It was totally fun to read and thorough. Most of those colours and patterns are ). A rose by any other name does not smell as sweet! Their powerful forearms can be used to dig dens and climb up rocky slopes. The “spots” on their back are not actually spots, but a series of interrupted white lines. Was it too much for consumers? And selective breeding produces all-black skunk in just three or four generations. They also have a longer tail. We need not think. If this fur starts to regain popularity, maybe we’ll see PETA creating a video of a skunk being skinned alive. Its curious history may shed some light. Hog-nosed skunks, Conepatus: The elongated snout of the hog-nosed skunk is used to extract bugs and grubs from the ground. He didn’t see a problem with wearing fur and did it him/her self. “The propagation of skunks for their fur promises to develop into an important industry.”. Do you really want people to start skinning skunks again? Stink badgers, Mydaus: The two species of stink badger are the only members of the Mephitidae family not native to North or South America. In 1952 it went further with the Fur Products Labeling Act. Then the farms sprung up again at the turn of the century as European demand surged. SEE ALSO: Why is American mink the world’s favourite fur? There are also some skunks that are completely black or completely white. And the colouration is unmistakeable: deep brown or black, usually with white striping and cream patterns. I don’t judge… stop judging others and thank them for caring enough to use fur and all other parts of plants and animals instead of creating more pollution with harsh chemicals to make fake fur and materials. The largest seller today of skunk fur is North American Fur Auctions, in Toronto. Sorry if you got that impression. From time to time, skunk has made small comebacks. Skunk trapping also helped countless rural families weather the Great Depression, mailing their pelts to Sears, Roebuck in return for a check or store credit. Skunk pelts were almost worthless, red fox pelts were “unsaleable”, and even silver fox was scorned. I hope it’s their CEO doing the skinning. Jesus. And no fur, of course, needed a new name more than skunk. If there is one white stripe Can Kim bring skunk in from the fashion cold? I like this coat well and some fur accessories I of this animal, a fur will follow. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Stink badger tails are short and pointed. We need to start taking care of our animals instead of killing them for our whims. As a civilisation, we have outgrown this. There are many different kinds of skunks. I wear fur killed by me for food both farmed and hunted. The domestic market remained tiny, a fact historians attribute to a lack of Europe’s deodorising skills. Eskimo, who cures the pelt brought to her by husband, has no trouble telling a mink from a muskrat. Second, skunks lack caution and cunning. It ranges from southern Canada to northern Mexico, co-exists with humans, and in many parts of its range is growing in numbers. Some hooded skunks have a single, solid white stripe running down their back from their forehead to the tip of their tail, some have two thin white stripes running down the side of the body from shoulder to stomach, and some have a combination of these two patterns. The guard hairs are long (1-2″) with a glossy lustre, and are held erect by thick underfur. Farming skunk is also easy. Whatever the case, World War I changed everything, not just for skunk but the entire fur trade. Spotted skunk (Spilogale putoris): Historic records have documented the spotted skunk in the southwestern corner of Wisconsin, but there have been no records of them in the state for several decades. to utilize! Just recently, America’s darling of the gossip columns, Kim Kardashian, caused a stir when she stepped out in a fabulous skunk coat from Lanvin. Women of all social classes wanted fur, but with the Depression raging, few husbands could afford the premium stuff. There are three distinct color patterns in the hooded skunk. I work at Harper College in Chicago and am currently working on a book on fur design. Spotted skunks, Spilogale: Spotted skunks are the smallest members of the family. That should be interesting…. They’re poor climbers and have few natural predators, so pens are open-topped. Who the hell needs to wear ANY kind of fur, let alone skunk fur? What are you, the son of Cruella deVille? The trade resisted, and some unusual new names were approved. Truth About Fur Blog – Research, opinions and analysis. Well said Chris, on August 5, 2018 at 6:34 pm. This is the conundrum that is skunk fur. waste their life or the resources It’s durable, warm, glamorous and striking. Hooded skunks, Mephitis macroura: Placed in the same genus as the striped skunk, Mephitis, hooded skunks are … In fact,beavers are believed to be more numerous today that at any time since European colonisers arrived. It was also once the height of fashion. “Rock sable”, for example, became “bassarisk”, even though most people called them ring-tailed cats. Foothold (restraining) traps or bodygrip traps are better. Some observers blame skunk’s demise on stricter labelling