article:Five crafty ideas for choosing the Right Motor to your drone. Now, if you bought your batteries at the same time and used them regularly about the same number of times, it is possible that they might start to go out at the same time. If this is the case, you might need to get a new propeller. This may be an obvious one, but there are many reasons one can easily overlook this simple step. So here’s a few things that can destroy your on-board computer and keep your propellers from spinning. KISS- Keep it simple when it comes to figuring out what’s wrong with your drone and why your propellers are not spinning. If you have multiple batteries (which you should) you can try another battery and if your propellers fire right up, you know you need to get another battery, not another drone. This is why it’s always a good idea to check your battery voltage before flying. Even when the drone is switched off the propellers are still spinning. There are so many reasons for different parts of your drone not operating properly and sometimes you can feel lost and frustrated trying to figure out what is causing the issue. Any suggestions or solutions to get the rotors working again? Drone propellers spin at thousands of revolutions per minute. Ive had several different dresses n these r the only ones that does this. If you think you can work on it yourself and are ok with your warranty being voided, proceed. We will reply within 24 hours. After you find out the issue, make sure to do your homework on that particular issue, so you can know how to fix it, not make it worse. They can be broken pretty much beyond repair. If you have flown a drone for five years or five minutes, what I’m about to say will not shock you… you will crash your drone. After the gyros have initialized, you should bind the drone and transmitter. So I posted a video about the camera and new batteries. It flew ok. After a while, one of the rotors stopped spinning. These motors are factory installed and are not likely to be spinning the wrong direction. If all the above methods cannot solve the problem, then the slower spinning motor should be replaced. You are learning more which will help you get quicker at figuring out and fixing issues which will in turn help you get to flying faster. Whether you just bought your drone or for some reason your transmitter became unpaired from your drone, you will need to make sure they are connected before taking to the skies. So, If you’re blades are not spinning, before you do anything else, CHECK THE BATTERIES FIRST! 13:45. If you want to be extra safe, you can actually make your on-board computer water resistant. Just last week I was flying my tiny whoop and one of my propellers was either not spinning or at times spinning after a few taps on the propeller (not recommended, especially on a larger drone).