Volbonan - The residents of Mount Volbono. He'll follow Luigi around and sniff the ground if there's something buried under it. Luigi is blasted out of the sky and lands through the roof of King Boo's Mansion, which is located near Bowser's Castle. Tennis Outfit: Allows you to score 15 points even when you're not on the court. Hammer Bro. Luigi gets an idea and captures Bowser Junior, giving him access to his Clown Car. Everything will stay the same, other than the world of course, taking on the signature blocky aesthetic that Minecraft is known for. Bowser invades the castle and takes Peach for his wedding. The gameplay is a lot like Super Mario Odyssey .because you can capture enemies and objects with with your hat and play as them. Given that the base game doesn’t take that long to complete, this is a great way to get more out of the game and help it feel fresh again. (Not Capturable) Spiny: A hard-shelled Koopa that follows the player when they're close, trying to ram its spikes onto him. They can be knocked back by Helmer. Once Luigi and Helmer defeat Madame Broode, they can use their Power Moons to fully upgrade The Voyager. Stomping on them will result in them losing their wings. If Luigi's life meter goes to zero, not only will Luigi lose a life, but he will also lose 20 coins. Tatanga remembers when he was defeated and swears revenge on his brother Mario, until he realized that Luigi is his brother, making him even madder and summons a huge cannon. Seeing his chance, Luigi lands in the Cloud Kingdom and tries to make his way to the arena as fast as possible. Luigi's New Odyssey is a platforming game for the Nintendo Switch released on 8th of February 2020. Obenesian Overalls: A striped shirt with black overalls that can't seem to escape all the H2O that's around. Of course, any Mario game wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t eventually end up in Bowser’s Castle. Moonsnake: Indestructible stone snakes that, while in general fixed to one spot, can move on predetermined paths. talking to him will allow Luigi to try the Trace-Walking Minigame in order to earn some Power Moons. Shoe Goomba: These Goombas tend to hop around in their shoes and will also try to stomp on Luigi. But for those that just need Luigi, it’s an option. (NOTE: This Kingdom is based off of Venice), (NOTE: This kingdom is heavily based off of Spain.). With nothing to get in the way this time, Luigi finally manages to get near Mario's ship. This game takes place during the events of Super Mario Odyssey. An important thing to notice here: Luigi in Super Mario Odyssey was only designed to be a minor NPC in comparison to NPCs like Peach, Bowser, Pauline, etc. Lava Bubble: These creatures can swim and jump in lava. Diving Suit: The oxygen tank is merely a decoration unfortunately. Luigi était absent de la version initiale du jeu, étant seulement référencé par sa tenue que Mario peut porter. This can be used to build some snowmen in order to earn Power Moons. Super Luigi Odyssey is a campaign made by Nightcap Devs. Toad - The residents of the Mushroom Kingdom. You can find friendly characters, fun activities, and fantastic video games on Play Nintendo! He quickly runs towards his dad in order to comfort him. : The elites of Bowser's army. They then start flying towards the clouds in order to give chase to Bowser and help Mario. Luigi panicking as he sees the odyssey getting blasted. Little Mac - He can be found in an alley in New Donk City eating a chocolate bar. It's release date is going to be February 2021. Show Outfit: It's the Super Luigi Odyssey Super Show! Crumbleden Ghost - The residents that stayed behind in the Ruined Kingdom. Green Raccoon Outfit: An outfit that resembles a power up that Luigi wore in his 3rd adventure with Mario (it doesn't grant you powers unfortunately). Another little easter egg mod that makes the game a bit cooler to run through. Basically completely replacing Mario for the entire duration of the game. Luigi must pick them up in order to bring them back. Fire Bro. Sewer Mouser - The residents of the Sewer Kingdom. They can be seen making preparations for their Cooking Carnival, but they seem to be under attack by a couple of birds. While they may look a bit shady, they're pretty friendly and you can hang out around them without trouble. The ship gets wrecked again and Daisy and Sunny are in charge of collecting Power Moons as Fedo was knocked conscious from a falling book while Luigi ends up being frozen from falling into the lake. He can throw Helmer up, down or straight and Helmer will return to him like a boomerang. © 2020 Nintendo. You can learn more about the game at the official site. ), (NOTE: This Kingdom is based off of the Siberian Tundra). (Not Capturable) Bitefrost: They hide in the snow where they bite who ever is over them. However, the player can also play as Daisy and her Bonneter friend, Sunny as she has the same moveset, but can't Triple Jump. Mario and Luigi's fists connect before the screen cuts to the logo of the game and the credits. Dry Bones: An undead Koopa that can't die and has the ability to throw bones. This is also the case for the new "wedding" variants. Tyfoo: They will float in one place and blow some air towards Daisy/Luigi to push him off platforms. After getting to the Bowser Kingdom, Luigi sees Bowser Junior's airship again, and is blasted out of the sky again, landing in the heated depths of Magmapolis. Parabones: An undead Koopa Troopa with wings and the ability to fly. Para-Bro. It takes place in a haunted forest, a town inhabited by the local Spookians, and an abandoned castle. When captured, they can steer and boost in any direction. After taking control of him and exploring around, he then sees the ship of the Broodals and heads towards them. There's nothing you can do, but run. Daisy/Luigi can get a lot of coins by defeating them. A perfect outfit for digging up Power Moons! This is the longest Game Over music to ever be heard in a Luigi game.