laws. First chapter in the Bible. Skunk fur is glamorous and striking. Enter creative marketing. And that’s how things stayed right up to World War I. a clue! The classic image everyone things of when thinking Skunk. Skunk fur is warm. Skunks were originally grouped inside the Mustelidae family (weasels, otters, badgers, and their relatives) because of the physical similarities including a squat body, strong claws for digging, enlarged anal glands and musty anal secretions. Like the striped skunk, hooded skunks will stomp with both of their front feet as a warning before spraying. The last skunk fur farms closed decades ago, and offerings of pelts at auction today are small. The three main categories are as follows: This is the standard two stripes down the back, no extra white, skunk pattern. And even when skunk was “discovered” in the mid-1800s, demand was not at home but from Europe. (No fur is blacker than northern skunk.) I like the 30 years he, furs were worn in honor. Jerry Dragoo with a striped skunk Like members of the skunk family, stink badgers have short, muscular limbs, elongated claws, a stocky body, and scent spraying anal glands. From 1938 on, the true identity of the furbearer had to be given, though the name of the animal being imitated could stay. warmth clothes ! There are so many furs and so many names!”, Henceforth, only “the true English names for the animals in question” should appear, “or in the absence of a true English name for an animal, the name by which such animal can be properly identified in the United States.”. Striped skunks are both solitary and nocturnal. As noted in Is That Skunk? GOD GAVE US DOMINION OVER THE BRUTE BEASTS. But it spelled the end for furs like “China mink” and “Japanese mink” (both weasel). Hog-nosed skunks can be found in the United States, Mexico, and Central and South America. Required fields are marked *. Wearing furs is purely luxury, and it has no place in fashion the same way animal testing for cosmetic use has no place in cosmetics. As for their high numbers today, a major reason is that they are very good at adapting to the presence of humans, as are raccoons and coyotes. The term skunk, however, refers to more than just the well-known striped skunk (Mephitis mephitis). Hog-nosed skunks are excellent diggers, and they have long, specialized claws and impressive upper body strength. In the 1930s, the fur trade often took considerable liberties when it came to labelling. Or perhaps it was that American dressers had to work with pelts so pungent, European brokers wouldn’t take them. In the early 1970s, in particular, it was considered quirky and cool, but it soon went the same way of Afros and bell bottoms. “You’ll find everything from solid white to solid black,” VandenBos says, pointing to the markings on its back. Skunks vary in size (cat-sized) and appear in a variety of striped, spotted, and swirled patterns, but most are a vivid black-and-white that makes them easily identifiable and may alert predators to their pungent potential. Thom Olson, Thank you, Thom, for the praise! Long hair was out and short hair was in. You want to enjoy the beauty of furs? Skunk quickly became America’s second most valuable fur harvest after muskrat, with almost all pelts being traded in London and Leipzig. New visitor - all black skunk - we named him Groucho because of his eyebrows - He just needs a cigar. Striped skunks, Mephitis mephitis: Striped skunks are one of the most abundant and recognizable mammals in North America. Both species of stink badger resort to spraying as a second line of defense. I could not have told the story about skunk better. YOU NEED A LESSON IN MANNERS. Image © WNET.ORG. And last, but perhaps not least, it’s called “skunk”. It’s wrong to disrespect and waste not May i reprint your article as a sidebar in the book’s section about fur types? Then there were totally fictitious species like “Baltic black fox”, “Belgian beaver”, “French sable” and “Roman seal” – all rabbit! They eat a lot of insect pests too. You have to control populations to help control negative outcomes in those populations! I can’t stop you, but at least stop making excuses for yourself, especially ones as flimsy as to involve Jesus. Like the Classic the Chip has the standard two stripes running down its back. When threatened, spotted skunks do a front handstand, which makes them appear much larger. I believe in animal well being such as clean living enviromets, good food, treated with respect, I am a tree hugger….however I also have enough education to understand you have to treat them with respect in their life and in their death whatever the reason! Skunk--a mammal, generally black and white, either striped, spotted or a combination of the two. I was very puzzled by this until I learned that was what many furriers used to call spotted skunks. Popular designers and fashion houses are still willing to give skunk a try. As for skunk, in a few short years it had gone from being “American sable” to “sable-dyed skunk”, to plain ol’ “skunk”. Finally the US Federal Trade Commission cried foul. Reasons why farming is easy include: Skunk are easily tamed, and at feeding time just come running.