Global Time Attack win Road Atlanta naturally aspirated. So your variable cam timing maps are tuned with a target and the Hydra then ensures each cam hits that target independently. It was a tough break for the North Cup and double round winner, who had trekked all the way from New York to compete for the title. We would inspect items such as cylinder wear, ring wear, piston wear, oil consumption, hardware fatigue, and finally crank and rod bearing wear. Performance; Featured Projects; About Us; Allpro is an independent Subaru-specific shop that has been servicing the metro Atlanta area since 2009. Because it has to feed two rod journals where all others only feed one rod journal. With Element Tuning’s STI taking the Watkins Glen round five win, and David Santillo in his Corvette Z06 taking two second place finishes at the Glen while Grabow DNFed Sunday, the battle continued at New Jersey Motorsports Park for rounds 7 & 8. While a full fledged stand-alone EMS with all of it’s additional features (Anti-lag, Launch control, Flat-Foot Shifting, Gear Based Boost Control, 45 psi MAP Sensor, Flex Fuel Sensor (E85) Support, Multiple Maps, Programmable Traction Control) my not be needed by everyone, finally everyone has another choice for the FRS/BRZ in terms of engine tuning. I think many already know I’ve been testing and developing the Hydra EMS for some time in our Time Attack car and successfully winning many races. Simply unplug your factory ECU, plug our harness and Hydra EMS in. All Rights 2020 Reserved BY Performance Auto Solutions, RaceMotive, THE ROLL-RACING FALL FINALE OCTOBER 24, 2020 @ POCONO RACEWAY. Subscribe to our channel to see what happens behind the garage doors. –    Injection Response (On-Time). Additionally, because our service is done as a convenience, it is prioritized lower than our dyno customers so during heavy work loads through the peak season times, E-Tuning will be slower to start and complete and this is reflected in the lower cost. I absolutely punished this car and this tune to make sure I could use this E85 road race map as a base map for our customers. New FRS/BRZ Hydra EMS! Like I said, maybe not for everyone, but it’s another option for you the customer to put the control in your own hands or your own tuner’s. Design. Used by some of the fastest cars in the world: GST Motorsports: Redline Unlimited Time Attack Champions, 2 Time Global Time Attack Champions….and just about every track lap record. You’ll not only save money not having to purchase maps but you won’t need to purchase a “Big MAF,” or a  MAP sensor either when going forced induction since the Hydra EMS is tuned via speed density and comes equipped with a 45 psi MAP sensor. Complete performance solutions with exceptional service by experienced technicians . With 1032 load cell fuel targeting the Hydra can set to any AFR target at any RPM/Load. I found pushing the limits here at high RPM can pay off but it’s a fine line that changes with HP levels. It’s very common for racing teams to run new engines multiple times in a racing season but we would not allow this for our long term R&D. –    Traction Control, Programmable. This is enough oil pressure to safely support 500+ whp! Element Tuning’s Pro Comp engines were born with a racing pedigree. I’m sure many are thinking, OMG I have no idea what he’s talking about and I don’t know if I can even tune all of that or need it. So one may want a more aggressive traction control setup in 1st gear than they want in 3rd gear for instance. Maintenance. This really comes in handy when you have a heavily ported or cammed motor that may not want to idle at 14.7 AFR or when running E85 and you can run much leaner AFR targets. To read the rest about Element Tuning FA20 based engines Click Here, Sebring International Raceway proved the ultimate challenge for man and machine on the weekend, November 22-24, as the 2013 Whelen US TimeTrial Championship concluded. Getting Technical with the Hydra EMS for the FRS/BRZ: –    Full CAN Bus support. Fabrication. Element Tuning STi: 2x NASA TTU Champion, 2x Subiefest Pro Class Champion, 2x Formula X Champion, 4 tracks NASA and Whelen TTU lap record holder…. Why? Simply tune your base pump fuel map (fuel, ignition, and boost), then tune your E85 map and the Hydra will trim boost, fuel, and ignition timing based off of the ethanol content when you can’t get e85 and are forced to mix pump fuel with it. This is really where an exceptional tuner is going to excel because you have precise control over how much direct injection pulse width you want vs. how much port injection pulse width you need at any RPM and at any load (Boost or Vacuum). Equilibrium Tuning EQ Tuning Subaru Nissan GT-R GTR FRS BRZ Corvette Porsche Turbo Suspension Engine Build Pistons VW Volkswagen GTI Golf R Jetta Audi Cobb Shop. Want to upgrade your fuel injectors to something larger to support forced induction? Element Tuning Pro Comp engines are built from 100% new components fitted to our exact standards in your provided engine. What happens to oil pressure when you increase the oil port size? At Element Tuning we realize all the elements are needed for