a quote after your order has been placed. These are attached to the lexan body, and may be lost due to rough driving. I used to race at the local roller skating rink and build cars for my friends for a small fee… lol. the buyer of the expected dispatch date. Once RC Hobbies 12 Ltd has confirmed acceptance of the buyer's order, we will endeavor to dispatch the buyer's order within I ended up getting a Willys and that will have to do until I find a 30s Ford Coupe. require additional items to complete. Each wheel comes in three-pieces, all joined together by little screws so they are quite elaborate. As soon as I got my first job I went straight out and bought a Stadium Blitzer. thanks for replying.   The original speed control, wiring and resistor may be worn out, missing, or replaced. But also note the angular profile, suspension arms, bumper bar, side nerf bars and so on…all are slender and black, similar to a set of black legs supporting a body. Looking for something specific? Hornet rolling chassis with rear oil-filled shocks, 540 motor, 7.2V NiMH Battery with standard Tamiya connector. I have a very roughed-up original and just bought a rerelease yesterday. The Hornet is now a cornerstone model for any collector of vintage Tamiya R/C cars. Obviously there’s the black body covered in striking yellow-orange-red decals. So let’s say a “bit of plastic” sells for $150 under bidding, and someone else lists an identical one for buy-it-now for $150 (or thereabouts). But the Hornet basically uses the same chassis platform (the chassis actually has “RCC Grasshopper” stamped onto it since the Grasshopper was the first to use it) together with a range of extra features – in particular a Mabuchi 540 motor instead of the Grasshopper’s 380 motor. If you are concerned about leaving your items unattended we recommend Look out for many of those cars to appear in future posts . We're based in New Zealand but we deliver all round the world. Hey dude thanks for a ton of useful tips on the hornet. Some spare parts, such as the original body set, are also becoming harder to find these days, even on the collector’s market. RC Cars: Tamiya Hornet R8336; Posted April 25, 2008. hi i'm new to this forum....I have a stock re-issued R8336 Hornet which i want to upgrade, but most upgrades on this forum seem to apply to cars with a TT01 chassis. frog Also appearing in some Tamiya catalogues, were these action photos of The Hornet…. a Store Credit or refund less the restock fee and freight charges. the buyer of the expected dispatch date. This applies if you change your mind, ordered it in error, unwanted Gift or just did not like Things are only worth what people are prepared to pay. Enter your email address to follow R/C Toy Memories and receive email notifications of new posts. My son had a BLAST playing with it. That was in 1993. Returns Policy Our goal at RC Hobbies is to bring the highest quality machines to our customers, all the while keeping the cost as low as we possibly can. You can also follow the site and be notified when new things are posted. It only seems right that the first Tamiya R/C model I write about should be the Tamiya Hornet, as I really do consider it to be the most iconic of all Tamiya’s amazing R/C models over the years. of the buyer. It’s a 1/10 scale 2WD utilising a bathtub chassis, to which everything else connects. Of course, it does depend on alot of things. . Other than the Hornet and Monster Beetle, I still have a Porsche 959, Lunchbox and believe it or not, I have a Toyota Bruiser that still runs. You’d come back 45 minutes later to a toasty battery! But somehow, Tamiya’s designers managed to incorporate subtle references beyond merely the name, and developed this car to remind you of a Hornet insect in a few different ways. And we Tamiya fans can’t really complain, you know Collectors of first-edition books are paying tens of thousands to own the original editions of books like Harry Potter. RC Hobbies, or was faulty out of the box, your item will be repaired or if it cannot be repaired then it will be replaced Saturday Delivery As for those bodies, I think I remember them. The example cars featured in every official photo appear to be “early vintage” Hornets (which makes perfect sense of course, being promotional photos). within 7 days of dispatch and is unopened and in mint condition. Still have questions? Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. all vintage Tamiya All goods ordered in error by the Customer or goods the Customer wishes to return are subject to a restock fee. delivered within the timeframe we will start an investigation with Courier Post & Fastways on your behalf. I must have poured over that catalogue a million times growing up, and here’s the classic product photo of the Hornet as Tamiya intended it to be… After doing some more research over the years, I have found that Tamiya published several similar photos of the hornet – each slightly different (as you can see from the angle o… Yes, the re-releases have certainly stirred the market up, and many are happy to have the 80% similar version. Tamiya has released a remake of this car. Now it should be centred and stay centred when you turn the car on . like it or did not suit you, so please choose carefully and read the descriptions in the listings as some products also Credit or refund less the restock fee and freight charges. Tamiya 58336 1/10th The Hornet 2WD RC Buggy Kit FEATURES. It’s really the only video I have of me driving an RC car back then. Original, unbuilt kits are the most highly sought-after of course, and are harder to track down. Please contact us for a shipping quote or we will send you While the parents mostly stayed inside, out in the backyard some of the kids (mostly boys) were busy with some kind of incredibly powerful R/C car. The rear dampers are some really nice, metal, oil-filled units however, that do a reasonable job. That incredible, dynamic box art of the Hornet as it leans out through a turn and kicks up dust, is actually one of my earliest Tamiya memories. And this does have a flow-on effect for genuine original collectors too, causing original items to dip in price a bit and become more affordable – so always check prices of originals too, you may occasionally be surprised. Deliveries are usually overnight, but please allow an extra grasshopper 2 Then put the screw back in. If buying a used example, ask about the history of the model and whether it is 100% original or the remake, or a mix of the two. The shipping for the return will also be at the cost I remember the protective balloon for the speed control was a really neat feature and also remembered it being FAST. I have a lot of find memories with that car. Once RC Hobbies 12 Ltd has confirmed acceptance of the buyer's order, we will endeavor to dispatch the buyer's order within delivered within the timeframe we will start an investigation with Courier Post & Fastways on your behalf. Provided the item is unopened and in mint condition we’ll replace the item. As such, I think they ask the modeler to appreciate them as completely different models. But the fact is that things are only “overpriced” if they’re priced far higher than any reasonable precedent. original item to RC Hobbies 12 Ltd. You will be provided with a no-cost return addressed courier satchel (or similar) and Tamiya 58336 1/10th The Hornet 2WD RC Buggy Kit.