success. With this data we have been able to build an engine that not only makes huge power but has near OEM oil level consumption. Great car and great engine!!!!! While you will get a solid and safe tune, you will always get a more fine tuned calibration if we can tune your car in person on a dyno and it will get completed in one shot. The Hydra will then automatically compensate adjust the fuel, timing and boost maps for the difference in ethanol content. –    Closed Loop Fuel Control:  This is where something like a Hydra can make the difference between loving your highly modified daily driver or hating it. Now the direct injection pump is mechanical but with the Hydra you can tune your pressure target based on RPM/Load. It’s very important to me, more than peak power, that my base maps are tested in real world conditions and under racing conditions. Email me the logs; This process is repeated 5-10 times; E-TUNING HOURS (these are not concrete hours, just when I can typically answer) M-F: 9am-1pm, 6pm-9pm. I could go on and on but I’ll leave the rest open for discussion or questions. People with more advanced skill or those who seek every last ounce of performance will be able to extract that with all the advanced features. Professional Subaru Tuning. Hitting these targets can be adjusted through the DI Fuel Pump Pulse Width, DI Dump Valve Response Time, Dump Valve Phase Trim, and PID. We’re confident saying this as every aspect of these motors has been tested and verified under the most demanding racing circumstances. The North American Road Racing Association’s Whelen US TT Championship has been a cut throat battle all season long and the Sebring FL round will be the deciding factor in which driver comes out on top for the national championship. This will come in handy as you start pushing higher power levels and RPM levels where DI injection pulse width limits are very critical. Give us a call and see the difference! Every specification these engines are blueprinted to were derived from our long term racing data. Cat delete and muffler delete pipes Learn More. 18×9.5 Prodrive GC010 with 275/35-18 Hankook RS3 Quality parts, certified technicians, precision tuning. Whiteline Front Sway bar and transmission bushing Tuners and those forging uncharted territory will not have brick walls to face and I’m always available to guide or coach anyone through tuning a difficult combo. Element Tuning Hydra EMS plug and play Stand-Alone Your factory ECU does not need to be flashed or even removed, just unplug the connectors, and plug the Hydra harness and EMS in. Dyno Tuning. The CALIFORNIA location is inside of M45. Home; Store VW/Audi; Porsche; Toyota GR Supra (A90/MKV) Subaru (WRX/STI) Nissan GT-R (R35) FT86 (BRZ/FRS) … Subaru E-Tuning. We are the sum of our parts...and we partner with some of the most trusted brands and manufactures to ensure quality and reliability. As long as there was no component failure we would reuse the same bearings, crank, rods, block, and pistons and continue the durability testing.It was not uncommon for us to push all the extremes to find the maximum and minimum operating range of each component and it’s clearance. We pride ourselves in not only delivering remarkable products but also remarkable customer service. FA20Club 60 Trim Turbo Kit, 60 Trim Garrett Turbo, Front Mount Intercooler, Tial MVS WG, and Tial BOV Let’s face it the OEM traction control is lame as it’s not performance based, it’s just way too intrusive. Phil Grabow continued to stretch out his championship points lead with their Scion FRS by taking the win at Virginia International Raceway round 10 but David Santillo came back with vengeance at Pittsburgh International Raceway taking two wins to stay in the national championship hunt. –    Fuel Pump(s) Control. The car was developed by BC Racing for an upcoming viral video.” Photo by NARRA. Element Tuning Competition Engines for Subaru BRZ, Scion FRS, Toyota FT-86 with FA20 or WRX FA20DIT. 1,268 Posts #2 • Jun 11, 2008 (Edited) well, Pacific Auto Inports tuner would be Tim.. Engine Oiling! With a great blend of closed loop and manual control you can really get what you want out of the boost control system. In partnership with Element Tuning and  Hydra EMS will be offering the Toyota FRS/Subaru BRZ PNP Nemesis 2.7 unit for an extremely low introductory price of $1899, a savings of more than $500! Tuned base maps for NA, E85, Turbo, race fuel, will always be free to the original owner along with technical support. Our engine program has over 9 years of R&D through thousands of miles racing Subaru engines exclusively. You can now set your traction control to intervene smoothly and less aggressively if you’re a racer like me through fuel cutting and ignition cutting, based on each of the 6 gears. Sign in or Create an Account. “Philip Grabow is likely the first man in history to win a national Championship in a taxi. While you. The latest Hydra 2.7 software is so nice and easy to use compared to past versions. We have been regarded as an excellent alternative to the dealerships and we are committed to provide you with the best customer service and satisfaction.